Say Hello To Our August Sponsors!

It's that time of month... the time where I share some of my fabulous sponsors who have been gracious enough to support LCH and my Honeybean Dream. Enjoy! xo

to make love stay // happy serendipity
pearls, lace and ruffles // YOU?!

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of Little Chief Honeybee please visit THIS page and check out the traffic/stats, perks and instructions! Feel free to email me at kaelahbee at gmail dot com with any questions you may have. Sponsor spots now have a lower rate! September will be a fun month on LCH: roadtrip to Chicago to see our best friends, visit Renegade Craft Fair, meet lots of people (!!!), hopefully nail down our wedding date (!!!), open up Honeybean Mobile Boutique (!!!!!!!!!!), and continue to live our days filled with love and laughter! Hope you'll be part of our journey! xo


  1. I feel both ways about sponsorship, honestly. I DO feel we should help each other in the blogging community to get our blogs out there.
    But! Just from my personal taste, I don't like all the "ads" and such. I'd much rather see more blog stuff and less of the sponsor right sidebar. I don't care for anything that isn't a quality post about your life/what's going on. I don't really like all of the rep codes, links, and how expensive it is to have blogs featured now-a-days. (you are the exception though since all proceeds goes toward your shasta dream! <3 you actually have goals and stuff haha) but other people I know just want to make money to put in their wallet and they forget about why they're blogging in the first place.
    We should build each other up for the right reasons.
    I've been reading your blog for a while now, Kaelah. And I love what I read. You're a great writer and your personality shines through your posts. You are a beautiful person, inside and out. To be honest, I like looking back and reading your posts from 2010 and earlier. Giveaways were cute little things you threw together yourself and your posts seemed longer, sillier, and random about your life. You would post random phone-quality pictures and I think that's adorable (not like I don't enjoy the pictures Mike takes of you, they're gorgeous too.) but I feel like I almost relate more to you then. It probably has to do with me being a new blogger myself, who knows. Anyway, about the sponsor thing- do what you want :) It is your blog, after all. Your readers will always have your back, Kaelah. Promise! <3


  2. I think that the lovely folks who sponsor blogs, tend to be the same people. So, I tend to imagine most bloggers, like myself, have already visited their websites and seen their products.
    It's rare to see a sponsor's post with blogs/shops you haven't already heard of before. :)

  3. @Samantha: while i can appreciate that, i'll be the very first to say i posted more phone photos because that's all i had. i didn't have anyone else to take my picture or anything like. i still post those though! yet i feel iffy about posting them as much as i used to simply because a few thousand people who read this blog also follow me on twitter, tumblr and instagram... which is where all of those pictures go daily. i didn't have that outlet back then so they piled up and i could share them here. they were fresh. now they'd just be regurgitated material. i make a few exceptions though :)

    i'm still the same blogger. whether i'm making a profit or using a nicer camera or whatever. i still do one handpicked giveaway per month (on the first day) and the other 4 are even cooler items that i wish i could provide for the readers myself. i don't want to look at my situation as a hinderance or anything like that. i'm able to give my readers better material at a quicker rate. i want to post a lot of fun personal stuff, but to be quite honest- my life is pretty boring right now! i blog, i do business stuff, and i go to work. that's seriously it haha. hopefully i can find some ways to bring some fun personal bits back once honeybean gets rolling :) but thank you for your input! it was very helpful!

    @kaylee - i hadn't actually thought of that before... and that really weighs heavily on my decision. very very valid point, thank you!

  4. Thanks for having me again Kaelah :) I am so happy to be helping your dream come true! & I do enjoy sponsorships... there's always a new blog out there that I am finding!!


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