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Halloween Snack Ideas for Kids and Parties - KaelahBee.com
If you're a parent of a young'n, chances are likely that a Halloween party is in your very near future. I've been brainstorming what I wanted to whip up for Toby's Pre-K party next Thursday, but feeling a little uninspired. What's a mom to do in that situation? Pinterest. Sometimes Pinterest overwhelms me, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't love it. I spent part of last night scouring the site for some inspiration and I picked 18 of my favorite kid friendly ideas!

I tried keeping it peanut-free since peanut allergies are so common. There are a few dairy-free options, too, as well as ideas that lean a bit healthier than others. I'm still not totally sure what I'll be doing for Toby's party, but I'm hoping it's: quick, simple, can be made the night before, and is easy to distribute. 4 year olds are pretty messy by nature... so those rice krispie snacks are looking good... But boy oh boy they're sticky!

Here are the 18 ideas I liked (clockwise):

Any other fab ideas you want to toss into the ring? This girl is all ears! Happy Tuesday!


  1. don't forget about the old classic of tying a kleenex over a sucker and voila! instant ghost. :)

    1. Yes! High on the list in case I run out of time... but I worry that every other mom might do the same thing! haha

  2. Yeah, anything you can make and fridge overnight is a good plan. The upside to kids,though, is that you could just pour out a bowl of orange and black colored sugar and they'd die of happiness.

    Or possibly from the resulting sugar coma.

  3. Oh my gosh, these are all darling! I vote for those Frankenstein marshmallow pops! Cute, totally Halloween, and on a stick to make it less sticky!

    Ladyface Blog

  4. These are adorable! The candy corn marshmallows are my favorite. What a cute and creative idea.

    Thanks for the tips!

    - Brianna

  5. Great idea keeping peanut free! Just getting an epipen for the first time myself the thought of dealing with that stuff as a kid is terrifying.

  6. My Girl Spawn was born on Halloween, and this year is the first year she wants a Halloween themed birthday party.
    I've been browsing pinterest for days haah.

    here are a few that I found...
    Witches brooms from Pretzel rods and String Cheese -

    Not exactly healthy, but super cute. 'Vampire' Donuts -

    For a classroom party, Sugar Free Peach Cups, made into Jack-o-Lantern with sharpee -

  7. This came right on time!!! ^_^ My bestie and I were thinking of planning a Halloween party for the "bigger" kids haha, and We didn't want it to be very adult since that's no fun...
    And We barely have enough time what with work and university and all that :(!!!
    Those are great ^_^!!! Haha! Ooo and make some witch hats!! With chocolate Ice Cream biscuit cones and Oreo cookies ^___^ or smaller versions with Kiss chocolates and the cookies ^_^
    *cough* love witches!
    Loads of love, SJay!

  8. I am so excited to bake all kinds of goodies and decorate the crap out of our house when my son is old enough to enjoy it... it's gonna be bananas. I mean, c'mon, Jack Skellington cupcakes? OF COURSE I'm making those every year. You kiddin' me?


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