Mid-Week Mixtape!

I wanted to post a mid-week mixtape (since I missed Monday) and everyone could use a few good tunes to pull them out of the mid-week slump. I'm LOVING Coin Laundry by Lisa Mitchell (hence the name of the mixtape). I played around with a new typeface given to me by Erin at work (is it not seriously amazing?!?!). Enjoy! (Feel free to click & snag the album artwork and put it in your iTunes!)

(click title to download)


PS; Feel free to share this download/album art on your blog if you'd like! Just please link back to my blog. The album is already hosted so you don't have to worry about rehosting!


  1. Oh I'm definitely going to have to download this one sometime. :)


  2. sweet! lissie is on there! i love her!

  3. http://www.dogtagart.com/blog/dog-tag-art-and-artist-von-jakerson-help-bulldog-need

    here is what jack wrote about the fundraiser

  4. love coin laundry. Just found your blog, fun1
    I see you have apen pal thing-I LOVE snail mail!

  5. definitely going to have to download these songs. =)


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