// Navy Dot + Lace

This outfit was what I sported for a short while yesterday. We actually spent 90% of the daylight hours painting interior and exterior doors on the house (and I totally ruined my Set Your Goals hoodie. wah!) It's so nice to have bright, crisp, white doors though! We still have 4 other interior doors to do so we'll be busy for a bit. Anyway, this outfit -- I picked up this dress the other day at Ross and I love it. It's so comfortable but classy, and I feel like a walking Auburn pennant. I do manage to snag the lace overlay on everything (nothing new there!) but I can't complain, I did totally snag a $60 dress for only $20! This cardigan has quickly worked its way into my favorites, too. I love when a cardigan is thick enough to hold its shape, but thin enough to wear on a sunny, somewhat humid, day. Even better when it's got polka dots on it! 

My necklace was totally on backwards, and I didn't realize it while I was wearing it (and Mike didn't notice when he photographed it. doh!). It's from the new pendant collection at Omerica Organic. I have several sets of wooden plugs from OO and I love them so much, and naturally the quality of their jewelry matches their plugs. You can't tell in this picture, but the body of the key has a pink ivory wood inlay (here's the actual necklace! because I'm a total doof). Omerica has been a favorite of mine for a long time -- their custom, made to order products, the quality, the customer service, and to top it all off they try to be as eco-friendly as possible. I wouldn't own as many Omerica products as I do if it weren't for the superb experience. I'm totally gushing here. Back to the pendants: they have tons of new pieces up and you should check them out. The initial pendant is my favorite of the bunch and I totally want a few!
Today we're planning on driving up to Cool Springs to meet up with Mike's family for lunch to celebrate his grandma's birthday. Hooray for birthdays! We've also gotta stock up on more lumber and supplies to make our bar for the living room. Mike has been crafting up a wood working storm lately! He built us a beautiful new coffee table the other night, then he created a new set of honeycomb shelves for the living room since the last (4!) set(s) were wonky in places. He's brewing up a vinegar + steel wool stain for a few furniture pieces and I cannot wait to see them when they're done! I still haven't gotten my cabinet doors yet though... I'm patiently waiting haha! Hey husband, that'd be the best birthday present of all... just sayin!
Totally unrelated to fashion blogging, but totally relevant to these pictures -- but does anyone know how I can keep Photobucket (or Blogger?!) from washing out my photos? I've been noticing it more and more lately. I'll put them in Photoshop to brighten them up a bit and up the contrast, then I manually code them into the blog post after uploading to Photobucket and they're just dull. You'd think I should know this, and I probably do, but right now I'm just too frustrated with it. I want to figure it out and go back to replace every picture on this dadgum blog haha. My first mistake is probably the Photobucket part, but I do like the convenience. Any thoughts? (Here's a side by side comparison of the two... uploaded to TinyPic... sooooo that probably answers it for me, yeah? ha!)

Happy Hump Day!

Glamour dress via Ross
Forever 21 cardigan
Clutch via Ross
Target flats
Skeleton Key necklace c/o Omerica Organic

PS; Isn't the paint all over my hands just the classiest touch?!


  1. the cardigan looks so pretty! love it *-*

  2. that dress is so gorgeous!


  3. i never noticed blogger/photobucket washing out photos but now i want to go back and compare!! that's really strange :O i'll have to check these comments to see if anyone provides an answer!

    lauren @ in between idols.

  4. You look great! I love that dress.

  5. I think photobucket dulls the photos (and the quality a bit) to save space. I remember I emailed them about a similar question with my GIF's I was uploading... so I stopped using them.

  6. I love that belt and clutch. Very cute and great bold colors.


  7. Hi there! I have ventured over from another blog where I saw your button. I'm enjoying this little peek into your world! Just lovely! Seriously – I LOVE your style.

    I’m hosting a super duper group giveaway, on my blog. Don’t miss out! And if you’d like to be a co-host on my next giveaway, I would be honored!

    XOXO, Mandi @ All My Happy Endings

  8. I love the close-up of that dress with the key necklace! You're right about Photobucket washing them out, but I have noo idea why. :\ I usually just upload them right from my desktop to my blog entries, but that's probably not really a great way to do it, maybe?

    xox Sammi

  9. You look so pretty! I love the lace dress (Ross is the best!)and especially the polka dots!
    I have no idea why photobucket would do that! So weird. I hope you figure it out!

  10. i LOVE this dress! i keep seeing these awesome colorful dresses with lace overlays, but i'm scared to wear white (because i will inevitably spill something on myself)! you look great!

    <3 Erin

  11. Love the outfit! That is frustrating that your photos aren't turning out the way you want. I think they look good though.
    Almost Endearing

  12. You could try Flickr. I love the site for photo organizing.

  13. Orange and navy are just meant to be <3

    xo Ashley

  14. love these colors together! I want to raid your closet! :)


  15. Everyone has said it, but I love this color combination. You look really cute!


  16. Who cares about paint - that dress is fab!


  17. That lace dress is so pretty, and I love the polka dots with it!


  18. You do look like a lovely Auburn pennant! War Eagle, girl!

  19. I adore the lace and cardigan going on here! so awesome!

    Also - try uploading to Flickr? Or saving out as a tiff, though, I think Blogger downsizes it anyway. Because they make thumbnails of the images and resize them, they compress them worse. Flickr has always been my best solution :D

  20. Aah! Finally found the post where you mention the photo quality, haha :) Wanted to respond in the right place. Have you tried the steps this blogger uses? I don't have a mac (not sure if you do), but this video may be helpful! http://www.alexbeadonphotography.com/blog/2012/05/05/photoshop-tutorial-3-steps-to-making-your-images-look-even-better-online/


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