// Things I Love Thursday v.172

Hello from sunny (and windy!) Vegas! I'm keeping the link section in today's TiLT short but sweet since it's already past noon at home and I'm tardy to the party! I guess it's better late than never, right? Let's all drool over these pictures together! Feel free to let me know your favorites! xo
this is so true. ♥
♥ i love pictures like this! (more cute animals at the source) ♥
these james franco socks ♥
this illustration ♥
this super cute gif! ♥
♥ hah! would you wear this? ♥
♥ this is how i feel 24/7 haha ♥
♥ this dude! jason schwartzman is a man among boys. ♥

// Have any of you submitted photos to Ebonnie's project You Are Good Enough?! I'm going to share more about her endeavor this weekend!
// I love the brown ombre hues in this necklace. And I think this would be such a lovely little dainty gift for a friend who is fixing to move out of the country for a few years. I also think this would be so cute thrown over a loose tunic!

// A few favorite outfits recently shared on BeauCoo are: this dress // this dress and cover-up // and this gorgeous top (how cute is she?!)

// This is the cutest pregnant gal ever. If I'm half as adorable at 33 weeks, I'll be counting my blessings!

// She Said/She Said: Dear friends with kids, Dear friends without kids. I'd totally be interested in hearing what y'all thought of this!

// Four secrets to our happy marriage. This was such a lovely read!

// Nothing good ever comes from reading your partners' emails. Someone should have told me this when I was 19... ugh.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Love that pink car!!! Totally my dream car also!! ;-)
    Oh, and don't get me started on that first quote haha
    Veronica @ http://happylifeofacitygirl.blogspot.com/

  2. That car is pretty awesome!! And the embroidered quote is true!

  3. Always love your links and that first quote completely sums me up!


  4. That pink car tho! Omg. I'm going through a phase where I just want anything and everything to be pink pink pink! That car is making my heart go pitter-pat!

    And that first quote-- call me a jerk, but I love it. Dear world, think about the things you do before you do 'em!

    Elyse @ Cuddly as a Cactus

  5. As far as the harassment thing, one thing I've always found kind of mind-boggling is just how far guys will go to avoid having to call each other out on stuff like that. Jason's always been awesome about it (part of the reason I like him so much, haha) and it would seriously startle his friends that he would do that. I think a lot of guys don't even pick up on what harassment IS, don't recognize it, and then if it's pointed out they realize they do the same thing and become defensive to avoid having to admit they also engage in problematic behaviors.

    I've called out guys who were clearly harassing women I was hanging out with in a mutual co-ed group of friends (women who were grateful SOMEONE HELPED afterwards) and had a really weird gender-split on response - the women would all rally around the harassed party and help her out, and the guys would all call us super rude for calling it out. I think it has to do with the difference in what men are taught is acceptable vs. what women actually ever want to have occur.

  6. That car is everything! So adorable. And thank you so much for including the link to my tips on marriage post! xoxo

  7. The She Said/She Said article was really good. I didn't have a lot of kid-having friends before I had a kid of my own (the ones I did have either didn't live close by or already had kids when we met) so I can't speak to the child-free side of the equation, but hoo boy, having a kid. I wish I could tattoo everything about having a million times less time AND money on my forehead and just point to it when anyone asks if Mr. O. and I can do XYZ super fun thing. A lot of our friends kind of...maybe "pulled back" is the kindest way to say it after our daughter was born, and it was really hurtful because, ok I'm lactating and toting a poop machine around, but neither my husband nor I became the kind of parents who describe themselves as "ABC's Mommy". We were still the same people, just with a kid.

    I can't say enough, if you are a person whose new-parent friends never seem to hang out with you any more: "I know it makes you feel weird, inviting me to things and me only saying yes 25% of the time. But I appreciate the invite 100% of the time. I’m not offended by activities that exclude my child, unless it’s some other kid’s birthday party." We may be able to swing getting around the lack of time and money, but more importantly we need to know that we still matter to you.

    I didn't mean this to become quite such a diatribe...obviously that piece hit home for me!

  8. ahhh I love Jason Schwartzman! so dreamy. those puppies are also amazing. total cute-overload in the best way.
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  9. Holy crap I think I may go buy those James Franco socks. And see if they have any John Mayer, Johnny Depp, or Jim Sturgess ones. Holy hotness.

  10. That first one is magnificent.
    And totally true.

  11. Jason Schwartzman! James Franco socks! And that car! Yes Yes Yes!

  12. That Ford just makes me want to puke pink it's so cute.

    I love Jason Schwartzman too. His music is pretty great as well.

  13. Oh gosh, I love that cross-stitched piece! The grown-up puppy photo is so full of cuteness that I just can't.

  14. I love those cross stitched pieces!

  15. I love that lipstick image :)

    I'm totally digging these shoes this week! http://www.forever21.com/Product/Product.aspx?BR=f21&Category=whatsnew_all&ProductID=2000108139&VariantID=

    Happy Friday :)

  16. That car... Wow! Makes me want to take my driver's license ahah!
    Animal pics are too sweet^^

  17. The kitten in the lion ruff is the cutest! I love all the cute animals x number of years later, too!


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