// Blogs... And Why We Write/Read

Blogging is one of those things I've always found to be sort of fascinating. I mean, in a way they're like mini-magazines or tv shows. Some bloggers develop scores of fans and go on to become authors, appear on tv, or land huge brand collaborations. Of course a ton of hard work (and maybe a smidge luck) goes into each instance, but what's the one thing all blog have in common? All blogs started at the very bottom. Zero pageviews. Zero comments. Zero content. It doesn't matter if you were super popular online before launching your blog, you still had to start with nothing. When you think of it that way, it's totally fascinating to see how far blogs have come. I'm always wondering "Why did so-and-so start blogging? What made her say 'Oh this looks fun!'? What lead her to certain choices? What has she gained from it?" - And not in a judgmental way! I really mean that in a sincere and curious manner.

For me, I have to think back to my LiveJournal days. Well, DeadJournal if I'm being totally honest! And maybe even Xanga before (after?) that! While I tended to keep my online journals "friends only," I started racking up friends left and right, so basically anyone could read what I wrote. I was the queen of the overshare, I'm sure of it. I had just turned 21 and I was getting ready to move to NYC to work at BUST magazine for the summer, and I wanted my friends and family to be able to follow along with my shenanigans in the city but I certainly didn't want them reading my LJ. A compromise (this blog!) was born. 

I didn't go into blogging with the clear cut idea that I was going to make it a "job" and monetize. In fact I'm not even sure I knew what that word meant haha! I was simply interested in sharing my adventures with anyone who wanted to read. I remember making the conscious decision to monetize around the one year mark of my blog. I think I had around 500 or so followers and I thought that was a decent following. The next Spring I decided to share outfits. Then it was doing design for hire via my blog, and various other online shops and ventures. I had/have the opportunity to work with brands, big and small, and sort of hone something I've been working on for nearly 5 years. While I recognize the ability to monetize and make my blog a job, I also recognize that I do it for several other reasons...

For instance, I share outfits not to just hopefully "inspire" people (that's not it at all actually), but to help me find confidence in myself. It's easy to feel like the odd duck when you're a short, curvy gal and sometimes straight sizes are limiting but you also still can't wear most plus size brands. There's actually a lot of gals like that in the blog world, so it's refreshing and makes me feel less strange. In a way sharing outfits on here also keeps me accountable... for getting dressed during the day. That probably sounds a little sad (it sort of is...) but if you work from home then you probably understand. Over the years that I've shared outfits here, I've grown so much more appreciative of myself. The little quirks and flaws that I'm made of. And it's those "quirks" and "flaws" that make me adore other bloggers, as well. Sure, model-esque fashion bloggers can be great, but they don't particularly inspire me. I read so many blogs of just regular ol' everyday gals and I love them. Even if their style is so unlike my own. I love to read about their journeys and adventures.

I love to write about being self employed and owning several small businesses because 1) it's what I'm passionate about, and 2) I want other people to know you don't have to go the traditional route to have a happy and fulfilling life. You can have a family, nice home, a well-adjusted life, etc, and be self employed! In turn I love to read blogs that sort of share that belief.

I could say that I write my blog solely for my family and friends, but that's be a big ol' load of crap. At one time, yes, that was the driving force. But now it's to connect with people who share similar interests and stories, and even people who are a bit kooky and live a life I'd never dream of. It's a way to connect with those like me, and those who intrigue me. --- To be completely honest, I'm not sure I read any "big" blogs. I mean, there are a few that I read that are around the size of my own, but I don't think I read any blogs of any "blog famous" people. They just don't speak to me the same way smaller, more personal blogs do. That's why each week, when I sit down to return comments on my blog, I end up finding tons of new, amazing gals to follow. Whether we're on different sides of the globe or in very different stages in our lives, there's almost always something I can say I'm inspired by when I visit each of these blogs. That's why I read. and that's also why I write. 

I guess what I'm getting at here is: I'm curious. Why do you read blogs? What sets a blog apart from the others for you? What drew/draws you to the ones you frequent? And even better: Why do you blog? What do you feel like you gain from sharing what you do? In what ways have you grown since starting your blog? (Or how do you hope to grow over time?) -- The world of blogging is equal parts fascinating, weird, silly, and amazing. Some of my life's best opportunities and friendships have come directly from this blog. I'd be lying if I said there weren't times I've thought about throwing in the towel, but ultimately I know I've made these connections because I've persevered. I'm not necessarily one to network or beat down virtual doors for partnerships, but I'm more than pleased with what this little blog has brought into my life. But I think I'm just waxing poetic honestly haha!

PS; Those pictures of the furry things are totally unrelated, I know. But I like any excuse to share photos of those silly things.


  1. "It's easy to feel like the odd duck when you're a short, curvy gal and sometimes straight sizes are limiting but you also still can't wear most plus size brands."
    This sentiment is exactly what has drawn me in as a reader, and I am so thankful for all that you do. It has not only helped with your own confidence, but has helped me feel validated, confident, and inspired to find my own style and feel comfortable in it; as I am sure it has done for countless other readers. xoxo :]

  2. Your blog is one of the very few "personal" blogs I still read and I really enjoy it, so thank you. My blog basically died once social media became mainstream however the reason I keep writing now is the reason I started it: to keep a record of my family's life, our trips and adventures and milestones with pictures. Because really, I could scrapbook but I'm too lazy. Ha ha And even though my readership is probably lower than I started, a few key people read it (my mom, my bestie, a beloved childhood friend and a smattering of internet friends) and that's fine by me!

  3. I guess I read blogs for inspiration sometimes and I just love reading them! To be honest it also makes me want to go out and be a little adventurous! I started blogging back in my senior year of high school after stumbling across a blog called Pansy Lane and believe it or not seeing your blog! I just thought it was so cool blogging about your life, little adventures and clothes! When I first started I had no idea what in the world i was doing and when I look back at my first first few posts I'm so embarrassed! I guess I can say I've grown since when I first started blogging and I don't believe I'm done "growing". I love this post Kaelah! Hope you have a lovely Friday!!

  4. I was honestly stuck in the LJ bubble for way longer than most people, I think. I overshared, and met and visited many people who I would otherwise have never run into. I started following personal style blogs about four years ago. I think it was through Modcloth's featured bloggers if I really think about it, and for as interested in thrifting/styling as I've ALWAYS been, I never made the connection myself, even though I was obsessed with internet communities in the late 90s/early 2000s. I'm glad you guys do what you do, because I do find inspiration in it, though I see it's a lot of work, and I don't think I'd like taking pictures of myself so often!

  5. Okay, I'm typically a silent reader here, but here goes:

    Why do I read blogs? Simple - I look for inspiration for my art and crafts. And I'm nosey about other people's lives. It makes me feel less like a weirdo when I realize that tons and tons of other people go through the same feelings and hardships as I do. And whether or not it's the exact same feeling or experience, it's just nice to know that I'm not alone in this world.

    What sets a blog apart? Personal touches. The few posts where the writer bears their soul, their struggles, and don't make their lives seem perfect. That's also what keeps drawing me back to the ones I frequent, including your own.

    Why do I blog? Partially to gain confidence, like you mentioned. I'm a strange sized girl, tall and not quite plus sized, but not straight sized. I dealt with bullying a lot as a teen, so those feelings from way back when are still pretty strong, as much as I'd like to deny it. Also partially to reach out to people. To make others feel like they're not the only little old cat lady living in a younger person's world. I don't hope to grow in any specific manner, I just hope to grow.

    Sorry for such length!

    xo Kristina Rose

  6. "I could say that I write my blog solely for my family and friends, but that's be a big ol' load of crap." My favorite line in this whole post, because I laughed out loud at it and it's just such a perfectly natural sentence; like if I had ever met you, I feel like I would be able to HEAR your voice on that one.

    I 'read' a lot of blogs, but I don't really READ a lot of them, if that makes sense. Like, I have a ton of blogs in my bloglovin' feed, but many of htem are style blogs that I just click through, look at the outfits, click away. The blogs I really READ fall into one of a few categories:

    1. Blogs by writers/authors I discovered via their actual books or a post that went viral and THEN began reading their blogs (Rachel Held Evans is a good example here). THey tend to write about more serious things, helm 'discussions', are less personal in nature. I still like them because those long, involved discussion-posts really get me to think.

    2. Lifestyle blogs where the blogger in question has a definite and serious voice. I don't want her to be or to live exactly the way I do; half the fun is getting to know someone I might not have spoken to otherwise! You are one of those for me; you write with such a natural voice. I found you via GOMI, I think back when you were answering some questions about your wedding photos, and kind of adored your answers there and how honest, forthright, and completely unapologetic about who you are you were. I read those answers and thought, "If her blog is anything like these comments, I'm sold." And I was. And here I am.

    Sometimes it'll be people with a completely different, opposite set of beliefs/ideals than I have. I read a blog called Fresh Modesty written by a very religious Reformed Protestant to give 'modest fashion advice', but she often writes about sermons and stuff too. Although I don't really agree with a lot of the conclusions her religious beliefs take her to, I think she's the sweetest, happiest person and love her style and I love that she is very open and honest with her voice. I click to every. single. entry. I think one thing blogging does is show me that lots of people I might overlook on the street can be people I would really, really like if we just sat down and chatted once or twice.

    3. Style blogs that are more casual/tomboy-ish. Those don't even have to be full of lifestyle stuff, but the prissy girly 'Nordy's' super-pink-all-the-time ruffle-shit blogs just... don't draw me in. I think about the girliest blog I read right now is Jeans and a Teacup, because she is sweet and her style is girly, yes, but very classic and doesn't seem like she's "wearing this for the blog" - it's stuff she'd wear anyway. I also like Librarian for Life and Style; casual, a little tomboy-ish, super down-to-earth and really friendly.


  7. As far as my own blogging... DEADJOURNAL UNITE. I totally started out on deadjournal in high school. I wrote these dramatic overwrought posts about my relationships and these terrible poems and song lyrics and it was WONDERFUL. YES.

    During college, my mom used to get on my back a lot about not calling enough, so I started a blog and wrote these short update posts to let everyone back home know that... you know, very little was happening. That started to expand, over time, very slowly. It's become something now where I do kind of seek readership. I'd like to have new people coming by to comment, read some stuff I wrote, tell me I'm pretty. You know, the usual.

    I feel like it helps me work on my writing skills, on how to cut thoughts down to a manageable size, to sort of put all my thoughts and memories in their place. It connects me more to family members that I might have a hard time talking to. It also alienates me a bit from some people who don't understand what I'm doing, but that's rare.

    At this point I blog because I don't want to stop. When I was working a job I hated, in a very bad mental place, I didn't blog because I could only think of so many ways to write that I was miserable. Now I kind of bubble up with ideas, but I sometimes have a hard time writing htem down because I worry there won't ever be "enough" people looking at it. So I'm also working on caring less about how many people see any one thing I do.

    I don't know that I want to monetize, but I would like my blog within the next couple of years to A. look more professional and B. become more of a repository for my writing-work. And I'd like to be published so I can say this is the blog of the "Writer" Katie Faulk :) I don't know who would publish me or for what, but we're working on that! Give me time, woman!

  8. i have been blogging in some form for the past 15 years. it started with opendiary and then went over to livejournal. those 'blogs' were always friends only, and when my oldest son was born i wanted a way to share what was going on in my life with my mother in law who lived across the states.

    when i started publicly blogging i would read and comment on tons of blogs. and in return, my blog grew. but over the past year i've kind of stopped reading blogs and i blog less. it's not that i don't love blogging, because writing is definitely my passion. i just don't have the time for it i used to have.

  9. I read blogs...because I blog. Honestly every time I take a hiatus or at least during my last hiatus I didn't read them. Then I started back in the blogging game and BAM....here I am reading blogs. I check blogger more often, I read all the bookmarked (because honestly I don't like bloglovin or feedly or anything) blogs again, and search for new ones to add to the mix. I feel more...interested...in other blogs when I'm involved in the world. Honestly I'm pretty reclusive if I'm not blogging so it helps get me "out" there so I stay in the mix of life. :-)

  10. One of my favourite things about blogging is i've met people who are just like me. In fact I have quite a few online friends who have become 'real life' friends. We go round each other hours, meet up for dinner and drinks and talk to each other every day. I blogged as we were encouraged to at Uni as part of my journalism course and I simply carried on. I never dreamed I would get the opportunities that I do. It still baffles me when I get an email in my inbox about my blog! As a naturally nosy person I love having a little peak into peoples lives. I can honestly say blogging is one of the best things i've ever done.

  11. I'm really drawn to personal/lifestyle blogs, and I think it's really just because people in general really fascinate me (hence my two psychology degrees). I just really love hearing people's stories, seeing how they live, and learning about what is important to them. I know everything online is curated, but it's still possible to read between the lines a little bit I think; even what people choose to share and not share can be very telling.

    I first started blogging, honestly, because I was starting to get depressed. I was recently married and had this DIY wedding, so before that, I had always had projects--schoolwork, caring for my grandparents, wedding projects--that pushed me forward toward a goal. After I got married, I found myself doing the 9-5, coming home, making dinner, going to bed, and starting all over. I felt stagnant for the first time in my life. I needed a freaking hobby (something I hadn't had time for in YEARS). So I started blogging, and it's been amazing. It really stretches me and makes me get out and DO stuff, make stuff, and learn stuff...so I have something to write about. That, and the friendships I've made (with all, what, 25 people that read it?) have made it one of the best decisions ever.

    This might be the most personal and emotional-word-vomit-ish comments I've ever left on a blog. Whoops.

  12. The best thing about blogging for me are the friends i've made through it nd the community. Some of my favourite online friends have become my 'real life' friends. We go round each others houses, go out for dinner and drinks and talk every day. i started a blog because we were encouraged to while I was studying journalism at uni and I simply carried on. I never dreamed I would get the opportunities that I have so far and I feel very lucky. I still get baffled when an email pops in my inbox. Blogging is by far the best thing i've ever done.

  13. I read blogs because I crave some creativity in my life and blogger gals ooze with that! Whether it be fashion, DIY, design, or artwork! I work the boring 9-5 job drawing electrical plans. It's essentially the anti-creative and I'm kinda stuck in a rut of hating my job but scared to leap into an unknown world. I can kind of live vicariously through you bloggers who are living the dream until I finally get the balls to do it myself!
    I love to go on adventures and take photos so that it mostly what my blog is filled with. No point in having 1000 photos no one will see? and maybe someday I can get over my shy-ness and make photography my actual job..... someday :)

  14. I've been blogging at my site for 5 (almost 6!) years now and I have less than 100 "followers" -- I never pay attention to my stats anymore. In the beginning, stats seemed like such an important thing, and I would feel really down and out about not being a player in the blog rat-race. But now I know, my blog is for ME, and I can't feel bad about low follower counts or stats or any of that BS. I talk about my kids and random happenings and share silly links from Tumblr, and I don't really contribute anything substantial to the blog-world. My blog is my online journal (I was blogging on Myspace and Livejournal before the jump to Blogger) and *I* never fail to appreciate it for what it is. I am my blog's biggest fan, and that's all that matters.

  15. I like to read blogs written by people who seem like real people. I think it does a disservice to readers to try to keep up a perfect facade at all times. I like when people can talk about flaws and feelings and what happens when their craft projects go ridiculously wrong. I think the joy of blogs is being able to relate to people and learn from people all over the world.

    I started blogging to be a good creative outlet. Over the last 5 years or so, I really got away from doing the things I loved, like cooking, sewing, crafting, etc. It's been really really amazing to have an outlet that encourages me to do those things and allows me to share all of it with some really wonderful people. It's been a really positive experience for me so far and I'm so glad I started blogging.

    Ladyface Blog

    P.S. Your pets are the cutest. You should always post unrelated photos of them! Haha

  16. I started my blog as a way to sort of chronicle my screen printing process when I started my Etsy shop, but then it grew into so much more. It's like a life journal now, with photos and recipes we've tried and books I've read, and outfit posts as I figure out my style, and random projects. It's a creative outlet and scrapbook and journal all in one. Bonus if it turns out other people like what I'm sharing.

    For blogs I read, it's usually the voice of the blogger that draws me in. If they sound real, and have a sense of humor, and it seems like we'd get along in real life, I tend to keep reading. I follow a lot of blogs that are like mine, kind of a hodge podge of everything, but then also some specialized blogs (specifically book bloggers and style bloggers).

  17. I blog and read blogs because I love the community. I like knowing that I'm not the only weirdo out there, and my fellow bloggers make me feel like it's okay to be myself and celebrate it. The things I put on my blog are the things my coworkers and Facebook friends just aren't that interesting in. They're relatively mundane things, but I can share them via blogs and get feedback and support.

    I read blogs to engage with those bloggers (who sometimes become friend IRL!) and show them that I support them and love their posts too. I learn how to do new things, try new color combos, even get professional development to boot. It's my version of reading a daily newspaper, catered directly to me.

  18. I got into blogging ages ago through LJ and then Myspace. I wrote a personal blog and read blogs through LJ/Myspace, but then those kind of died and I went years without writing/reading or being interested in reading any blogs at all. But once I was fully self-employed, there came a point where I started feeling isolated. I didn't have co-workers to talk to, and most of my friends have kids now so they are super busy with work/kids and I don't see them much. I found a few of the blogs I read by accident through google searches, and then I just looked through their recommended lists and found others. Then for awhile I read a ton of blogs, but now I mostly just read Nashville bloggers and a few others. I tend to stick to blogs where I have something in common with the blogger. So yeah, I agree that personal touches are where it's at to keep me reading. I have very little interest now in those other huge blogs that are mostly fluff and sponsored posts. I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that, but it's just not for me. :)

  19. Blogging is such a funny thing isn't it? I'm so glad you write and share these posts that you do (PS: Whatever happened to 'Honest to blog' ...those were my favourites, just saying) because I can never seem to find the right exact words and you always seem to. I definitely started blogging because it seemed like a community I wanted to be involved in. All the girls seemed so great, I loved finding people with so many common interests like my own and it felt like some sort of secret club you could be in. When I started blogging not a lot of my real life friends knew about it (hence the secret club aspect) I was always 100% me on my blog so it's not like I didn't want them knowing about it...but I was a little bit share/maybe embarassed (??) that I had this online life and online friends and no one I knew (at the time) was blogging and it seemed like something you weren't supposed to talk about 'in real life' (IRL, lol) After about a year of having my blog I had a few sponsorships that were neat (Blowfish, getting free shoes was awesome, who could turn that down?) but then I felt like I HAD to blog, like I had to pose for photos, like I had to have something interesting to say, because people were reading and I felt more pressure. I didn't necessarily like that. I've gone through so many different phases with my blog and after a few blog 'breaks' I didn't feel 100% with what my blog is about, what I chose to write and who is reading, or not reading. I barely ever check my stats anymore, I have 'sponsors' on my side bar that are mostly friends (& that haven't changed for 1+ years) and they don't mean anything in terms of getting free shit or monetizing as I've always done free swaps, etc. None of that matters to me because I have 2 jobs outside of my blog, my blog has never been for money. Sure at one point I would have loved if it had of turned into that, who doesn't right? But then I realized that wasn't for me and that was okay.

    As for blogs I read, man oh man, has it ever changed since I first started blogging. I read all the 'major blogs' (Side note: you're blog famous by the way...I know you might not feel like you are, but you're one of the big blogs...just sayin') but what seperates you from other bloggers is that you are genuine, you're real. Yes you have pretty photos and sometimes I think man her life seems so great (which I hope it is!!) but there are some bigger bloggers where you just want to be think their life is TOO picture perfect and that immediately turns me off. I'd rather have someone who writes about the good times and the bad, not focusing on negativity by any means but showing photos of a super clean house, beautiful children, head to toe in amazing clothing, etc etc, can lead to other bloggers feel inadequate and those blogs just generally don't interest me anymore. I've also found myself steering away from cutesy, DIY, pretty photos blogs that I once loved to more family focused, home decor, writing about real issues or interests as I grow up and those are the things that I want out of life and more of what interests me now.

    Alright, this is turning into a novel. I guess I should've written my own blog post as a reply haha I could go on for hours!!

  20. Gosh this is hard to articulate! I've tried talking about it myself and I don't know if I can ever convey it properly. I swing between finding blogging ridiculously wierd, and finding it stupidly enjoyable. I love looking into other people's lives. I know I find it inspiring, interesting, alluring... And whilst I can have moments of feeling very self conscious over my blog on occasion ( I struggle with people I know reading it, whilst I'm fine with strangers seeing it...) I adore the outlet it provides. I get to be creative, to play with stying, enjoy photographing, push myself to try new things, as well as connect with some amazing people. It has made a world which can easily feel very small and isolated, be big and full of opportunities. It might be wierd but I love it, and reading blogs like yours which can make me laugh and think as well as show me a thousand inspiring, beautiful things, is just a thousand times more engaging than any magazine ever can be.
    Chambray & Curls

  21. I always wanted to be one of those people who could fill journals with words, sketches, etc; but my attempts never really amounted to much. Looking back, I think it was the big blank page that scared me. Yet, there is something about blogging which comes more natural to me. I started back in 2007 when I bought my fixer-upper house, as I wanted a way to document my progress. Without realizing it, my blog made a 180 when I found my creative passion in 2010. Just a few months ago after some epiphanies, my blog is transitioning again as I've started adding more personal content as well.

    As for why I read blogs, not only is it for the inspiration; but it's comforting knowing that there are other people out there who are just as goofy as I am.

    I found your blog late last year and am excited to be a part of your readership.

  22. I'll admit I somewhat blog stalked you at first. It was the tattoos, shop on wheels and the story of how you went to NY. And those wedding photos... they were/are gorgeous.

    I like blogs I can relate to or dream of doing, a different kind of life. The big blogs you speak of, I only follow along for the occasional awesome pinterest idea and that's only a "Beautiful Mess."

    I'm not a big time blogger but I've been at it for years. Mostly mine is where I share my growth and my love for my babies, my photography and my hippy ways. I love looking back and seeing how I've grown or memories recorded. And like you said, it holds me accountable... sometimes I think how much I want this memory and I'll make it happen so I can write about it and photograph it. I've been in a funk lately though.

    And it's funny because even the small blogger like me can get weird things out of it, like a free diva cup, hahaha! I'm dead serious. They stumbled upon my blog after I mentioned their product and they sent me $60 worth of their stuff to try out, no strings attached. (I'm wearing it right now). lol.. I love my Diva cup! I'm gross I know :)~

  23. I find myself constantly attracted to bloggers who are "alternative" (I hate using that word!) because I enjoy body modifications and tattoos myself. I guess it starts off as a visual thing - "oh this girl has lovely tattoos/colored hair/whatever!" I also read a lot of bloggers who post outfit posts, which is something I am not in to at all, but I love seeing how other people pair outfits. After a few posts, I'm normally completely hooked on the blog and feel a connection, even though I am terrible at making the effort to properly communicate that I love their blog.

    I blog because I've always blogged/journaled (google is telling me that isn't a word - oh well). I've had a Livejournal (and Deadjournal and Greatjournal and Xanga...) since I was in 6th grade. I was also an oversharer, for sure! With my public blog, I am a lot more conscious of what I put out into the world but I hope to still find the connection I had when I made tons of friends on LJ back in the day.

  24. Kaelah, I love your honesty on posts like this...you have a way of capturing so many of the feelings I'm sure we all feel. I got into blogging as a way to keep in touch with my best friend who lives in Montreal (I live in Missouri). It grew from there as a way for us to get to know other people in the crafting world. After she had her baby a year and a half ago, she decided she didn't have enough time for blogging so it went to being a solo project. So here I am, actually thinking about what MY blog should be about from here on. And I'm having a really hard time figuring out if I should even keep blogging. It is very frustrating when your goal is to connect with people and that isn't happening because of lack of comments or views.
    I read blogs about women who inspire me creatively. Photographers like Rebecca from Manzanita, business owners like Elsie and Emma at A Beautiful Mess, mothers like Nicole of Rose Runs Wild and you and your amazing honesty. I like blogs that are honest but also show life in a semi idealistic way. I like when you can see a persons talent, but then they also let you see a glimmer of real life as well.
    I'm curious...what types of blogs do you love?
    again, thanks so much for blogging!
    --xo julie

  25. I read blogs because I love seeing how other people live their lives. I love to see what they believe in. What they're like... I just think people are so interesting. And I love to be inspired. I appreciate when people are raw. They share traditions, aren't always perfect, snort when they laugh, screw up Pinterest recipes, share funny stories... People like you are what make my day. I don't talk to a lot of people every day, intimately, because I don't really relate to a lot of people in my little, snowbird-filled town. With the internet nowadays, it's amazing that we can talk to and read about people who get it. People who understand our own ideals and what we have to say. I long to go to a blogger conference for this reason... I desperately want to socialize with these people in person. Everyone has a different story that I want to hear. Everything is so inspiring. I love stumbling upon new blogs that inspiring me. I definitely have a couple favorites (yours included; my love of the dress and cardigan combo stemmed from you! SO THANK YOU!) that I can always go to to make my day and I rely on that to get me through all the crap that goes on in the world..

    I write because that's how I get through things. I love blogging. I like sharing my ideas with people... Sometimes having to pretend like they actually care, but I feel like my ideas and input are appreciated. I write about what I'm passionate about, whether it be how to throw a costume for Halloween together last minute or how to bake amazing chocolate chip cookies or how to wear maroon skinny jeans... I just blog about what I feel like. I find this blossoming field of lifestyle/style blogging to be incredibly interesting and helpful.

    I love the community that surrounds blogging. How we take our shared interest and can culminate them together and share with each other. The blogesphere is a beautiful place for the most part, full of people who understand how much a simple comment can mean to someone, or how a compliment can make someone's day. The blogger community shows what humanity is left in the world. There are enough good comments to stomp out the inferior bad comments that can hurt us. It's amazing.

    Sincerely, Dani Rose

  26. I had first discovered blogs during a very low phase in my life, when I had no job, no friends, nothing to do. I was hooked to blogs and they have inspired me in so many ways. Mainly to get my life back on track (yes you too) . There are a few blogs that I read now, but they inspire me so much that I cannot go without a day reading them.

    I too started my own blog to document life life journey and keep myself accountable for my goals and to hopefully inspire people along the way...

    I love your blog!! Thank you for just being you and sharing your journey here :)

  27. I started reading blogs during a very low phase in my life- when I had no job, no money, no friends and basically nothing to do. Blogs have inspired me and motivated me to get my life together (yes, you too) and I am ever grateful to the blogging world for that...

    I started my own blog to document my life and to keep myself accountable for my goals and hopefully inspire other along the way....

    I looove your blog. Just want to say thank you to you Kaelah for just being yourself and sharing your journey here.. :)

  28. I see many have answered Your call :) and so am I
    I wanted to start blogging way back when I was in school but I always thought "I'm not interesting enough to get followers", but I always had a dream of publishing My novels one day and I thought one day this is the only way I'll get exposure! And still I was scared... I attempted to start the blog more than 5 times, but always I was kept busy a couple of weeks later with studying full time and working full time and being demotivated always...
    I didn't think anyone would want to listen to Me at that phase.
    Then this year I found Myself with a little more free time and said... do it!
    But to be honest, I still "know" sort'a that I'm not the type that would have many followers since I do lack that aspect of interest.

    As to why I read? It's very weird but I feel very close to those blogs I follow of those very realistic type of girls, despite the fact that most don't even know I exist even after I comment. The community seems so close, and I get a pang of jealousy at seeing many bloggers becoming very good friends through their blogs... I was never lucky with girl friends, only guys. But the ones who's I read seemed so sincere and kind that I felt I really wanted to connect with...

    Oh, well, enough about this :)!! You're one of the oldest blogs I started to follow (silently since 2010) and still hugely enjoy reading... Best of luck, Kaelah!!

    Loads of love, SJay!

  29. I really enjoyed this post and thought it was really well written!

    I love the idea of blogging too. I used to blog on MySpace and LiveJournal but I never took them seriously. After a while I stumbled on a couple of blogs I really liked to read that I found inspiring and I became more interested in the idea of blogging itself than actually doing it. I always thought that while it would be a good way for me to express my interests and improve my writing, I did want people to read it - but I never thought I was interesting enough for that.

    I started a blog last year and fell into the trap of comparing myself to others far too easily. I began to post things that I thought other people wanted to see, rather than what I was interested in myself. As a result I deleted my blog and stayed away from it for a while, but I continued to read others. Then in May I realised that I had four months off for Summer, and I'd probably never have this amount of time off in my life again, so I started blogging to encourage myself to be proactive. It's definitely worked, and while my blog has a very small following, I'm proud of it and I'm happy with to blog, and I think that's most important.

    As far as reading goes, I love to learn about other peoples stories. I'm a sucker for lifestyle blogs, ones with substance and real-life stuff. I'm not much of a fashion/beauty girl, so those blogs don't really do it for me - though I appreciate the effort they put in.

    Again, lovely post! x

  30. I read blogs because I love people. Blogs are like hundreds of free little magazines and the variety you get amongst them is great. I blog because I have something to say and because if I didn't, I'd go insane. I have health issues, and concentrating on something else really lifts me above and beyond my circumstances. I think everyone has something interesting about them to share - they just have to find what it is. I'm a plus size alternative chick with disabilities who loves graveyards and castles, sci fi and metal, who thinks Jason Momoa is sex on legs. What's not to love?! :)

    Blogging has been wonderful for me - the connection with my readers is beyond rewarding. The emails I get from people telling me I've given them confidence to be them just by being myself humble me beyond belief. From sharing photos of my body I've grown so much in confidence. Non-normative bodies are still terribly under-represented on the internet and in the media and unless we see bodies of all colours, sizes, genders etc. we are always going to feel in the minority, even though we are by far the majority. We need to share our bodies - all bodies - as we are ALL worthy of love, respect and all other good things. I feel it's my duty to document myself for others with bodies similar to mine. Many of my readers I now consider dear friends, and I have made so many friends in the blogging world. I'd recommend blogging to anyone who wants to do it. Of course we all have creativity lulls occasionally, but as long as we share that with our readers they can actually help us out of it.

    I love this post, and you can never go wrong with photos of fur babies! P.S. Your dog's eyelashes! Man, so pretty!

    Just me Leah

  31. So glad I found you! I love your blog and style so much. And I'm right down the road from you : )

  32. Heyyy now I still use LJ. ;P But only for privacy purposes and venting like a mad woman lol.

    For me I tend to gravitate towards the smaller, more personal blogs. I follow maybe a handful of bigger bloggers but I don't know sometimes I just feel like their posts are just forced and you can read sponsorship all over posts even if they try to make it personal. I understand it's their job but I just don't enjoy them as much. I think the only big blogs I follow now are ones that I followed when I first started blogging on blogger back in 09'/10' before they were even considered a bigger blogger. I love inspiring blogs. I tend to gravitate towards photo blogs more than anything but I think that comes from my love of photography. I also love a good lifestyle blog but one that doesn't come off as forced "happy life" if that makes sense. You know, like everything is picture perfect 99.99% of the time. I will definitely follow a blog and keep up with it more if the blogger actually takes the time to acknowledge their readers.

    I've blogged publicly since 09' and have since moved around A LOT. Mainly because I have privacy issues when it comes to my daughter and I tend to get weird people following me. As a person who has never had over 100 followers at any given time it just creeps me out, I get anxious, and up and move to a new space. I love blogging, but in a way I hate not knowing who's on the other side looking in and it's hard to just stop when you've been doing it for a while and that's what people you're close to are doing. Eh but that's my own personal issue lol.

  33. I think if I really dig in, the reason I blog is a bit of a downer, haha. I think it has to do with there being so many people in this world, it is hard to not feel insignificant. When I blog, and I get a comment, it somehow makes me feel like I'm doing something ever so slightly different enough to make someone take notice, even if just for a few seconds. I guess it makes me feel a bit like I'm setting myself apart a bit from the drudgery of life. It is especially nice having a creative outlet when you don't work in a creative profession.

  34. You've given me a lot to think about, but I do know this: I read blogs for inspiration. Coming from a background in interior-turned graphic design & communications/pr, I feel like blogging could be my thing if I made the time for it. So I suppose, I blog to hold myself accountable, keep myself inspired, & to make sure that I DO things. Like you do with outfits, if photos are to be taken, I'll do my makeup/hair. I make sure to write more musings, reviews ... just LIVE other than school. School is taxing right now, but blogging helps. It's odd, but you've made me think of this. lol... So many rambles, sorry! & Thanks! <3

  35. This is actually my first time to visit your blog, and I'm excited to look around. I followed you randomly from a twitter suggestion and saw the link there this morning. I think this post is fascinating! As a somewhat new blogger, I connected a lot with the post...it described a lot of my thoughts exactly.

    As for why I blog, I've never been one to keep a journal, and I wanted a way to document my experiences. To be honest, I mainly started it because I had more things to say than a facebook post should entail! (I wish that were a joke.) My goal is for my blog to be a positive/encouraging place (not fake, but positive), so I continue to post because it forces me to see the positive side of things. Plus, it helps me to make more of everyday experiences...to celebrate the small things more. I hope to make more connections online, collaborate with other bloggers, and continue to build my blog. I started a new business recently, so I slacked off some, but I'm coming back!

    As for blogs I follow, I tend to prefer blogs in "real talk"...like this post. Things that are written as you would write to a friend. A sense of humor is a must, and I tend to prefer blogs that tell a personal story. My favorites posts are always ones like this that give insight into what the writer is thinking/feeling that day and who they are as a person. I'm that person who checks the "about me" of every website first. I love to get to know people, so these personal posts are always what draw me in and make me stick around.

    Again, I loved this post, and I look forward to looking around! When you get a chance, stop by my blog. I'm always open for suggestions! (www,pamelapetrus,com)

  36. Love this post! I just posted on why I blog & how now that I have a new full time job, have moved into a new 'phase' I'm going back to the beginning - I write to share my life with others who might be into the same things, going through the same things, etc. And thats why I read them. I read the blogs of people I look up to who seem to live the same life, have the same goals, like the same things, aspire to the things I aspire to. I read blogs because I want to know that I'm not alone. I love seeing how we all are more alike than we are different.

    I've loved your blog because you are honest! I love reading about daily life - little to no frou frou, actual real life struggles, real life accomplishments. I also read your blog for your cute little booger of a kid!

    Blogs are weird...and one that I love actually just published a goodbye post, she's no longer blogging. And I totally feel like I want to stop blogging as well - sometimes it's too much to keep up with, sometimes there's pressure to keep it at a certain level, etc. But I love blogging & now it's just a new balance to find.

    I've been blogging for 3+ years & only have 455 followers. Sometimes I'm jealous of other bloggers but then I realize - as much as I like knowing we're all the same - we're all in this for different reasons. And thats why I keep reading to know how different we all are as well.

    Again, great thought provoking post!

  37. I read everything I can get my hands on. Always have. With feedly and my 500+ blog subscriptions, my tablet becomes an endless book. It's magical. Your blog is magical. And pretty.

  38. I read everything I can get my hands on. Always have. With feedly and my 500+ blog subscriptions, my tablet becomes an endless book. It's magical. Your blog is magical. And pretty.

  39. I started blogging as a way to share my papercrafts. But when my anxiety started flaring up bad, I changed my blog into more of a lifestyle blog to help me deal with it. It helped so much!!! I write about what I LOVE and it really makes me appreciate all of the little and happy things in my life. I love reading blogs for so many different reasons. But mainly, I love seeing other people's happy little moments. It's really the best.

  40. I love blogs that have a lot of different things on them-- great photos, a nice layout. But what really matters is that I get a sneak peek into someone's life, I get to look at their point-of-view; from learning what they read, to seeing what makes them happy.

    I think passion is the key. When someone writes/photographs/etc. something that they really, really care about, it makes me care too.

  41. I really love this post :) I used to use Livejournal too to write most personal things but I wanted a place I didn't have to keep secret! Where I could share things in a more creative fashion using photography and have people engage with it. Reading blogs actually came after I started writing one which is unusual but now I could never look back. It helps me find so much beauty in the world xx

  42. Honestly? I started blogging because I followed yourself, Kaylah and Elycia on tumblr and became a regular reader of all of your blogs and one day thought "maybe I could do that too!" I did it for a year and a half and because I had only even put in a half-hearted attempt I began to really dislike my blog so December of last year I deleted it, just got rid of the whole lot! It was bloody terrifying just wiping my whole year and a half from the Internet but I decided to start a new blog that I would put my heart into and make it as much "me" as I could. I love my blog now and I have met so many friends through it this time around.

    Your blog has always and will always be one of my absolute favourites. You are so down to earth and friendly that I feel like I'm sitting down having a cup of tea with you when I read your catch up posts! I consider you to be a pretty big blogger in the blogging world (stating the obvious here...) but I wouldn't think twice about sending you a tweet about something I think you'll love or just for a friendly chat, which I probably wouldn't do with some bloggers out there because I know that it will be ignored or they'll only reply to fellow bigger bloggers. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate the fact that life gets in the way and they have better things to be doing but you always seem to have the time for your readers and that's why you're my favourite. You just seen to be a genuine southern girl with a big heart!

    Leona, ohleona.blogspot.com

  43. I love that all the accompanying photos are of your beasts :)

    The thing I love about your blog is that you say things as they are. No pretence. I'm rapidly falling out of love with some blogs that I've been reading for 6 or 7 years now because they don't seem to be on the same level as their readers anymore, maybe even talking down to them. Thankfully I don't feel that way here. I get the feeling that if I was to bump into you in the street (unlikely but hey!) we could go for a cup of tea there and then.

    Keep it real Kaelah! xx

  44. I pretty much only read your blog now a days, actually. Occasionally I'll pop by The Militant Baker when she's posting interesting stuff, but I've fallen out of actively reading blogs with how impersonal many of them have become. I've been reading yours for YEARS though! It's crazy watching one person's life grow and become this amazing thing. I'm also a small business owner/freelancer, so I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your (pretty motivational) posts about owning your own business and 100% working for yourself.

    I'm not much of a blogger now that LiveJournal pretty much died as the #1 way for comic artists to talk to each other, but I do post new work on Tumblr. It's not the same though! Tumblr is so impersonal. There's no conversation. There's hardly any motivation to post regularly, because you don't feel as if you need to keep up with other bloggers... It's all re-posting and liking. That's how you show people that you still exist.

    But anyway - I guess what I mean to say by all of this, is that your blog is still personal while being professional, informational, and entertaining... and that's amazing! You've out-lived so many other bloggers without totally selling out. I love it. You are amazing!

  45. I read about 10 blogs these days....I have my own....the 4 or 5th in the last 10 years....I used to be part of JournalSpace - it was a small blogging community .... about 5 years ago the servers crashed and could not be resurrected...since then I have 3-5 blogs in various states of disrepair. I am new to your blog....wandered over from the militant baker.

  46. I read blogs to see snippets of people's lives- It's fascinating to see how people spend their days, the side of their lives they find happy, or the bits they are struggling with that are often so similar to what me or someone I know is going through. AND I love looking at what people wear cause I am a crazy clothes horse.

    I love reading your blog because I find your life interesting- I like how you express your personal style, I like seeing the things you do with your family, I like the cute pictures of your pets! I like reading about how you are making it as a small business owner, which gives me hope that I can do it too!

    I blog to help find confidence in myself- confidence in my fashion, my appearance, my dreams, my life. I blog to focus on the good in my life when I am struggling with being happy, and I blog to have a record of my daughter as she grows up.


  47. This post is so inspiring! I can always count on you to post the most thought provoking things :)
    I write my blog because I feel that it's there that I feel most confident and most willing to share parts of my life, my dreams and passions that I could never do in real life situations (I have always been a bit shy!) I also write for me; it's amazing looking back at old posts, even old blogs that I have now abandoned, and feel as if I'm re-living special events, even sad ones. From blogging I can see how much I have developed, my changing interests and outlook on life.

    And of course, it goes without saying that I read other blogs for inspiration. I am always amazed by how much talent there is out there displayed by regular, everyday people who own blogs. Being part of this kind of creative, positive and welcoming community is incredible

    xx Carina

  48. I remember fining your blog. I was at a time trying to make truce with my own body and set out to find bloggers who are at peace with their own body. I found a few but yours stuck over time as I find your blog very honest and down to earth.

    So I guess this is what I am looking for in a blog. I don't read (or passionately read) glossy magazine like blogs or people who I feel only blogs what thought at blogger e-courses (I made those mistakes too I admit) and miss out the real part. Honesty and feeling of real life is a must for my blog reading.

    As for why I am blogging.. I have no idea. I am so overly paranoid I shouldn't be blogging at all but yet since 2004 I have been blogging on and off. I used to blog over at blogdrive and it was quite popular (a lot of drama!). Sometimes I wonder what would happen if I would ever stick with it. Right now blogging seemed only natural after moving to a new country but I felt uninspired for the past few weeks. Or not uninspired but I kind of decided not to blog unless I really feel it. I don't want to take photos just to blog, I want to take photos to remember and if I can blog them later good for me otherwise I will let my blog sit alone. Probably this is against all blogger do's and don't do's :)

  49. I don't read many "big bloggers" either. It's not the same as reading a down to earth blog. I love reading personal stories or small everyday things. I love getting to know someones life through their writing and photos. The ones that I truely love aren't filled with "heres a post of 50 random things" but "I want to share my child/cat/story/trees" type post. That's they type of blogs I like to read.

    As for blogging, I had a deadjournal too. Only mine was really dead because I had zero people. Back then it was a way to share my poems. Then I switched over to FairyVampire (or something like that) but that wasn't how I wanted to be represent so I dropped them all. It wasn't til last year that I thought about a blog. I wanted to make friends, connect with others that weren't high school bs. That were real and meant something. I also wanted to share myself, open myself up something I haven't done before. That's why I blog.

  50. This is going to sound a bit sad but I started reading blogs back in 2008 because I was lonely and had just started college. I didn't have any friends who had stayed home and I was a commuter and I'm a pretty shy person so it was difficult to make new friends. I can't remember how I came across it, but the first blogs I read were Postcards From and Liebemarlene Vintage. I loved reading about these girls' daily lives and seeing their cute fashion. From there, I dove into finding all sorts of blogs, for inspiration and like you said, they are kind of like magazines or tv shows, I like to know how things are going for the bloggers I follow. I started writing my own blog earlier this year because I feel like the blogging community is such a fun group and I wanted to be able to share my thoughts as well. My goal is not to become some huge blogger, honestly I'm kind of disappointed with a few bloggers that I used to love a few years back, and now practically every single post is sponsored or completely c/o clothing. They don't really feel authentic anymore. I love reading small bloggers, the ability to truly share and be yourself is so much more prominent in those. I love your blog as well because you do write such great thought provoking posts even as a more heavily followed blogger, I always look forward to your posts!

  51. Why do you read blogs?
    --- I’m an information junkie and it’s just fascinating to see what other people blog about. I really love lifestyle blogs because, for the most part, they are relatable. Plus the information is so real on these kinds of things…need DIY tips? There’s a blog for that. Need cooking tips? There’s a blog for that. Need homeschooling types? There’s a blog for that. Need style types? You guessed it, another blog! (Plus, it’s free information. ;D As opposed to buying separate books on all those topics above!)

    What sets a blog apart from the others for you?
    -- Lifestyle blogs that actually talk about life. It’s okay for there to be style posts, cooking posts, DIY posts…but I like to hear about other peoples lives too. I, like you, tend to think I’m a (relatively) open book. I think talking about more than just surface stuff, whether that be marriage, death, babies, etc., is just as important and good to read as how to style my hair or redo an old car.

    What drew/draws you to the ones you frequent?
    --- Everything I listed to the previous question is why I frequent the blogs I do…including yours!

    Why do you blog?
    --- I blog because I found myself obsessively reading other lifestyle blogs and thinking to myself, “I could do that…I want to do that!” I think blogging is a good way to force yourself to explore the world around you…I can’t cook, and one of my goals through my blog is to document my journey of learning how to. Also, my biggest dream that I’ve ever had and that I’ve had since I was a child, is to write books. I see my blog as not only a good platform to kind of “get my name out there” but to also help me become discipled in the sense of sitting down and writing…no matter what it’s on. I graduate from college in December, so the past four years haven’t done much to fuel my passion of writing, however I believe my blog will really help propel me into making my dream come true!

    What do you feel like you gain from sharing what you do?
    --- I recently completed my series on my wedding and honeymoon and talking about the truths of all that (like how we only go to dance to three songs, including our first dance, at our reception!) was fun for me to write and hopefully enjoyable for others to read. I just think, no matter how many blogs there are out there, someone will find something they can relate to or need in one of them.

    In what ways have you grown since starting your blog? (Or how do you hope to grow over time?)
    --- I started my blog this past January (www.wordslikebeautyblog.blogspot.com) and I’ve grown in consistency and learning how imperative having “series” are. I hope to grow and become more disciplined in writing posts, branching out into talking about new things (especially since my wedding and honeymoon series is over with now!) and just seeing my blog blossom and maybe someday, be in the same league as you! :D

  52. I think I started, for many of the same reason you did: as a creative outlet and to keep my writer's muscles lithe and flexible. At the time, I read maybe one or two blogs and not at all consistently. I think that was a blessing and a curse...because I kinda made my own structure and rules but didn't know what the hell I was doing or what people wanted to read about!

    Over the years, I have been super lucky to add about 100 blogs to my reading list, which has sparked lots of revelations and inspirations. I still stick to my original format, but I have learned so much.

    You know they say the more you read, the better you write? I think that totally rings truest for bloggers.

  53. You have a nice blog. Usually, I just read Indonesian's blog (I'm from Indonesia). Because of you and Camie Juan, I start to read Interesting blog, no matter languange that they used. I have a blog too. And I use English as the languange. But because I have bad structure and grammar, my confidence is going down. Keep blogging, Dear! Always love your post :3

  54. I love this post. First, I'm also a short, curvy girl. Second, I work from home, and third, this:
    " I want other people to know you don't have to go the traditional route to have a happy and fulfilling life. "

    It's my dream to be self-employed and have my own business. Blogs like yours are an inspiration.

  55. I love this so much. First, I'm a curvy, short girl. Second, I work from home, so I can totally relate. And third, this: " I want other people to know you don't have to go the traditional route to have a happy and fulfilling life."

    Owning my own creative endeavor is my dream. I am inspired by stories like yours, so thanks for sharing!

  56. every once in awhile I go through a lull of "why do I continue blogging?" and then I remember; I read blogs to be inspired; sartorially, decoratively, visually,contextually....I write to inspire. To track my personal growth and progress, and to have a creative outlet where I am in control and can monetize what I love and segway into a career.
    When I started blogging there were so few, I started and ran groups of bloggers where I was ale to be active and social. Now, it seems everyone has a blog and though some days I struggle to separate myself from the hoards of "fashion bloggers" out there but I think it's important to do it for yourself above all.

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera, Sahra

  57. I am normally just a blog creep, and don't comment very often.. but here goes. I have just recently started my own blog, my fiance and I are currently living in Mexico which is a long distance from our families. I am from Vancouver, and Duluth for him so it is a great way to keep everyone back home up to date! I also enjoy reading blogs like yours that are just honest and aware that the world is not perfect. The Day Book Blog was my original inspiration to start one. I guess i felt as though I didn't have anything to say really, which some days I still feel that way. My mom is still my biggest fan, but that works good enough for me! I enjoy having an outlook that is my own where I can say whatever I please and so far I am happy with it. Except for days when I "really need" to post which is all in my head. All in good time!


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