Things I Love Thursday

Hey 'bees! Happy happy Thursday and thanks for stopping by for the latest edition of TiLT! Hopefully you'll like everything I picked for the world wide interwebz! Enjoy!

♥ this perfect statement. ♥

this amazing dress! haha ♥

♥ these super cute cupcakes ♥

♥ this dreamy kitchen! ♥

♥ this salon would be the only place i got my hair done ♥

♥ this show is all sorts of ridiculous ♥
(and makes me slightly sad for humanity)

♥ cutest baby costume ever? perhaps! ♥

♥ the new JC Lita Spike! determined to get a pair! ♥

the prettiest flowers ♥

♥ this silly gif! ♥

lush's shark fin soap ♥
(100% of the proceeds go to help ban shark finning! yay!)

Other rad things this week: Today is the last day to vote for the AE contest that I'm in... It's a longshot that I'll win since I'm up against some ~Tumblr famuz people but I'd appreciate any and all votes! (You can check out this post for more info!) or just CLICK HERE and vote for Rockstar, Hipster and Artist! ♥ ♥ counting down the hours until we can pick up the honeybean! (and being so so curious as to what it will look like!) ♥ ♥ the excitement of wrapping up a design project ♥ ♥ exactly two weeks (!!!) until we head back up to chicago to see chris and susannah (and enjoy renegade craft festival!) ♥ ♥ my new glasses ♥ ♥ being this close to fulfilling a dream!

What are you loving this week?!


  1. IM drooling over the dress and the kitchen, that silly gif is super cute haha

  2. That kitchen is so pretty. So are those flowers. I may be a tad biased though- I adore everything flowery. :)
    Voted for ya, Kaelah! Let us know the second you win.


  3. I actually really like to necklace that goes with the pretty dress :) And toddlers and tiaras...what a freak show! I randomly came across it on youtube (I'm not from the US so I had no idea what it is), it's soo disturbing but at the same time I couldn't look away. So weird...

  4. The necklace with that dress is super adorable! And that picture of the girls... hilarious.

  5. Ohh, those Litas! Now I'm determined!

    Also, interested in the Shark Soap from Lush. I <3 Lush.

    I also <3 your taste in cupcakes!

  6. Oh my that mint green kitchen! I would like that please and thank you.


    1. I would love the mint green stove.Where would you get a stove like that?

  7. All these pics scream cuteness! I want to know where that salon is at.... :P those cupcakes look too pretty to eat....

  8. I would love to see YOU in that dress. I bet you would pull it off wonderfully. (Sorry that sounds creepy. Not sure how else to word it. ;_;)

  9. Wow! That photo of the jade kitchen is amazing! This week I am loving blueberries!!! I cannot get enough of them!

  10. I love that kitchen. My dream kitchen would be a 1950's English Rose in either pastel blue, pink, green or yellow. I have also been trying to locate floor tiles with multi coloured speckles, I saw them on a tv programme once about vintage families, it was awesome!

  11. love the Mark Twain quote and those cupcakes look delicious! :)

    Mollie from

  12. I really just can't wait to see HoneyBean!!!

  13. Such great picks!! As a huuuuge shark obsessive I've been eyeing up those soaps, if only I had some spare cash. The dog gif is brilliant!

  14. Yayyy new glasses! And I haaate Toddlers and Tiaras...hurts my soul.

  15. Love love love the 1st quote. Im such a quote gal :)

    that mint kitchen IS dreamy!

    And I can not wait to see the finished bean! EEK!


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