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Is it totally against fashion blogging ~*rules to wear the same cardigan two posts in a row? Yes? Well then. I did warn you that it was becoming one of my fast favorites. Same with this Omerica necklace, too! (Oh hey! Look! It's turned the right way this time!) I wore this outfit last weekend and yesterday. I'm a creature of habit. Apologies for the wrinkles -- it was late in the day when we shot these and I don't exactly carry an iron in my purse (surprisingly enough...) Speaking of this dress, doesn't it just make you think of sunshine?! It was super gloomy yesterday but the colors put a little pep in my step. I love the fit and silhouette of this dress. Perfect length, too!

Toby's first tee-ball practice was supposed to be last night but it was canceled due to the weather. He didn't seem to mind too much since he was preoccupied his rollerskates out on the carport. I really want to take him to the skating rink soon (and only a small part of that is fueled by selfish "I wanna rollerskate!" reasons haha) But he gets super shy/nervous around "bigger" kids so we probably shouldn't crash the middle school crowd on a Friday or Saturday night haha That kid is something else. I feel like he's really grown up in the past 2 weeks. That probably sounds weird but seriously, his personality and reasoning ability has just matured so much in the past dozen or so days. Mike and I have slowly (and sadly!) gone from "Mommy and Daddy" to "Mom and Dad". I feel like that's our first real taste of what it means for him to grow up. It's so bittersweet! So many awesome happenings and stages to come with him, but I already miss those precious toddler days. It's so strange to me how such a tiny person can evolve so much in just a year. I wonder if this is why that Subaru commercial with the dad putting his daughter on the bus for her first day of school makes me cry every time (It's just so sweet!)

Today Mike and I are headed to Nashville so Toby can see his grandparents. Mike is hoping to make a day of it at the skate park (weather permitting) and I have a lunch/business date with Elle. Few things leave me feeling as inspired as business talks with that girl! Plus it'll be nice to spend some time with her before her and Bryan embark on their new journey in North Carolina (I'm going to miss them so much!) Afterwards I have a tattoo consultation for a leg piece at Kustom Thrills, then I have to drop off my artwork for the piece I'm getting next week at Music City. I tend to get tattooed in random bursts, then nothing for 6+ months haha. So much to do tomorrow and so many people to see. I hope we can squeeze enough hours out of the day! 

Dress c/o Eshakti
Forever 21 cardigan
Skeleton Key pendant c/o Omerica Organic
Forever 21 bracelets
Boyfriend watch c/o LuLu*s (last year)
Maja tote c/o Little Black Bag
Target flats


  1. Love the pale yellow and the stripes, this dress is super cute :)
    Have a lovely weekend

  2. This dress really is perfect and I like the combination of bold stripes with tiny polka dots!


  3. This dress is gorgeous! Looks perfect on you!

  4. Sometimes it actually makes me tear up thinking of your little family. Is that totally insane? Lol it's just so sweet to me that such a bighearted person like yourself gets to be a mom to an awesome little dude. He looks so much like Mike! When my step grandmother (who I call Grandma) started coming around when I was 4 or 5, I really learned just how important it is that family cares and loves you, and I just think people like you and her are very special.

  5. Beautiful, sunny outfit! You're right, that dress is a great length! Love the cardigan with this, and I love key necklaces! Your hair always looks so perfect - I can never make my curls stay like yours!

    xox Sammi

  6. Pfft, it's a super cute cardigan -- wear it, girl! I'm horribly, horribly shy, so I wear a cardigan 24/7, and I currently only have two or three, so they get the crap worn out of them.

  7. YOU look like sunshine :)

    xo Ashley

  8. Lovely outfit. Really like necklace, so cute! :) XO


  9. LOVE this outfit! Don't blame you for loving the cardigan too, it's absolutely adorable. I love anything polka dot!


  10. ooh love this striped dress. eshakti is fabulous
    kw, ladies in navy

  11. I love love love your skeleton key pendant! I'm also totally feeling the polka dot + stripe combo you got going on- I'm pretty horrendous at mixing prints, so I always love to see how other people pull them together.



  12. Adorable! So pretty and simultaneously so kick ass <3


  13. LOVE this combo and I do the same on my blog. I wear what I want when I want and I blog how I want! It's not real to think women don't wear the same cardi or blazer two days in a row!

  14. You look SO COOL, I LOVE your hair :-)

  15. If I owned that cardigan, I's wear it everyday, fashion blogger rules or not! I also love your eShakti dress, and it's bright, Winter combating colors :)

    Can't wait to see your new ink. My friends and I paid Kustom Thrills a visit last Summer (after reading one of you blog posts recommending them).Needless to say, we all loved their work.

    What Lola Wants

  16. I love the way you mix colors and patterns! I wish I could be this bold with my choices!

    x Sara from tinysugarbee.blogspot.com

  17. Very, very spring-like. I'm so ready for flowers and bright colors.
    And because I work out in the field, I often repeat my outfits knowing no one knows I wore it the day prior. Though, once I forgot I went into my actual job and the second day someone totally called me out. Whoops!


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