// Things I Love Thursday

♥ this jellyfish photo ♥
♥ this mouth phone is so tacky and wonderful! (in purple, too!) ♥
♥ this! ♥
♥ this coffee infographic! ♥
♥ these constellation earrings are insanely beautiful ♥
♥ scotland looks so serene ♥
♥ this sunset! ♥
♥ this gif of amy poehler ♥
♥ this karen walker campaign ♥
♥ this puppy with a cast! ♥

This PSA video is incredibly powerful. It shines a light on domestic abuse. (The video itself is not real, don't worry - but millions of people are affected by abuse daily. This is only skimming the water. The last image depicts the woman holding a sign that translates to "Help Me. I don't know if I can wait unti tomorrow.")

// England's Smartest Family Is Black. These 9 year old twins are about to make British history as the youngest students to ever enter high school... but the brains run in the family!

// Roxy's Roadtrippin' outfit is so super cute!

// Michelle is one of my favorite bloggers and I've been meaning to feature her for a while. Then this awesome post just happened to hit at the right time. Now you can check out her blog AND support a worthy cause! Check out these Temporary Tattoos For A Good Cause!

// So It Turns Out I Don't Want To Work From Home After All. A refreshing (and relatable) tale from the other end of the spectrum. (...I typed this while sitting in yoga pants and a hoodie... oh boy.)

// Blog series I love: Mary's 100 Ways To Be Creative and Erica's A to Z series. It seems like a really fun way to get to know bloggers. Maybe I'll take a cue from them and try something like this out!

// This post makes me want to whip out a cotton candy colored wig -- but the impending humidity is telling me no, no, no!

// Deanna posted about her favorite TV shows. What are your current favorites? (Mine: Downton Abbey, Girls (wahh! season finale!), Shameless (!!!) and Seinfeld + Friends (always!)

// Karen needs your NYC eat-see-do recommendations! Share with her your favorite Big Apple haunts!

What are you loving this week?


  1. the puppy with the cast was cute. The last video was sad, but very moving. Something needs to be done about the high rates of domestic violence. People man and woman both need to be educated, especially teenagers.

    As a Criminal Justice major that is something that is near to my heart, preventing it and helping the victims and survivors.

  2. I love the constellation earrings! why don't I already own a pair?! Also the ten pictures that will hit you like a ton of bricks.. did just that. So sad.. so early in the morning. I'm also glad you linked Michelle's blog because I just found a new blog to follow!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing that video. I'm also a criminal justice major and domestic violence is something I have been learning about, and advocating help for, for the past three years. I'm actually writing a research paper right now about DV and I think this video would be great for my presentation. I hope more countries/states/towns will do things like this.

  4. I loove those constellation earrings but when I click the link, it takes me to an empty blog. Do you have any idea where they are from??

  5. That PSA gave me chills. Thank you for sharing.

  6. haha, i've been ordering doppios for a long time at starbucks. i like them over ice :) awesome tilt, as always, kaelah. xoxo

  7. So many inspiring, beautiful things! Scotland and the jellyfish for the win!

  8. Thanks for sharing my list! That's so exciting. :-) I hope you're having a great Thursday. PS - that Amy Poehler gif is making my day.

  9. That video has just stunned me, so powerful x

  10. Ahh the video :(

    Really love the coffee picture!

  11. Thanks for the shout-out, Kaelah! That sunset picture is so beautiful, eek! I wish I had supplies and I would paint it right this second :)

  12. Aw, the puppy just kills me! The quote really hit home. And wow, that video...so powerful.

  13. Ohmygahhh that sunset! I must admit, the sky does get pretty amazing and awe-inspiring here. I think if I lived on the west coast, I'd always watch the sunset.

  14. You always manage to find the most gorgeous photos! (Something that's always missing from my tilt posts) I can't wrap my head around how some of those were taken!

  15. I actually love Girls so much! However, sometimes I feel awkward watching it when someone walks in the room and it's on a...compromising...scene haha.

  16. The puppy in the cast is so cute but kinda sad! Also, I officially want to go to Scotland. But wow those pictures that were supposed to hit you in the gut? They hit me.

    xo Ashley

  17. The "10 Pictures That Will Hit You in the Gut Like a Ton of Bricks" definitely had me crying like there onions all over the place.

  18. You always manage to find the most gorgeous photos! (Something that's always missing from my tilt posts) I can't wrap my head around how some of those were taken! Wholesale Hats

  19. That article about working at home is something I really needed to read, right now. I recently found out I didn't get an internship I applied for, and after my current contract expires in September (okay, yes, not imminent but I am a planner) I am going totally freelance. Weighing out those pros and cons to working from home, the uncertainty of payment, the ego-crushing thought of getting a part time job to ensure I can make my rent... it's always helpful to hear from people who have done it. Certainly something to think on.

  20. can I add this to your thursday list this week? girl power...we need more of it!!!


  21. Love the constellation earrings and the GIF of Amy Poehler (really, anything Amy-related!). I'm definitely going to check out the working from home article, as well.

    xox Sammi

  22. Love all of your TILT posts but that puppy... oh, gosh!

  23. Scotland is serene and beautiful...and home. Like your lovely post

  24. The coffee infographic makes 2 years of working as a waitress so much clearer! hahaxx


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