// Cocktail Hour: Red Berry Lemonade Spritzer

Another day, another cocktail! (Well, mocktail in my case... but maybe a cocktail for you!) I love me some lemonade. Like, it is probably my all time favorite drink ever and I'd live on it if it were possible. Add in some fresh fruit with that lemonade and then I'm totally hooked. Today I wanted to share a little red berry lemonade spritzer with y'all! This has kept me cool many days so far this Summer and I have a feeling I'll be drinking it until berry season has long passed.


Simply Lemonade Raspberry Lemonade (or any kind you prefer)
La Croix Lemon Lime sparking water (it's actually better with Sprite!)
Fresh Raspberries + Strawberries
Optional: vodka!


Add your lemonade to your glass of ice, and then top it off with your favorite lemon-lime drink. I used La Croix in this version simply because it's what I had on hand, but my all-time favorite version uses Sprite! (Those extra bubbles and sugar sort of take it to the next level!) Add in some raspberries and sliced strawberries for an extra bit of flavor and texture. I prefer to layer my carbonated drink on top of the lemonade because I love how it looks. Then I garnish with a big ol' ripe and juicy strawberry! - Bonus points if you use a chilled mug or glass. Then it's extra refreshing on a hot and humid day.

The mocktail version is both gorgeous and satisfying, and it's something everyone can enjoy. If you're looking to punch it up a bit, try adding your favorite vodka. If you're not huge on flavored lemonades, use a regular ol' lemonade and then add flavored vodka of your choosing. I bet it'd even be delicious with rum! (I'll let you know in a few weeks haha!) xo

PS; I've been out of the office since last Wednesday, so if you've sent me an email please know a reply will quickly be on its way! I'll be back in the office full time tomorrow morning and I'll be tending to emails, design clients, and sign commissions! Thanks so much for your patience and understanding!


  1. Oh man, this sounds incredible!

  2. this sounds reaaally really nice, thanks for sharing!
    xo, cheyenne

  3. Yesterday, I finally made some classic lemonade for this first time this summer. Just that plain lemonade was so good. I bet this would be awesome!

  4. Ahhh I want to try this so bad! I'm definitely gonna make this for a nice, warm summer evening :)


  5. Thanks for sharing! Gotta try this at home!!!!


  6. I recently made something similar to this with some tropical rum. It's amazing! You have to try it. It doesn't even seem like you're drinking alcohol, so it would be great for a fun, light evening.

  7. Beautiful! This and I will be getting along very, very well this weekend, I think. (Perhaps with a bit of gin.) Thank you!

  8. I, too, LOVE lemonade and was drinking it was Barenjaeger (I am pretty sure I spelled that wrong ha!) Honey & Pear. YUM! Also, my boyfriend just bought a set of those mason jar glasses and they are the BEST for lemonade, iced tea, etc. Great recipe, girl!

  9. This looks SO good! Ahh if only I could find that lemonade in Japan. u_u

  10. This looks so good! I only have coconut rum at home though, I love coconut and fruit though so maybe it'd still be good! ^.^

    x Sara from awildroseblog.com


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