// Kaelah's Closet + Mini-Design Update

Hey friends! Happy Wednesday :) I wanted to pop over and tell you all that I just added 76 new items to Kaelah's Closet last night. I tweeted out the link around midnight and several of the items are already gone, but if you're keen to take a look, feel free! A lot of them still have their tags on them... which is kind of shameful. I have even more to get rid of and list over the coming weeks so stay tuned. From here on out I'm buying with intention, not just because something is "so cute!" It just ends up getting lost in my closet anyway.
I've already been asked dozens of times, but yes, I do ship internationally. Just pick international shipping at checkout. (Please note that there was a recent USPS price increase for international shipping!) If there's an overcharge for shipping, I'll gladly refund it once I have the receipt!

Also worth noting: I gave LCH a mini (tiny, itty bitty) facelift last night, too. Just the navigation and sidebars mostly. I also cut off a bit of the header so it didn't take up the whole page, and then I made the blog about 200 pixels wider so it didn't feel so cramped. I went through about 50 posts and resized the images (UGH!) but there's still 1750+ to do! You'll notice a "//" at the beginning of edited blog post titles. That's just my way of keeping up with what I've edited already. 
I know the pink of the sidebar feature headers is a little light for most people - I'll be tweaking things like that over the coming days. I'm hoping to really organize this messy, messy blog! I'm also working on several supporting pages so hopefully those will go live/be apparent soon. Can you see a huge difference in the graphic color quality? In the header, especially! I swapped everything over to Flickr and now my images look like they're supposed to! I doubt I have it in me to reupload and edit all 1800 posts, but I'm going to do as many as I can. From here on out I'll be hosting on Flickr, even though the extra steps are super lame haha.

Until next time, feel free to check it out and shop Kaelah's Closet! You can always tweet me if you need info on an item (@kaelahbee).

Oh! I am also accepting sponsors for April + beyond! Check out the stats + traffic, then shoot me an email if you'd like to see rates + sizes! The PRIME ad for April has already sold, but I'd love to get you on the list for May! I have plenty of XL ads left, too!


  1. Beautiful! Can't wait until I can work on a new blog overhaul. Maybe I'll switch to flickr too, make sure my pictures are as beautiful as I want them to be. :)


  2. I love the little tweaks to the blog design and also your new intro under your photo!
    Almost Endearing

  3. Love it! And so excited about your closet sale, heading over now...

  4. wait... you're going to edit every single blog post!?! WHyyyyyy?

    Sorry it just seems mind blowing

    Dedication level 10 thousand

    Also i really like the upgrade, not that i noticed at first but it's nice to see small changes to keep it fresh and new and interesting

    1. haha i'm a little bit crazy, right?
      to be honest, there are some (a lot) i won't be able to change because the images i used were from an iphone or something and they'll be too small to stretch. but I want to fix as many of them as possible. i'm super anal about the width of images and body text... they HAVE to be the same width or it drives me mad. i guess that's just the designer in me >.<

  5. Well I bought three dresses. Shouldn't have because my closet is already overflowing but apparently that didn't stop me. I've never tried a dress from Sugar Lips before so hopefully it fits!

  6. Love it, Kaelah! Especially how much wider it is and that you still kept a little bit of the pretty flowers at the top :) I've been designing wider sites, so much more room to breathe.

  7. Loooove that it's wider now! Fills the whole screen and me likey :) As for editing every single blog post? I bow to you. That is some serious dedication.

  8. the new header looks great. I feel the need for tweaks and updates constantly. It's so easy to get bored with something you look at daily.

  9. The wider layout looks great! I host my blog photos on flickr too and I really like it.

  10. The new look is to die for (as I told you on twitter)! It's so much more open and fresh, if that makes sense. Lol, design talk!

  11. I love the new look. But then again I love all your work, even when you do little tweaks.
    Just wondering, where did you use to host photos?
    XO Samantha

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