// Instagram Favorites: July

Here is my second installation of my monthly Instagram favorites. Each month I choose 5 accounts to highlight and I share a few of their most recent snaps that I've enjoyed. Some are highly curated, some include more "real" moments, and some are just really nice to look at. Hopefully you find a few new favorites to follow! As always, you're welcome to share your favorite accounts, or even links to your own, in the comments below! xo

BlushShop is a the feed of a cute little boutique in Canada and I'm in love with the colors of this space. The pastel pinks, the paint splattered floor, the gold accents... I'm a sucker for retail inspiration and this feed is full of it. There are a lot of staged product photos, but I enjoy that personally!

Laura's feed makes me want to get outdoors and explore! She captures some of the most beautiful scenery on her adventures. The light, the texture, and the vastness of the spaces she chooses to share... Ah, I love it!

Ali's feed is a very "real" depiction of her day to day, so it seems. She's a designer at Ban.do and I enjoy the variety of snaps to be found on her Instagram. Everything from behind the scenes photos at work to regular every day pics of her and her friends.

Amber's feed is one of my all time favorites. This girl knows how to decorate! I love looking through her photos of her home, even though it makes me pretty jealous of all the gorgeous natural light she seems to get! She also shares a lot of really precious photos of her kids, but not in a way that seems to exploit them like some moms on social media. It's almost like you can feel the love between this family via her account.

Rebecca's feed is a one stop shop for all things creative and wonderful. She's a Colorado-based photographer, calligrapher, and floral artist. Seriously, she does it all. And she does it so well! She's also a really really sweet person. I'm always fawning over the gorgeous snaps she takes of elopements in the misty mountains.


And those are my July favorites! I'll be back next month to share another round of lovely Instagrammers. Feel like sharing your own or tossing your hat into the ring? Leave your links below! xo

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  1. such gorgeous photos and great accounts! this is a fun idea, I definitely need to explore instagram more.

  2. Such a lovely idea for a post. I love instagram so much!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  3. Love Alilabelle's pics. Have started following her, such pretty images :)
    x Tink Jayne x

  4. I was only following Rebecca out of all of these! Thanks for introducing me to so many good instagram accounts!!

  5. Wow such great feeds! I'm about to check all of them out now! :)
    Marissa Jamie : Faithfully, Marissa ♡

  6. Oh, these are so gorgeous. I'm pretty new to instagram, despite it being a blogging photographer's best friend, seems like. Glad to have the tips, my feed was pretty boring so far!

    -Kelly Del Valle

  7. I love these posts! You have such a knack for finding dreamy things!
    xo Caity
    must be magic


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