Saturday's Recap

I had decided yesterday, after my last long entry, that it would just be a chill, relaxing day for me. I had a lot to accomplish (etsy orders and what not) and I needed to stick to my guns about powering down at the apartment and being productive. Well.... as per usual, that didn't exactly happen.

We'll start with my outfit... just for good measure. (at least these iPhone-in-mirror shots have good lighting! ha)

{Outfit Details o6.12.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21 $30}
{Tights: 2 pairs, WalMart $12}
{Flats: KMart $13}

(you'll probably notice the trend of the same kinda tights and flats throughout the summer. I only brought two pairs of shoes with me to NYC. One pair of flats, and one pair of sandals. Granted I have my flip flops and running shoes too but still.)

I ventured out to go to Starbucks, and across the street was the Big Apple BBQ and Beerfest Block Party (say that five times fast!). I wandered over, camera in tow, and thought about capturing the event. It was packed! Low and behold, my camera was dead. Cool. Now I've gotta lug that thing around all day! Well I hopped on the subway and went to Herald Square for a bit and poked around some shops. I love shopping, but I really love shopping by myself. Call me crazy, but I hate when I'm too fast or too slow for the person I'm with. Usually in stores like Forever 21 and such, you really have to dig deep for awesome stuff. So I hate feeling rushed. Thus, I typically opt to go solo, unless of course it's Mike, who is just along for the ride and never complains. Anywhoo, I went in a few stores, tried a few things on, and left with only two dresses and one oversized shirt (all on super markdown! which is good because I'm being financially responsible).

(I take photos of almost everything I try on in the fitting room just in case I can't decide. I send the photos to my friends and Mike, etc, to get their opinion. Silly, I know. but when you shop solo, you can't really depend on the fitting room attendant's opinion. always biased!)

I tried on this dress in Charlotte Russe at the Manhattan Mall. I liked the detail at the bust but it looked too much like something I already own and this was the lesser flattering of the two. But it's still a cute dress. It'd look nice paired over a frilly white top. Or even light pink!

This dress was Charlotte Ronson for JCPenny, downstairs in the mall. It was marked 30% off! I wasn't totally sure about it, because the print and such is a bit young for what I think I would wear (and that's saying a lot because I like bows in my hair haha) but Mike loved it so I snatched it up since it was so cheap.

This oversized shirt was at H&M and I wasn't sure about it on the rack so I gave it a shot. Then I fell in love. It probably looks frumpy as crap on me and I can't raise my arms without it coming up real high, but I wear a long tank under everything so it covers it all :P But paired with my large gold anchor necklace, I'm loving the nautical theme.

This is an awful photo of this dress, but it was ivory lace and how can I say no to that?! It fit like a glove and I'm hoping I can come up with some brilliant ways to style it. It's a bit hum-drum as is, but I think it could be awesome.

Finally at about 7:30pm I realized I hadn't eaten yet... at all. The single Diet Coke and Frappaccino left my head in a dizzy from too much caffeine and too litte nourishment. I decided to trek to Times Square to get some yummy Italian, then realized that was such a bad idea on a Saturday. Still, I got my food, headed home and crashed upon arrival at 8:30pm. So much for a productive day home. I watched too many episodes of Weeds and I Skype'd with Mike for almost an hour and a half. I have several adorable screenshots of that.

Phew. I finally fell asleep at 4am and I was out like a light. The rest is history. Today is Sunday and I've got lots to do!


PS; If you wanted to get together and hang out or whatevz while I'm in NYC, shoot me another email! Let me know when you're free :D I received several emails back in ~the day but I don't know who was 100% serious about hanging. :)


  1. i am in love with the nautical dress. where did you get that?

  2. I love love love those first two dresses!!

    Theres a giveaway going on at my blog come check it out!

  3. i am obsessed with that top from h&m. if you don't mind me asking, how much was it? i'm bananas for it!

  4. kara: $19.95! so so cheap! can you believe that?! i was totally sold when i saw the price tag!

  5. omg what are those cute little widgets on the bottom of your doc? keropi? where did you get this?

  6. girll i love your clothes. we have exactly the same tastes. haha i own that yellow rose dress from forever 21, and i just came back from the mall with that blue dress with the bow on the front. it's so comfy. i love that h&m top too. i just thought you should know. hehe.

  7. I love all the clothes. That lace dress is really pretty.

  8. Hah unless I go with my fiance, I don't like shopping with others either! I have a cream and lace dress like that I got from H&M that I recently styled on my blog too. I've been a bit obsessed with dresses lately, so these are amazing!

  9. the blue dress is beyond adorable!
    i just started wearing sleeveless shirts and dresses and am so in love.
    that is a must have for my new collection!

  10. I would like all of your dresses. Thanks.


  11. Oh that blue dress is wonderful :) LolaDee x

  12. the outfits you bought are all very lovely! the long shirtdress looks great on you! no frumpy at all!


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