much overdue [warning: image HEAVY!]

so much to update about....

this is what i wore to work Saturday night. such an old shirt but i decided it needed a little light from the dark abyss that is my closet. whatever.

Sunday we woke up and prepared to face the day. Mike had to take care of some business up in Nashville and pick up his son, Toby. I packed up my computer and stuff and headed to Panera on Columbia Avenue and waited on Merissa to meet me for some homework fun. Instead of doing homework we looked at the Cozumel website for the trip we are definitely taking in October! eep! HELLLLOO MEXICO AND SUNSHINE! get in my life! it was a such a nice little break from reality [read: the drab, gloomy weather that is the current Tennessee winter]. If all goes as planned, it'll Merissa, her hubby JT, Mike, myself, and mayyyybee Kayce and either her hubby or Caitlin! haha i would love it if a group of 6 of us could go! [FYI: 7 day all-inclusive resort in Cozumel, $2600 for 2 people! that includes airfare!] Graduation present, much? yes please! Anyway, Mike eventually got back to Franklin with Toby in tow and brought him to Panera for me to meet him. Yes, Mike has a son. A precious 13 month old baby boy named Toby. He's darling. This was the first time I had the chance to meet him and I fell in love. No, I haven't talked about it publicly simply because it's not my place to do so. And no, I will not be posting any photos or videos of Toby so please respect the privacy of everyone involved. I'll simply say that Mike loves Toby more than anything on the planet and I guess I could never really fathom to what degree until I actually saw it. Sunday was a very fun day for us. Mike left to take him home after a while and I dont even really remember what ended up going on Sunday night. I think we attempted to watch Year One but he fell asleep and I wasn't feeling it so we just turned it off and slept.

Sunday's Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21 $30
Lace Shirt: Therapy $50-ish? IDK!
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $25
Skinny Pyramid Belt: Forever 21 $12
Tights: Target $7
Shoes: WalMart $9 [G chewed them to shreds... fu!]
Bow in Hair: Handmade by me [Buy @ My Etsy!]

Praise i didnt have class yesterday! We slept in but eventually got up to run errands... only to find that everything we needed to do was closed. Lame. We went for lunch at Genghis Grill and then I sweet talked him into driving me to Opry Mills for some shopppping! I knew I shouldnt... but I did anyway.

Monday's Outfit Details:
Dress: American Rag $45
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $25
Tights: Target $7
Boots: Goodwill $10
Brooch: Forever 21 $5
Bow in Hair: Handmade by me.

A few things I tried on.... [not all are pictured.. obvz]
I wasn't sure how i felt about this dress. I loved the color and I loved the print, but the material tends to hang a bit funny and cling in all the wrong places. I got it in a small but it was a fun dress. Mike loved it and said it made my hair look bright red. I guess that means I was sold. ha

I wanted to love this dress. I really did. And I liked it alright.. but I already own practically the same dress with long sleeves. I couldn't make myself buy it, but I love the Parisian red/black/white combo. It's sophisticated but still casual. Makes me want to go on a stroll in France or something. Maybe a gondola ride in Venice? yeah... I didn't buy it haha

I love love loved this fun warm toggle sweater jacket thing. But the toggles were leather and the sweater itself was 54% wool so I put it back. Not a bad get up for $40 though!

I'm thinking maybe I had lace/cream goggles on when I bought this yesterday. It doesnt look all that great here but man oh man I had great things in store for this little dress! You know me... i LOVE lace, antique cream colors, bows, blah blah blah! I dont regret this purchase... yet... We'll just have to see what I can come up with for it.

I LOVEEEEEEEEE Minnie Mouse! So much! I'm such a fan of it but Mike didn't really understand my enthusiasm to spend $25 on a red Minnie sweatshirt. [But I'm glad I did because its fleece-lined and I wore it last night on our midnight run for dinner haha! huzzah!]

Then we rushed home so I could get ready and drive up to Grassland to meet Merissa for Caitlin's 21st dessert celebration at The Cheesecake Factory in Green Hills. This is what I wore...

Monday Night's Outfit Details:
Dress: Forever 21 $35-40-ish?
Cardigan: Charlotte Russe $25
Tights: Target $7
Shoes: Charlotte Russe $35
Brooch (at waist): From a previous Target dress
Headband: Forever 21 $7

oh hai boyfriend!

I had a lot of fun last night. It was nice to get together with all of the girls for drinks and dessert. There were 12 of us total, and we had to wait a pretty little minute for a table to accomodate us all. We finally were seated at 8pm and we ordered but we didn't get served until well after 9pm. Either way, it was good conversation, good people, and an all around good time. Since I dont drink alcohol, I sipped on some yummy Sweet Tea [even though I ordered a Strawberry Lemonade] but I guess a table of that many girls is a bit much for one person so I tried to not be too harsh. But it was fun with Merissa, Caitlin, Kayla, Jordan, LK, Jennifer, Katie, Amanda, Megan, Tiffany, Kayce and myself. woo! good times! photos soon i hope!

I came home and got there at about 10:30pm and Mike still hadn't eaten so we grabbed dinner and settled into bed around 1:15am. I had to be up at 9 for class at 11 and all that jazz. today has just been a blah day. I had Portfolio from 11 to 12:40 and then Merissa and I hopped in the Yeep [her new gorgeous bright red Jeep Wrangler] and went to Sweet CeCe's for our weekly fro-yo. The mango tango sorbet is yummm! She dropped me off at campus to head to her drawing class and I came to Panera and I've been here ever since. Fun! [but no, no homework accomplished yet]

Today's Outfit Details:
Dress: Victoria's Secret Nightgown $14 clearance
Belt: Forever 21? IDK
Tights: Target $7
Boots: Goodwill $10

I'm trying really really reallyyyyy hard to recycle outfits in my closet. It's pretty safe to say I have absolutely no shortage of clothes ever, but I'm bad about wearing something once [or never] and just buying something new. I'm trying to wear more of what I have. I've been tearing tags off like a mad woman! go me!

I'm going to work on some stuff and meet Mike in a bit for errands and hopefully we'll have a nice quiet dinner at home and let all this stress thats slowly consuming us just dissipate. bleh! Wish us luck! xo


  1. i blame you for my shopping addiction! everytime i see your posts i want to go shop

  2. such cute outfits girl!!

    xoxo, Eden

  3. I'm so stealing Monday night's outfit

  4. courtney i will take full responsibility for that :P

    eden: thank you! xo

    riah: dooo it! i wanna see you in it! :D

  5. you have the cutest clothes, *jealous*. Love Love Love!!!

  6. OMG! so i went thrifting yesterday and I saw these shoes.
    then i saw your blog about how you like cream colored vintagy things ans then i thought i'd share these with you!

    i wish i could have gotten them and sent you them as a gift!

    (sorry for the crappy quality)

  7. lindsay: aw thank you!

    gwendolyn: oh my stars those are beautiful! :D thank you for thinking of me! <3

  8. i am actually the owner of the white/black stripe dress with the red tie. forever 21 is amazinggggg. i havent wore it yet, i hope it looks as good on me as it does you!!!

  9. I really liked that blue dress.
    P.S. You are so pretty, Kaelah!


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