// Things I Love Thursday v.191

♥ loving these illustrations from rachel sullivan. such a fun style! ♥
these paint on oil gifs are hypnotizing! ♥
this commencement speech by charlie day is gold ♥
these landscape photos are stunning ♥
♥ love this embroidery hoop  (source?!) 
these baby badgers are so cute! ♥
this "20 worst proposals" listcicle is pretty hilarious ♥
♥ this! i must go to yosemite. ♥
♥ currently OBSESSED with this song/video/darling lady! ♥

// Designing the least user friendly products imaginable just for fun. These are hilarious! I also love her Facebook page where she shares more designs + the designs of others!

// 21 reasons Summer 1999 was the most magical time for music. There's a playlist included and believe me, you definitely want to listen to the whole thing! (via Roxy)

// So many gorgeous photos and so many rad links, both courtesy of Carrie Anne!

// 34 things you probably didn't know about "Breaking Bad". Pay attention to the actual URL because it's hilarious.

// Whether you're a size 2 or a size 28, Candy Strike has something for you! I'm in LOVE with the Penny and Tracy Turnblad dresses

// I've never been to Texas (unless you count the inside of the airport...) but I feel like I'd really love it based on Roxy's photos.

// 22 children's hilariously inappropriate spelling mistakes. Oh my stars! These are so hilarious.

// Here's how Vancouver responded to London's "Anti Homeless" Spikes. I love this! Such an effective and beneficial program. Bravo Canada!

// Becoming three: The myth of instant family. This was such an honest and real read. I can totally understand and relate to it, and find her honesty so wonderful.

// This is what happens when you accidentally email your entire company. Haha! I love a business with a sense of humor.

What are you loving this week?


  1. Love those Yosemite pictures! I've always wanted to go there.

  2. The song, while catchy, is honestly one of the reasons why I hate associating myself with "body acceptance" movements. If you preach body acceptance, you need to accept ALL bodies, not just fat or just skinny. This song skinny-shames. End of story. I'm a size 12 and do not feel the need to call skinny girls "bitches" or insist that men prefer women of my size. All women are beautiful.

    1. I actually had the same thought as you but then I listened to it again to clarify (& looked up the lyrics) and she says "no I'm just playing, I know you think you're far but every inch of you is perfect" or whatever. So I took that to actually be a clarification/claim to all body sizes (as evidenced by the range of sizes in the music video). I could be wrong though! Though I 100% agree that all bodies should be praised and accepted :)

    2. Gosh dang it, I accidentally keep pushing the wrong button so I'm sorry if this is showing up multiple times for you, gonna try to retype it as best as I can remember:
      I just don't think you can undo calling skinny people "bitches" by saying "just playing". If a total stranger said "You are a bitch...just kidding" what would you feel? She also sings about not being a "stick figure silicon Barbie doll"...while she doesn't actively put anyone down, "stick figure" is an inherently insulting way to talk about skinny people and "Barbie doll" is a condescending way to refer to women who have chosen plastic surgery for their bodies.
      I just get mad when something is claiming to spread the message to "love all bodies" but then what actually happens you have curvy women howling things like "REAL WOMEN HAVE CURVES" and it's just incredibly frustrating, you know? Because all women are real!
      We shouldn't have to justify our curves by objectifying ourselves for men - our bodies to not exist to please men!
      I really really wanted to like the song! I was just turned off after looking up the lyrics and surprised to see it here. Of course it's your own blog and you can link and write whatever you want! I feel bad because I've actually been reading your blog forever and loooove it but the first time I commented was to aggressively lambast something you linked, haha.

    3. I can totally get what you're saying, no worries! Don't feel like you need to justify your reason for commenting because it's awesome that you're pointing out things like this! Whether it's on my blog or elsewhere! :) I guess I interpreted it differently, but would honestly love to hear her actual explanation rather than how we perceive it, ya know? Maybe I'm being hooked by the catchy beat or whatever haha! Definitely good for thought and I'll think about it further. I appreciate you commenting regardless!

  3. I love the charlie day speech so much! I also bought the Just Be Cosmic dress two days ago!
    One of my best friends birthday is coming up and she loves sharks and just bought her these
    and this

    Also these are fantastic! I made these this past weekend!

  4. those baby badgers are sooo adorable!!!

  5. Oh. That lil' sprout embroidery. Yes. (I call my little dude "Sprout." That hit me in The Feels.)

  6. omg aol zines!!! i completely forgot about them, and i loved them so much! and i really loved those little dolls you could get, i can't think what they were called. little pixel girls that were so stupid! i had tons saved and would "edit" them in paint! haha, i'm so glad you posted this so i could remember that cringe worthy time in my life.

  7. If someone proposed to me with a burger, I'd eat the burger and then say no.
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  8. Charlie Dy's commencement speech was equally hilarious and inspiring. God I love that man.

  9. I am so jealous of these awesome commencement speakers. I had some Murfreesboro bank president...I mean no offense, but Charlie Day would have been more inspiring.


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