// A Day In The Life : June 3, 2014

It's been a while since I've done one of my "A Day In The Life" posts (uh, a whole year!), so I figured I'd spend the day documenting what I get up to in order to share it here on the blog! No two days are alike at our house, but at the same time they're not too terribly exciting either haha. Even though I don't get into a whole lot, I really enjoy putting together these posts because they're so fun to look back on! I'm going to try to do them much more often. Here's what my yesterday looked like...

6:45am - I set my alarm to wake up before Mike headed off to school (He leaves at 7am each morning so he can study a bit before class starts), but I just was not feeling it this morning. Something about the hum of the fan and the crispness of my sheets... I turned my alarm off, told Mike good morning, kissed him goodbye and then crawled back under the covers. I finally woke up for good around a quarter past 8. I was amazed Toby was still asleep!

8:30am - I sat down to my computer to churn out some work! I was determined to get through my inbox and take care of some business yesterday. I was super productive on Monday and had hoped it would spill over to Tuesday, too. I was stoked that I got as much accomplished as I did. It always helps me to start early in the morning (though my days are most productive if I'm sitting down at my desk no later than 7:30... but those sheets!)

9:15am - I don't know what got into this kid while he was sleeping, but he was knocked out! He slept for a solid 13 hours! Normally he's wide awake at 6:30am so I was totally stoked to get a head start on the day. But look at that dirty face! I swear the kid had a bath right before bedtime haha. He's always getting into something...

10am - I started working on my Things I Love Thursday post for this week and Toby went to check the mail. On his way back in I heard him shout "Can somebody open the door for me, please?" so I hopped up to help. When I opened the back door I saw him standing at the bottom of the steps with this big silly grin and some "flowers" for me. He said he picked them just because he knew I'd like them. My heart! I started crying immediately. Maybe I'm just hormonal, but I couldn't help it. I'm so so lucky that I get to be this little dude's mama. His heart is seriously just so big! He helped me pick a little milk glass vase and fill it up with water, too.

10:45am- I spent the rest of the morning working on to do lists and June's editorial calendar for the blog. I've been loving this new planner that I picked up a while ago and I'm going to do a whole post about it soon! I'm also going to update how I organize my blog content so I can share it here. I'm all about some lists!

11:30am - Mike came home for lunch and I packed up a ModCloth return. Toby had been so well behaved all morning so he earned himself a Dum Dum. Mike's lunch hour always seems to rush by, but we love getting to see him in the middle of the day.

12:30pm - I started making out a list of things I need to pick up at the grocery store here soon. I've got a running list of cocktails and mocktails I plan on whipping up to share, so stay tuned if you're in the mood for something delicious and refreshing! (See! More lists!)

1pm - I worked on photographing one of my absolute favorite Summer recipes, and then I allowed myself a little bit of TV time. TV time has been so rare around here lately. We're actually thinking of nixing our cable subscription completely just to push us out of the house more. (But let's be real - Netflix ain't goin' nowhere!)

2pm - Georgia and Pipkin took a little cat nap on the couch while I caught up on Better Homes & Gardens and painted my nails. Nothing like a little reprieve for the day!

3pm - Mike got home from school and was elated when UPS dropped off a package at the door. Inside was his shiny, new stethoscope (not pictured, obviously). I also ordered a new book for both Toby and the baby. Toby was over the moon with his new National Geographic book. He gets so stoked when new reading material comes in the mail. I think he might enjoy them more than toys!

4pm - I excused myself from the living room so Mike could study and I treated myself to a mid-day bubble bath. The baby is always so active when I get in the bathtub. I love just laying there watching him squirm all about.

4:30pm - After my bath I downed about 17 glasses of lemon water (!!! so refreshing!) and we let Toby play with the pups outside in the backyard. Georgia looks for any chance to jump in the little doggie pools we have in the backyard, so she always needs to be wiped down when she comes inside. I'm pretty sure she thinks it's totally worth it.
5pm - Toby brought me yet another bouquet of "flowers" to add to the ones he had already given me that morning. He added them to my vase at my desk and then toted out my ModCloth return to pop in the mailbox. He loves raising the flag on the mailbox and heaven forbid you let a piece of mail come to (or from) this house without going through him... haha!

5:30pm - My parents invited us all over for dinner last night so on our way we did our typical car-ride tradition: quizzing Mike with his flashcards from class. I'm so so proud of him for doing so well in nursing school so far! He has the highest class average currently (!!!) and he's really enjoying it. I know I look for any and every opportunity to brag on him, but he seriously deserves it. I'm just so impressed! - My mom made a delicious meal for us and after a nice little round of conversation we headed home. We had plants to water!

7:15pm - Toby loves to help water the plants in the yard and garden because he loves using his little watering can I bought for him. We gave everything a nice little dousing and then we enjoyed what was left of the sunshine on the back deck. Our cherry tomato plants are going crazy and our marigolds are in full bloom! We even have squash and jalapenos already budding out. Hazel is always roaming about and making her presence known. (Monday Hazel jumped up on a piece of wood I was painting and tracked white paw prints all over our picnic table and deck... Sigh! She's such an attention hog haha)

8pm - 8pm means it's time for a few bedtime stories and to get tucked in for the evening. Toby asked if he could pick a few books from the baby's room to read and I happily obliged. He's been loving "Daddy Wrong Legs" lately because he loves to read it and laugh. He read both it and an Eric Carle book to me before settling down for the night. He said he's excited for his baby brother to get here so he can read the stories to him, too. I'm telling ya, that kid! He's a keeper!

8:30pm - After Toby was down for the night, Pipkin and Georgia got a turn in the bathtub. Pipkin does not like water. She might as well be a cat. Georgia on the other hand? She lives for it. I'm so glad they're all cleaned up because goodness knows they smell better now! haha Too bad Georgia will be right back in those pools tomorrow...

9pm - After a long, productive day I finally sat back down to my office computer to edit these photos and churn out this post! Better late than never, right? I answered a few emails while Mike studied and then called it a night. We've been going to bed so early lately (Seriously, by 9pm we're out!) and I'm not complaining one bit. 

Today - An early wake up time and I'll be out the door by 6:45am. My Nana has a doctor's appointment at Centennial this morning and both my mom and I plan on taking her. We're making a day of it, I reckon. I have an ultrasound at 1pm (!!! Seeing how big this little bundle is getting!) and I'm hoping everything checks out well. We're getting so close to our travel dates that I'm trying to be extra cautious of anything that could go awry. But that's something for another post entirely! Here's to having another fun, productive day! Hope there's sunshine wherever you are! Thanks for taking a peek at my day! xo


  1. I so love these posts of yours! Such a fun peek into your lives, and you always look like you're having a blast :) here's to the ultrasound going well! xx

  2. I love seeing posts about your family. You guys are too cute!
    I'm excited for the post on the planner. I'm needing a paper one because I have WAY too much planning going on right now (baby shower, bachelorette party and wedding shower, plus a third birthday!).

  3. Love this! I know it's easier said than done, but you should do more of these -- they are so fun. :)

  4. Looks like a great day. I didn't know that the post men also picked up mail from post boxes like that in America, that is so cool!
    Water Painted Dreams xo

  5. i love your posts like these- your blog continues to be my fav. the pics are so much fun to look at. thanks so much for your kind e-mail back to me. <3

  6. Love this post! But the headline is 1 year back :) hope the ultrasound goes well! xx

  7. love this post! your family is the cutest. Also, did you realize you put 2013 instead of 2014? hehe. I can't wait for more posts of A Day In the Life

  8. What a lovely post! I'm a new reader and I just absolutely love your style! ♥

    Loving The Littles

  9. What a lovely peek into your day!! Toby is such a sweetheart!! Those flowers are so pretty!! xoxo

  10. toby is just so precious i can't even handle it.

  11. Your life is so full! It's amazing - so many good things. Seeing my name on that little post it note in the top photo has given my heart a little squee, I have to say!

    Anyone would've melted having a cute little one give them flowers - Toby's a heart stealer. x

  12. I LOVE THOSE "FLOWERS". How cute. He is such a gentleman.

    What kind of squash are you growing, zucchini, yellow. what? We had some trouble with yellow squash dying miserably (I... think my cat slept on it or something) but our zucchini is coming along nicely.

  13. Love this post! I need to try and do something like this soon... Maybe for my Birthday re-cap post.

    I can't believe how big Toby is getting! He is so adorable, I love his hair! :)

    Happy Wednesday!

  14. this is a cool post, nice to get an insight www.thewanderlusthasgotme.blogspot.co.uk

  15. Love getting a glimpse into your world:) That little kid is so sweet bringing you flowers not once, but twice!

  16. lovely post! so fun to see what other's days look like :)
    xo, cheyenne

  17. It's probably a little too late for Toby because the books are sent by age/development level, but you should definitely sign Littlest Flynn up for Dolly Parton's Imagination Library. She developed a free program to send kids books in the mail. It will start with board books and work it's way up to Kindergarten, one book a month. We did this with Isobel and she is thrilled whenever there's a new book in the mail! http://www.imaginationlibrary.com/

  18. In regards to the cable cutting: DO IT! We ditched cable a few months ago and are SO much more productive!

  19. I love these posts, taking pleasure and finding the beauty in the ordinary. I'm also list-obsessed. I can't wait to see your blog organization post, those things always fascinate me!

    xx Becky

  20. I love the idea of this post, I might just have to steal it from you :P
    As for getting rid of cable, I can tell you that I was hesitant about it at first but it's been almost two years that I've been cable free and not only has it saved me a ton of money but it has opened up a lot of free time. Of course I still keep up with my favorite shows, thank you online subscriptions, but I don't have to pay premium dollar for channels I don't care for.

  21. Really enjoyed this post Kaelah! Toby is such a sweetheart. x

  22. Oh yay, I loved this series when you did it. It's so nice to see a typical day in the life of a blogger. It's not as glamorous as some imagine. haha. Toby is the sweetest kid everrr. I would have cried when he brought the flowers too, lol. and then a second bouquet? SCORE! Love Eric Carle books, btw.

  23. I love posts like this! Thanks for sharing a peek into your life. So glad to hear the baby and family are doing well. How far along are you? I'm 25 weeks now! It's flying right by, for sure.


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