Things I Love Thursday

Are you ready for some hilarious, awesome, wonderful, adorable, super cute stuff to fill your internets on this magical Thursday?! I hope so, because here they come!

this hilarious web comic. ♥

♥ this hilarious scene from that 70's show ♥

♥ this is only six weeks away!!!! ♥

this even funnier web comic! ♥

♥ isn't this how we all feel?! ♥

♥ this beyonce depiction. ♥

this gorgeous super mario inspired cake (!!!) ♥

♥ this silly haiku ♥

♥ it's always sunny in philadelphia (& all things charlie day!) ♥

♥ this WWF depiction of sharks becoming extinct ♥
(y'all know just how important this is to me! we can each make an impact to keep them around!)

this sweet girl! definitely one of my biggest fashion inspirations ♥

♥ these jellyfish plugs from Omerica Organic! ♥
(don't forget you can get 20% off your OO order w/ the code: KAELAH)

Other awesome things: finally having all of my inventory up on the Hive + Honey Etsy! (buy some! use the code THREEBIES to get 15% off an order of 3+ items!), wrapping up yet another full blog design, counting down the days until we load up and head to Chicago to see Susannah and go to Renegade!, having the perfect red hair (though it lasts for maybe 24 hours and then it's orange again! haha), Miss Beca and her man (of Tumbleweeds Oddities) are opening up a brick and mortar shop (!!!) and I am so very very thrilled for them because if anyone deserves it it's them! (go congratulate them on the blog!), the American Eagle finals start tonight at midnight and I placed first in all 3 categories (!!!) so I'm going to bug you for the next week to vote for me in hopes of winning the cash prize to put toward Honeybean! 

What are you loving this week?!


  1. what am I loving this week? sewing!! I am back from my holidays and I have few days for myself and omg I am so happy I can sew and sew! :D

    and to your post: I LOVE the Mario cake! it so funny! I wouldn't eat it!! Just stare!!

  2. I am loving you guys, your engagement, the fact that I got to see you both while I was home, your ambitions, your dreams, that fact that you move mountains for those ambitions and dreams, and those two precious puppies. How's that?! Miss you BOTH!

  3. I love all things Charlie Day as well! Have you seen Horrible Bosses? I think I might have fallen in love with him in that film! I love everything that you picked!

  4. I love that tattoo/cat comic! Thanks for the laugh.
    Also REALLY excited for Dexter! I don't have cable, but I'm sure I'll be able to find it online. Excited for other fall shows, too (like the new Zooey Deschanel and Rachel Bilson ones).

    If you could spare a moment, could you vote for me on this Shopularity contest? I need to catch up!

    I'm gonna go add you to my circle on Etsy now! (I'm thecleverlife.)

  5. Kitten Mittons! ;)

    I'm watching always sunny right now... it's always on in the background. I'm obsessed.

  6. Aww cuteness!! I love that you included the WWF ad about sharks becoming extinct! I just went through some of your old posts and discovered that we have the same favorite animal. I'm all about sharks too!!

    I also loved the silly haiku!! :D

  7. DEXTER!!!!! I hope I can find a way to watch it online...I'm super pumped! I also love that mario cake. AMAZING.

    We'll definitely vote for you, so feel free to bug the crap out of us :)

  8. lol..... these finds are hilarious. I especially love the cat comic. Too cute. :) Lately I am loving my TOWN... for some reason I am finding all these little treasures that I didn't know about. So exciting. :P Sea Marie

  9. Congratulations on getting all of your items posted in the etsy shop! Very cute stuff. I'm working the very beginnings of my shop, so that's what I'm loving today! It's all I can think about! So exciting!

  10. Are your cats stomping around, making too much noise? You need Kitten Mittens!

    I love Charlie! He's my favorite.

  11. ahhhh the threadless haiku tee! :) My guy's is practically falling apart at the seams.

    ya know... threadless is a chicago company... 2 b&m's around these parts... in case you need more reasons to come back to chicago :)

  12. I adore Elsa! She's so beautiful, talented, chic, AMAZING! I've been trying to copy her pin-curl bangs for literally YEARS. There is some type of revolt between my fingers and my hair that just doesn't allow this to happen. One day, oh one day...

    Also, Once you posted your new bows I immediately went over and gazed at all the pretties. I am smitten over a few of them and will hopefully have the chance to purchase one before they're all gone.

  13. Oooo good luck for the competition!! :) how exciting! Can't wait to see your little caravan once it's all fitted out :) hi from NZ!! (land of the long white cloud...)


  14. This was probably my favorite tilt so far! I definitely smiled, so much goodness! :)

  15. I'm loving what you're loving.

    ♥ sécia

  16. I love love love Elsa's blog. SO inspirational.
    And the wwf ad, I get so emotional thinking about it and am trying to get the word out as well. People need to know that they are going extinct and sharks are so important.

  17. Oooh we love cats AND tattoos... going to be needing some serious lasers in Twee Towers to blast them all away ;)


    (& that's our favourite haiku, ever.)

    Rhi & Lauren xx

  18. <3 that 70's show. Fez is the best!

  19. Loved the card about judging friendships.. would it be sad to say sometimes I think the internet is more amusing than my husband? ;)

  20. I am loving ALL of this. What's the name of the redhead in those pics? She's adorable! Also, coffee, I love me some coffee :)

    Baby V

    Check me out:

  21. BAHAHA @ the knitting web comic! Too cute!

  22. Beautiful finds as always. I can't WAIT for Dexter...unfortunately we won't have Showtime so I'll have to wait for the bootlegged version ;)

  23. DEXTER. Okay I just went from really liking you to loving you! I can't wait to watch seasons six, so addicting. I am also loving True Blood right now, do you watch that one? Amazing as well! And those lovely jellyfish plugs almost make me wish I still had my gauges!

    Happy Thursday!


  24. ahhhh that chopstick knitting comic is so hilarious!! hmmm i could go for a some nice knitted noodles right now, yummm!
    this week im loving cooking with veggies from my dad's garden!

  25. So I'm a longtime lurker but I had to comment on this post! The Robbie and Bobby comic is done by one of my oldest and dearest friends, Jason Poland. Here is his website if you want more Robbie and Bobby giggles!

  26. such a great list! i always love your thursday lists. :)

  27. That someecard is SO TRUE for me. I love your list! :)

  28. had to save that mario cake so i can upload it to pinterest. hearts. perfect for an 80s 0r 90s party!

  29. I love Elsa! Her style is amazing, these are such great finds. I can't wait for the new season of It's Always Sunny.

  30. This cracked me up SO. FREAKIN'. MUCH! Love love love. I think I'm going to go and pin all these just so I have them to cheer me up on a gloomy day!

  31. Ha, I just posted that same Dexter promo a couple weeks ago! I've never heard of Elsa, but she is super cute... off to check her out!


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