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I feel like my TiLT posts get longer and longer each and every week. The link list grows by leaps and bounds simply because there's so many wonderful things to be found online. I hope you don't mind me going hog wild! Typically I'd save some of the links for the next post but let's be honest here -- I'm sure I'll find plenty of amazing things in the next 6 days! Why hold back?! You'll have a busy day/weekend ahead of ya, so sit back and enjoy! Let me know your favorite piece from this week!
this fat lil bully! ♥
this image from kinfolk ♥
this shark photo! ♥
♥ this makes me want to watch clueless ♥
this tree full of baby bear cubs! ♥
♥ is this the most gorgeous view or what? ♥
this cat! ♥
this beautiful scrap metal artwork ♥
this photo of a soilder hand-feeding an orphaned kitten! aw! ♥
this russian jellyfish! ♥

// You absolutely MUST read this hilarious spoof on "Baby Got Back" - feminism and respect, holla!

// Transgendered 6 Year-Old Battles Her Colorado Elementary School. Ahh, I love this! You go girl! This is great parenting.

// The Baddest Girl Gangs On Film. I'm thinking movie marathon?!

// Researchers Find That Dolphins Call Each Other By 'Name'.  Just when you think they couldn't get any smarter!

// Awesome Dad Hacks Video Game For Daughter So Pauline Saves Mario. This is the sweetest thing. Last year he also tweaked a Zelda game so Link would be referred to as a "she"... Again, Parenting: You're doing it right!
"I'm not having my daughter growing up thinking girls don't get to be the hero."
// Boy Scouts Want To Know How Adult Members Feel About This Whole Gay Thing. Here's the issue with this "survey" sent out by BSA: when you take their current rules into consideration, only adult heterosexual men will be filling it out. Only they get a say, and that isn't fair. What about the could-be lesbian den mother, or the transgendered child who only wishes to be included? It's sad that the Boy Scouts have a platform where they could promote universal acceptance, but instead choose not to. I would love for Toby to have the opportunity to learn the skills that BSA teaches, but I could never allow him to do so in such an intolerant environment.

// Emerging Thoughts is having a sale! Use the code SPRINGFEVER to say 15% off 'til this weekend!

// I'm trying to hold down the Americas section over at the Big Blog Exchange! I'd love it if you could spare a vote to help send LCH abroad! CLICK HERE to vote!

// Homemade Girl Scout Cookies. This post is so much more than recipes! I love what Shannon says about being a Girl Scout!

// I just love Emily's blog. She's such a sweet gal, and her blog is the cutest, too!

// Sharks Warn Off Predators By Wielding Light Sabers. Sharks are the freakin' coolest.

// Wishlist Wears: oh these shoes! they make my heart go pitter-patter! // but these must be my next purchase! // a crown for my birthday! // the most perfect mustard dress ever // lace, mint + chiffon, all rolled into one! // peach + polka dot dress (!!!) // the kate spade dress of my dreams // these are the best mittens i've ever laid eyes on // the most amazing dress that i'll probably never own (and it comes in blue, too!) // a pan am cabin bag

// Blind Dog and His Seeing-Eye Dog Make Everything Right. Ugh, now I'm a puddle of tears. Just give me all of the animals and let's call it a day!

// Google Reader is being done away with, and bloggers everywhere mourn the loss. It certainly could mean scary things for bloggers who have worked dilligently to build a strong audience, but here's to hoping our faithful readers will be loyal enough to return. If you want to save your own Google Reader subscriptions and avoid the manual attempts at subscribing once more, sign up for Feedly! Feedly uses the same back-end as GR and your subscriptions will seamlessly roll over. No effort required! As an alternative measure, you can also subscribe to LCH on BlogLovin' if you'd like.

// Stop Apologizing For What You Like To Read. I love this short but sweet post. As a chick-lit (fiction all the way!) fan myself, I oftentimes felt ashamed for liking such silly works. Many well-read people would equate them to a no-brained romantic comedy, but you know what? That's okay! I like what I like and no one should judge me for it. Reserve your judgement for my unabashed love of trashy reality television. (Admit it, you like it, too!)

// Come Aboard! Here's What The New "Titanic II" Will Look Like, Inside And Out. Yowza! Would you go for a ride? I love that they will provide early 20th century clothing in the rooms to get passengers in "the mood" but you'll have to say so long to the conveniences of modern technology!

♥ ♥ ♥    W O N D E R F U L   T H I N G S:    ♥ ♥ 
Downton Abbey (we're obsessed!) when online boutiques have a "View All" button  dark chocolate covered pomegranate seeds  a husband that allows me to "sleep in" so I get the bed all to myself, at least for a little while (I think it's because he feels guilty for snoring + keeping me up all night!)  living so close to our families  drinking Naked "Green Machine" each morning  dresses that make you feel like a million bucks  bubble baths with a new book  teaching Toby how to properly catch + throw a football  scheduling a tattoo appointment  impending visits from best friends  planning a road trip to visit other best friends  the anticipation of a slumber party, even as an adult 

What are you loving this week?


  1. In regards to the BSA survey, people other than hetero men are getting to fill it out. My mom was sent the survey, because she used to volunteer and my brothers were in the BSA. I don't know if you had an opportunity to read the survey, but it insinuates that gay men are pedophiles and was pretty biased. My mom and I were shocked by how one sided it was. I hope the BSA will change there rules so my brothers can rejoin and I can be a helper again.

    1. Thanks so much for your comment Justina! I have t read the actual survey but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't surprised.

    2. I did some Googling and found the list of questions from the survey. I read them all to make sure they were the actual questions and they are.


  2. So many things to smile about but the bear cubs in the tree has to be top of my list! And oh Clueless, there is no other movie like it, haven't watched it for a couple of years so that needs to go on ASAP! We used to constantly quote it to each other in school! xo

    Rosie | A Rosie Outlook

  3. Loving the flower cone! (And the 'view all' button!)

  4. Kaelah, I love these posts. Thanks for sharing things you're loving. I especially enjoyed the great stories about parents taking great care of their kids. Both sets of parents kick ass.

  5. I love the bear cubs in the trees and the scrap metal artwork. Thanks for sharing! :)


  6. I can't believe they're getting rid of Google Reader but what can you do. I wouldn't worry about an audience drop off because if there's anything I know about Google Reader fans, I feel that we will make the transition to a different RSS service. I will definitely check out Feedly!

  7. I just had to show all my coworkers the picture of that bulldog!!! he's so cute!!! Made my day!

  8. The soldier and the kitten -awh!! And the girl scount cookies look delicious! Definitely something to try, once again a great post!xx

  9. That first photo, ohhh so chubby!

  10. I look forward to these posts every week! You just make them as long as you want to, girl. I love your wonderful things section, especially the part about sleeping in. Rhett snores too, but I don't think he feels bad :) haha!

    Ok, now I'm going to go watch Clueless...

  11. Ugh, I heard the news about Google reader last night, and was sooo annoyed. Not only because it will make it harder for me to keep track of my favorite blogs, but for people who like to keep track of mine. Feedly sounds awesome- thank you so much for the suggestion!! xoxo

  12. First, I LOVE your TiLT posts and definitely don't mind the length. In fact, I like 'em when they're chock full of links.

    I'm so angry that they're getting rid of Google Reader! I'll probably be trying Feedly out, but geez. Reader has tons of loyal followers and now we're all just left hanging. The only thing about the Titanic II that surprises me is the fact that people will still be sorted by "class." I'm not really diggin' that. I get that they're trying to stay in period, but that's going a little far, in my opinion.

  13. eeeep!! That bear filled tree is just THE CUTEST!!!!!!

  14. If parents want a female hero they should have their kids play Metroid! The 'hero' of the story is a woman named Samus; it's a kickass game for sure!

  15. I think the whole girl scouts/boy scouts thing is really interesting, because in Australia we just have scouts, its not divided down gender lines at all. I was never defined as a girl scout, just a scout (or cub when I was little)

  16. SO MUCH WONDERFULNESS!!! That bully, so cute. Also, I love the scrap metal fish! I want that kind of skill. Also, thank you for including the link about the transgendered little girl. <3 I love LGBTQ articles that make me feel warm n' fuzzy inside, especially when those articles are about transgenderism.

  17. These posts are always the highlight of my Thursdays! My fav is def the soldier helping the kitten and the Girl Scout cookie receipies come in second place :)

  18. I am really upset about Google Reader, but oh wellllll.

    I definitely wish that the Boy Scouts were as progressive as the Girl Scouts. I would love for Toby to have a similar experience growing up. Hopefully there is a ton of feedback and they realize how homophobic, transphobic, and biased they are!

  19. It kind of bothers me that googlereader is going to be no more. As a blogger who's just starting to gain a following & am constantly looking for feedback on my photography, it's upsetting. Not to mention, I've been loyal to googlereader for years (following other blogs).. it's sad. I subscribed to BlogLovin' and am about to take a look at the link you recommended :) So thanks!

  20. Of all the things in this post, my favorite is "when online boutiques have a View All button". A. Fucking. Men.

    xo Ashley

  21. That bear cub tree is seriously TOO CUTE!

    Pearls & Paws

  22. That Roxanne Racerback Dress!! And I'm salivating at that Riot Puma swimsuit!!!


  23. This has changed my vocabulary FOREVER http://www.nohomophobes.com/#!/today/


  24. I really do enjoy these posts, they inspire lots of happy reading. Would you be really mad if I did something similar on my blog?


  25. I love these posts. They really do inspire much happy reading.

    Would you really mad if I did something similar on my blog?


  26. Amazing pics! Love it:)


  27. I had a cat when I was in Iraq! My unit was the Desert Cats, so we called her Desert Kitty. I cared for her and fed her for months. I wasn't able to bring her home; we had to turn the base over to Iraqis. But I loved her and she made desert life a little better, since I was missing my own cat back home.


  28. I appreciate the post about not apologizing for what you enjoy reading. I'm 26 years old, and you know what? I love a lot of young adult novels. I just recently started The Mortal Instrument series, and I'm really enjoying it so far!

  29. I love these posts... I also love Green Machine Naked and getting the bed to my self after my hubby wakes up early. It's the little things, right?! :)

  30. Oh my gosh every single one of these are RAD! Love the happy shark pic. :)


  31. This is an extra good TILT post! I loved the Bust article about Coy and her rad parents. And, omigod. A girl gang movie marathon would be so much fun (saw Switchblade Sisters for the first time last year and loved it!)-steph


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