// Lavender + Lace - Maternity Style - 33 Weeks

Today I am 34 weeks pregnant (!!!). Holy moly! (These photos are from this past weekend) I'm still totally in shock that this whole thing is flying by as quickly as it is. On Saturday I headed up to West Nashville where my sweet friends Lauren and Maya (and Elle, from afar!) were throwing me a small baby shower. It was such a treat and I loved every single aspect of it. It's really hard for our big group of gals to get together in the Summer because everyone is traveling, attending a wedding, or just swamped with their own life stuff. Even though many of the girls couldn't make it, I loved spending a few hours with the ladies. They had a yogurt parfait buffet (!!!) set up and mini bagels, too. Elle made a cute geometric pennant banner that said "#thelittlestflynn" even! More than the gifts and the food and the attention, I really just loved hanging out for a while, chatting and laughing with everyone. I know things will be so different soon, but our little blogger get-togethers are seriously the most fun. I'm still tickled pink that they went to that much effort!

On Sunday Mike woke up really really sick. It wasn't the best Father's Day experience for him, I'm sure! He had a lot of studying to do so Toby went swimming for a little while and I left him to his schoolwork for a bit. That evening we went to my parents' house for dinner and tried to make the best of his sudden Summer cold. We were in bed by 9pm and I don't think anyone was complaining! Of course at this point I'm just wondering when it'll hit me because I spent all Sunday night getting coughed at right in my face (bless his heart!) haha I'm hoping that if I do get it, it'll come and go before this weekend! It was probably the most sick I've ever seen Mike.

Anyway, this outfit! I picked up a few of these cotton maxi dresses in the Juniors section of Target a few weeks ago and I've been living in them ever since! They're so lightweight and easy to wear. And they're not maternity-specific so they won't look weird if I were to wear them post-partum, too. You'll probably be seeing the other 2 here shortly since I tend to rotate between the 3 almost exclusively. I normally wouldn't jump out and grab a purple dress like this, but I love that it's so different from what's normally in my closet. I had this crochet lace crop top that I scored from Ross a while back and decided to throw it on top of my outfit because it was far too hot to wear a cardigan on Sunday! I know my bag is all kinds of clashing, but I love this Baggu tote that I recently got in a Stitch Fix shipment. Another item I wouldn't normally go for but I kind of fell in love with it when I received it. The footwear is purely based on comfort at this point! These are my yoga mat Sanuk flip flops that Mike got me a few years ago and let me tell you: They are heaven! They may not be the most stylish option out there, but when your feet are swollen and you want something easy to wear, these are king!

So far I've been pretty stoked on how productive this week has been. I've been in a mad scramble trying to prepare the blog to be gone for so long, and tying up loose ends with design clients. Something hit me on Monday when I was working on design mocks and I was just on fire! I sent off a first mock to a client and I was seriously so attached to it. I try not to get too emotionally invested in the way something looks when it comes to commissioned projects because obviously what the client says goes, but this one was impossible not to love. I told myself that if the client didn't like it then I'd either make it a pre-made design available for purchase, or I'd just use it on my own blog haha! Luckily (or not?! haha) she loved it and I can't wait to unveil it soon. It's probably my favorite design I've ever done, and that's the best feeling ever!

I'll be working some long hours tonight as I paint the wooden signs that I had on my pre-order list. I'm going to try and get every single one of them painted, proofed and shipped before we leave town on Friday. It'll be a stretch, but I think I can do it! If you're hoping to nab one of your own (they make great wedding gifts!), check out a small sampling of the ones I've posted on Instagram, and shoot me an email for more information! I promise I'll get the sign page up and running eventually!

If you need me after Friday, your best bet of reaching me will be via Twitter! Feel free to tweet me if you need to get in touch as I'm going to try and avoid my inbox as much as possible! Happy Wednesday! xo

Target maxi dress
Pinky lace crop top via Ross
Urban Outfitters sunglasses
Baggu tote via Stitch Fix
Sanuk flip flops


  1. I basically live in maxi dresses from June until September. Seriously the most perfect summer attire. I bet your baby shower was super cute!

  2. the crochet top is so gorgeous and perfect for summer! have a great vacation.

  3. Poor Mike, what a way to spend father's day! Hope he is feeling better.

    And that dress is beautiful! You might be surprised to find yourself wanting to get rid of a lot of your clothes postpartum though. I remember last time, all my maternity clothes were so stretched out from those last couple weeks and so well worn (since I was living in the same three or four comfy outfits). I remember happily getting rid of my maternity things and getting some smaller tops and dresses that actually fit and were easy to nurse in.

  4. You make pregnancy look real cute. =)

  5. wow, time does fly! you look great, such a lovely outfit :)
    xo, cheyenne

  6. Maxis are the best and I love the pattern on the one you're wearing. Hope you get everything done you need to!

  7. congrats on being so close to the finish line! so exciting.
    Marie @ In Our Happy Place

  8. I can only hope to be as cute as you when I'm expecting. Seriously.

  9. Gorgeous! Seriously what I wouldn't have done to look half as good as you when I was pregnant!


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