// Things I Love Thursday v.156

♥ this Red Valentino collection (A/W '13) is amazing ♥
these are pencil and ink drawings! insane, right?! ♥
this cat is so pretty! ♥
this "Half Drag" photo series is kind of wonderful ♥
these halloween nails ♥
this bucket of bullies! ♥
♥ i would eat these. ♥
♥ need some spooky contacts for halloween (or anytime? ha), here's the mecca! ♥
this adorable sock illo. ♥
this hammock chair looks heavenly. ♥

// 20 Things Clarissa Forgot To Explain. Ahh! I miss Clarissa Explains It All!

// 50 Things You Will Never Be Able To Forget. THIS IS THE BEST POST IN THE HISTORY OF ALL POSTS!

// Our childhood cartoons grew up and went to college... and according to one illustrator, this is what happened.

// I'm especially loving the links and snapshots in this post from Little Big Blog.

// One of my sponsors, PinUp Darling, is having a Pin It And Win It contest now and believe me, you're going to want to pin some of these rad pieces! (Just pin this and when you win it send it my way! hahaha Kidding!)

// 8 Reasons Elle Woods is a True Role ModelWho wants to come over and watch this with me right now?! Love her.

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// Want to see a cute cat in a sailor suit, hat and all?! Of course you do.

// I'm Daisy Coleman, The Teenager at the Center of the Maryville Rape Media Storm, and This is What Really Happened.

// Girls I'm totally StyleCrushin' on right now: one // two // three // four

// ModCloth is having a major outerwear sale! 25% off EVERY coat/vest/jacket/blazer on the site until tomorrow night!

Happy Thursday!


  1. That cat is just so adorable! I love those Halloween nails! I need to spice up my nails for Halloween since it's just around the corner!


  2. I love all the great photos - that cat is beatiful and /I want that chair/. Thanks for all the links!!!

  3. The 50 things you will never forget list is fantastic. Every single thing made me go "I remember that!" The background on our family computer is still a beautiful work of colorful geometrics I made on Paint.


  4. Red Valentino never disappoints, right? :) x

  5. Gahh those Red Valentino dresses... I need.

    I hadn't read the story that Daisy Coleman wrote herself... she is so strong. What they did to her... and the things people say... it literally makes me physically ill.

  6. Really interesting reading what Daisy Coleman wrote, she is so strong and I hope that justice is finally served with the opening of the case. On a happier note I am gushing over those red valentinos!

  7. Loved the Clarissa list! Did you ever see the pilot of that show that was supposed to follow her to adulthood?

  8. The drawings are amazing, but Valentino collection is what stole My heart!!!! I just love those little doll dresses!
    Loads of love, SJay!

  9. Oh wowwww! People who can do THAT with pencil and/or ink are so amazing, and inspirational!

    Half Drag, oh, that's brilliant. Such a fabulous idea!

    Nails. Sock illustration. Hammock chair, THAT GORGEOUS KITTY! Yes, yes, yes, and yes. I also would never turn down adorable puppies. <3 (I call them puppies no matter what age, haha.)

    I just clicked through so many of your linkage. <3 I can't wait to view, and read, everything!


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