// Things I Love Thursday v.192

this! ♥
this gorgeous photo ♥
this is the truth! ♥
this is a little out-of-season but i want to copy it so bad ha! ♥
this is where i'd like to be right now! ♥

these bathing suits are AMAZING! ♥
♥ this cake! ♥

♥ i want this tote bag set! ♥
these headbands are everything! ♥
this is something i need ♥
this looks so dreamy! ♥

this amazing (local!) brand helps support an awesome cause - i love their scarves ♥
this printable is so great ♥

♥ this is SO good! i cried watching it in the bath tub ♥

// No, I actually don't have as many hours in a day as Beyonce. I totally dig the motivation behind the quote, but I also totally see the validity of this article. As long as you use the quote to motivate you rather than enslave you, I don't see an issue with it.

// I fell down the mommy blog rabbit hole the other day with these links, and I thought they were worth sharing! How to stop yelling at your kids // The day I realized I was bullying my kids // Dealing with parenting rage -- I promise we're all fine over here haha! I bet those three links all together were alarming...

// Roxy is making her way through Europe right now and she's sharing it on her blog! Ah, everything looks so awesome! (She's sharing snippets on Instagram, too!)

// Unpopular opinion: I am against no-kill animal shelters. Yes, the title alone will probably enrage you, but read it and feel free to share your thoughts!

// One of my favorite places to shop for home items and gifts is Ideeli. Right now they're having a big, bright home decor/appliance sale and I'm drooling over everything.

// If you want to get in on the Birkenstock trend without spending a god awful amount of money, some (really great) knockoffs are only $13.99 right now! Go ahead, judge me haha!

// I'll be drawing a winner for the Stars + Stripes giveaway tomorrow so get your last minute entries in! You can win a rad dress, some earrings, a neat backpack, some Toms shoes and even a handmade necklace!

What are you loving this week?


  1. Great post! I love the Garden poster, and the mig, and now I totally want a boozy swimsuit! Also thanks for pointing out fashionABLE! I'm always on the lookout for local/fairtrade companies. I also really liked this comment from the Beyonce post - "Yes, but Beyonce didn't always have "people to do that for her" and she's always had the same amount of hours in a day. THAT'S the point. She didn't arrive on the earth as a megasuccess, she had to work her way there, as we all do. And I think it's safe to assume it was always on the 24-hour-day-plan."

  2. That Like A Girl advert is amazing. I saw it the other week as a skippable ad before a Youtibe video, for once I did not skip! It made me very emotional too. Well done Always.

  3. ohmygosh, that animal post had me bawling!
    xo, cheyenne

  4. I love that mug. I’m pretty sure that needs to be on my desk when I go back to work next month.

    Thank you for finding the “20 Signs You’re Succeeding Even If You Don’t Feel You Are” list. I’m having a funk day and I needed to read that. (I usually recognize those things, but sometimes I get caught up in The Bad and forget to observe all of The Good.)

    As always, great list! You love awesome things. :)

  5. How that lady and her husband saved $100K amazes me. My husband and I moved provinces for his work, so we are trying to get back on our feet and living at my dad's right now. They're thinking of moving pretty soon, so we're in crunch time to save! It's amazing how things like dinner out once a week adds up! thank you for sharing!

  6. the first time I watched that always ad I cried too... I loved seeing the little ones showing how girls really do it! so inspiring

  7. That no-kill editorial wasn't that well researched and "no kill" means different things to different shelters. I mean, she couldn't even Google a statistic because she was too afraid to see it. Also, as commenters noted, many no kill shelters help offer the very same low or no cost s/n she is talking about - and increasingly are participating in intervention programs with owner surrender animals. She's right about community cat programs - an increase in funding and resources would be helpful but only if it's targeted in areas of high shelter intake or if it's linked with public community cat caretakers who are doing the work feeding and humane trapping and can manage to fix all newcomers to their area. I agree that warehousing animals long-term in shelters is bad - but a lot of shelters work hard to get those long-term stays into foster homes instead so there is less stress for them. I don't know - the whole thing didn't seem well researched as to what programs are actually out there and noting that programs often call themselves one thing (no kill, shelter, etc) but do very different things under that name.

  8. The "unpopular opinion" article got me so riled up I started writing a book in the comments. So instead I just wrote a blog http://fictionincarnate.com/response-to-an-unpopular-opinion/

    Thank you for sharing it though!


  9. loving the tote bags!

    20 signs you are succeeding makes my day, thanks for sharing!

    Katrina Sophia

  10. I love the "like a girl" comercial! I hate when my boyfriend or his band says I can't help or do anything because I'm a girl... not even stuff like running or throwing but things like figuring out wires and tools and such. They never believe me that I can help build and fix stuff!!!!!

    x Sara from awildroseblog.com


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