// Turquoise Sunset - Maternity Style - 34 Weeks

Greetings from the beach (and 35 weeks!) I wasn't planning on writing anything while we were away on vacation, but Mike snapped some quick outfit photos of me the other day at our camp and I figured I might as well share them before I run out of "maternity" time haha One of my favorite things about where we stay when we come to Florida is just how insanely gorgeous it is. Staying in a condo or rental house definitely has it's perks, sure, but after staying here a couple of times in the RV, I honestly wouldn't want to vacation any other way. We're currently half-way through our trip and we've had a blast so far. The weather has been wonderful (albeit humid!) and the adventures have been plentiful. We're making sure to take time to relax, too though. Mid-day naps and movies in the RV have been staples. I've undoubtedly been over-gramming our vacation (sorry!) but I promise to try and save some photos so my recaps aren't just Instagram rehashes! 
So far I've played it pretty safe on the pregnant-but-on-vacation front. I started feeling pretty yucky on our first full day at the beach but I think I just got a bit overheated. Luckily a quick cool down in the car did wonders. Here's to hoping the rest of the trip is just as successful. We're trying to take advantage of the gorgeous scenery at our camp to snap a few more maternity photos (with Mike and Toby in them, too - ha, wish us luck!) My parents really wanted some nice photos of them taken so we're hoping that when we snap theirs they'll be able to use our cameras and capture a few of us as a family of three. Mike took a few more of me on a walk through the park the other day but I'd love to have some of us as a group. (I'll try to be mindful of photo overload when they finally get developed and shared on the blog... but I can't make any promises! haha)
This specific outfit is one of my favorites to wear as of late. It's another Mossimo dress from Target (same as here, just a different pattern) and these things are amazing. Lightweight and breezy, but still comfortable and incredibly stretchy! I love that I don't have to resort to only maternity options, even at 35 weeks pregnant. Just for reference, mine are size large and they still have plenty of room for this house I'm carrying on my stomach haha If you're looking for super-stretchy, non-maternity options for maxi dresses, run to Target as fast as you can and snatch them up! (I type this as I wear the third version of this dress, too) I wore it out to dinner the other night and then again the next day when we played around at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. And then again yesterday when we went kayaking... haha They're the perfect all-around cotton dresses. And at under $30 a pop, they're not a bad buy! (Though they're currently buy one, get one 50% off, so that's even better!) I feel like I've worked the cost-per-wear down on these things already. Is that enough gushing about a silly dress? Yes? Okay.

Mossimo dress (via Target) - currently buy one, get one 50% off!
Mak cardigan (via Stitch Fix)
Baggu tote (via Stitch Fix)
Sanuk flip flops


  1. Ugh, I wish I could naaaaaap. I want to nap so badly some days and... I just can't do it. Oh well. How are you sleeping on vacation? I'm not sleeping super well at home and I wondered if being in a whole different place has affected your sleep at all at night?

    SO CLOSE, LADY! You're almost there! Eep!

  2. You look beautiful! I've been living in Target dresses too. Our local store had some cute maternity dresses on the 70% off rack (so sad, only one in my size) so you might want to check clearance next time you're there. Hope you guys enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  3. You're looking super cute in your striped maxi dress! So excited for you! You're almost done! I've been loving seeing your vacation updated on Instagram too, so don't worry about overload.


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