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Happy Monday, friends! Today I'm off to Las Vegas for another round of WWDMAGIC! (I couldn't be there without your support so please know how incredibly grateful I am!) Yesterday we had such a gorgeous day! It kicked my Spring Fever into serious overdrive. Sunshine, bare legs, and an incredibly blue sky. It sure beats the frozen rain we got for the entire week leading up to it. I took advantage of the sunshine and popped out of the house in a new polka dot dress. I scored this little number from ModCloth recently and I instantly knew I had to pair it with my yellow flats. Everything about it screamed Minnie Mouse to me! I opted to tone down the loud colors with a new, black nautical cardigan from Voodoo Vixen. I'm obsessed with how comfortable this cardigan is. It's solid black right now, only because I made sure not to sit on any of our furniture wearing it haha! Ugh, life with short hair dogs! (Speaking of which, any of y'all have any recommendations on really, really good lint rollers or snazzy methods for getting rid of pesky pet hair?!? Nothing stands up to bulldog hair it seems) Anyway, I love this dress! It's a little short on the backside, but the color and fit are otherwise perfect. The bright white collar is definitely one of my favorite features. Plus the piping on the little pockets!

Last week was such a blur for me. Everyone in the house battled an icky stomach bug, Toby was out of school for 2 or 3 days thanks to "snow" (ha!), and we spent Friday at a Pre-K Cake Walk where Toby hit the jackpot! He won six times! After #4 we were like "Okay, this is just ridiculous" and we asked Toby if it'd be okay if we gave his extra winnings to his friends instead. At the end of the day he still came home with 3 boxes of Little Debbie cakes (Swiss Rolls for him because "they're [his] favorite". Oatmeal Cream Pies "for Dad because they're his favorite". Strawberry Rollups because "they look yummy") and a big box of V-Day chocolates "for Mom." That kid! Not to mention the big box of candy, treats, and Valentines his classmates gave him. Tobes was on cloud nine basically haha 

On the topic of Valentine's Day, did y'all have a good one?! I woke up to a dozen peach roses, the most comfortable maternity shirts, a hilarious pregnancy book, and plenty of candy. Not to mention a handmade card from my mister! Mike totally spoiled me and I was over the moon! I returned the love with new snazzy pajamas, some Forage bowties (no other brand compares!), a silly lovey-dovey book, and a handmade pineapple card (I mean, a fineapple!) Toby racked up with some SpiderMan gummies, a Lego digger, and new Matchbox cars. I know it's not about what you receive, but it was such a special treat for each of us. After we put Toby to bed on Friday night we enjoyed a few episodes of House of Cards season 2. Have y'all watched it yet?! Dude! (Please don't share any spoilers for others!) I'm so stoked on this season. That's one amazing show.

I'm looking forward to a full work week in Las Vegas! I can't wait to reconnect with some of my favorite brands from last season, and meet plenty more. If all goes according to plan I'll be interviewing Kristin Cavallari tomorrow, too! (Let me know if you have any [non personal] questions you'd like me to kick her way!) If you're in Vegas (or have experience there) let me know if there are any places I should check out! I'm almost 17 weeks pregnant so I don't exactly have any business in the ~*clubs haha! (Though I definitely plan on popping into Beacher's Madhouse on Wednesday night with the rest of the group! Even if just for an hour. How can you pass that up?!) 

Also - that last diptych! How cute is that kid?!?! Gosh I just love him! He's kindly requested that we cut his hair before t-ball season starts so those precious strawberry blonde locks will be long gone here soon. Anyway, have a lovely day! xo

Retrolicious dress c/o ModCloth
SheInside flats

Toby's outfit:
Old Navy tee
Old Navy sweater
Old Navy jeans


  1. sounds like a lovely valentine :) and those pictures of toby are too cute!
    xo, cheyenne

  2. My Laguna Beach teenage self just freaked out over Kristin Cavallari!!!! You know she's sporting a baby bump now too, right? :) I think you should ask about her style evolution as she's grown up in the public eye... from Laguna Beach high schooler to wife and mother. How do you maintain your individuality/POV as you adapt your style to suit how your life is changing?

  3. Oh my gosh. Little boys in cardigans make me swoooon! I have to hold myself back from buying all the sweaters!

  4. Love that dress from modcloth! And love that cardigan on toby!!
    have fun in vegas!!


  5. 1. You are too cute! I love this Minnie Mouse look!
    2. Sorry you guys have all been under the weather, but I'm glad you're feeling better!
    3. Oh my god. Toby is too cute! He's going to be the most adorable big brother.
    4. Your valentines's day sounds like it was lovely!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

  6. That dress is super cute and I love the jacket too. Very pretty outfit all together, thank you for sharing and a happy new week.

  7. there is a breakfast place called Hash House a Go-Go. I've been to the San Diego location, but I know there is one in Vegas

  8. YAY I am so glad you are going to WWDMAGIC - have funnn! <3

  9. Have fun in Vegas, mama! I absolutely adore the nautical cardigan! I have been stalking ModCloth's sales ever since you introduced me to them! I'm also getting a bunch of their cat d├ęcor for my house : )

  10. I love dresses with pockets, it's just such a cute little feature! The dress is beautiful and Toby looks adorable. Sounds like you had a great weekend and holiday! Have fun at WWDMAGIC!

  11. I LOVE DISNEY, so this post is spot on! My wedding shower was Mickey and Minnie themed (http://wordslikebeautyblog.blogspot.com/2013/06/shower-revealed.html) and I worn a polka dot dress and yellow shoe similar to this. :)

    For Kristin Cavallari, it might be a little personal but my husband’s name is Camden and I know she named her son Camden. We’ve never come across anyone else with his name (but have read celebrities, including Kristin, who named their kids Camden), so I’d love to know why she chose that name for her boy! :)

  12. Ronalds has all the vegan donuts you & baby boy can eat!

  13. Off topic. Just in case you don't follow the Max California blog I wanted to share with a link to these super cute SHARK themed clothing she made her kids. http://www.max-california.com/2014/02/shark-fighter.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed:+max-california/RUYv+(Max+California)&m=1Enjoy.


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