Music Monday: Kate York

This week's Music Monday is fellow Nashvillian, Kate York! Kate's "radio station" on Last.FM is one of my absolute favorites so imagine my embarrassing ignorance when she came on stage with Rosi Golan last week at 3rd and Lindsley to sing. I had no idea she lived in Nashville! Such a happy surprise as this town is full of wonderful musicians. If you like my kind of music then you'll love Kate. For some reason listening to her music makes me think of sitting on the porch with some cider on a breezy Autumn day! Maybe because I'm desperately looking forward to that. Enjoy! xo

What have you been singing along to lately?


  1. oh i love her! she's gorgeous and talented!!!

    allister bee blog

  2. I just got back from seeing my friend's band, Damn Arkansan for the first time. I was so freaking thrilled. Their show is awesome.
    Also, listening a lot to my friend Angie.

    And of course, autumn always has me listening to a lot of folk. Amos Lee and Joni Mitchell are up there on my list, as well as SJ Tucker.

  3. I love her voice. She is so wonderfully talented, I could seriously just to her all day long.

    Little Lady Little City

  4. Te Music Monday by kate York is wonderful. Know all about it

  5. kate Yorks music has been described in the post here. Know all about it


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