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One thing I'm looking forward to after being pregnant is just wearing regular clothes. Of course I know I'll be a bit limited when it comes to nursing and what I can wear, but I'm just dreaming here! I have been holding off on buying too many non-maternity items not just for the sizing concern, but also because babies are expensive! Every spare penny seems to get funneled into the kid account (as it should haha). Novelty print dresses and online sales are really just a thing of my dreams right now. I can still look though, right?

Everything on this list is at least 50% off right now (some of them are 70% off!) and it's so hard to resist the urge to hit "Add to Cart"... At least I can waste part of an afternoon making a collage of the pretty things haha! Keep dreaming, KB!


  1. All these dresses are adorable! Makes me wish I was more of a dressy girl :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  2. those floral shoes are amazing! i can never resist a bit of window shopping, hah.

  3. I love all the dresses. You definitely deserve some new pieces after baby Flynn arrives, you've done a great job at keeping him safe in there, it's only right!! xx


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