// Things I Love Thursday v.193

♥ this! "Or waffles, friends, work. Doesn't matter, but work is third." ♥
these coconut mango popsicles ♥
this is proof that mother nature is so cool! they're like dragons! ♥
these rubyetc comics are my favorite ♥
♥ this. so very spot on. ♥
these photos of the misty fog are so enchanting. ♥
this treehouse is a dream come true! ♥
this mid-century inspired home. ♥
this embroidered plastic shopping bag series ♥
these gorgeous planters. ♥

// The models over at Candy Strike are making me really want a lavender colored beehive hair'do haha! (PS; Did you know they have a blog?!)

// Self care for poor folks: When taking care of yourself costs money. (Read Shannon's other posts HERE! I highly recommend them, regardless of your income!)

// Are you a Dr. Who fan? Um, check out this Whovian themed bathroom makeover! So neat!

// !!! If you're still looking for the perfect suit, swimwear is currently 30% off.

// How to become an astronaut.

// My doctor didn't fat shame me and it was a radical, life changing experience. This was such a nice thing to read. Seriously.

// Wishlist Wears: i love the pattern on this skirt // love everything about these flats, but they'd give me the worst cankles haha! // i want to go to disney world just to wear this dress haha // this dress is just so freaking pretty! // these booties are so cute // thinking this might be my next order... ahh! // jumping ahead of myself with this dress, but it's so dreamy // these shoes remind me of tiny little elves, but i still love them // is the ombre trend over? because i love this necklace.

// Did you win the Neutrogena giveaway?

What are you loving this week?


  1. i hate snakes but those you pictured are amazing!! so pretty!


  2. love those comics and so many congrats again!

  3. I have to admit i did skip over the snake photos when i saw them- terrified! Love the interior of the mid-century home with its mix of greys and colours. It's nice to see people doing something with plastic bags other than throwing them away. It's saddening to think how many just get thrown away when they cant be recycled! x

  4. Popsicles, snakes & pretty succulent planters! Love love love this TILT!

    Snake side story: In fifth grade, my class was tasked with learning about African animals after reading the Anansi stories. We each had to pick a different animal. My fellow female classmates picked things like impalas and other cute fuzzy things. I was like ANACONDA! (Mind you, I was 10 and this was prior to the debut of Big Butts.) Everyone thought I was weird/crazy. Then we discovered that we had to make paper mache versions of our animals. Turns out, snakes are a lot easier to make out of paper mache than impalas. :)


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