The Past Two Days...

I feel like I should update about Thursday and Friday before they escape me.

Thursday: I woke up and went to work for the day. Upon arriving I was told by Erin that I would have the task of going around to different stores and finding the clothing that would be shot for the Fall Fashion Preview. This means locating a denim button-up shirt, an AA rosette top and a leather backpack. I went EVERYWHERE! I was sweating up a storm and running around in two pairs of tights (so hot!) AND a cardigan. I went to so many stores and had little luck (the AA top was easy, obviously). The denim shirt was a little more complicated. I finally found one on sale at H&M (I even bought one for myself) and I hoped that it would do the trick. After about 2 or 3 solid hours of running around the city (and at least 5 miles behind me), I took the items back to the office and sat down to scour the internet for a leather backpack. Why doesn't anyone have leather backpacks?! I finally found one we liked at TopShop, so I ventured down to SoHo to get it (after calling to check inventory, and being told they had several), and they didnt have it. They had never seen it. What the heck?! So I got a pleather one in the meantime and went back to work. I called TopShop's press and emailed a million people. I'm STILL patiently awaiting their replies. Sheesh! I grabbed lunch (at yummy Cafe 28!) and went at it again. It was an exhausting day. After getting home from work, I sat for about an hour and a half and then Liz and I met downstairs to go to the gym. We worked out for about and hour and we were both beat so we came home. Then I watched some TV, Skype'd with Mike, and slept. Oh boy I slept.

This was my outfit for Thursday: (Again, excuse the crappalicious iPhone-mirror-photos)

{Outift Details o6.1o.1o}
{Dress: Target (I think?) $20}
{Cardigan: Forever 21 $25}
{Brooch: From another Target dress}
{Tights: 2 pairs, Walmart $12}
{Flats: KMart $13}
{Headband: Charlotte Russe $7}

And my lunch on Wednesday from Cafe 28 (As if anyone cares to see this haha.. but it was SO GOOD!). Yummy grilled zucchini, squash and red peppers, pasta salad, asparagus and string beans.

Friday: More of the same... waking up, Skype'n with Mike, going to work with my vegan frap, and more calling and emailing publicists to send me photos and things of that nature. Then I got the fun task of making clipping paths of products for a page... I had to clip a trench coat, some shoes and a necklace... and by clip I mean trace it in Photoshop with the pen tool! Around every individual chain of that necklace! The necklace alone probably took me two hours, but I didn't mind it. I actually think things like that are fun haha Then Erin let me play around with the layout of the page and do what I wanted. I think it looks rad but then again I'm neither the Senior Designer, nor the Creative Director so we'll see! After work I came home with an itching to go the gym, but I decided instead of killing myself (I was still so sore), I'd get dressed and go down to SoHo, walk around, go in TopShop, and then back up to Union Square. I needed to go grocery shopping anyway and I still feel like I didn't get anything. I later Skype'd with Mike for a bit and watched several episodes of Weeds before passing out after 3am.

Here is my outfit and such for yesterday. I changed twice. I wore the polka-dot outfit to work and then the black outfit to SoHo.

I wish I had a better picture of this. Eep!

{Outfit Details o6.11.1o}
{Dress & Belt: H&M $35}
{Tights: 2 pairs, Walmart $12}
{Flats: KMart $13}

And my SoHo outfit (excuse the INSANELY gross hair haha) I also wore my belt both ways (Forward and backward) and I pulled my bangs up at the end of the night because they were frustrating and curling:

{Outfit Details o6.11.1o}
{Dress: Forever 21 (I think) $30}
{Tights: 2 pair, Walmart $12}
{Flats: KMart $12}
{Belt: From another dress}
{Lace Jacket: H&M $50}
{~Chanel Bag: ~Canal St haha}

At this point I wish I could justify buying another legit Chanel bag but after parting with my own, I know it's just not the right thing to do. Way too expensive and with the whole living in NYC - losing our house and all of our belongings - Georgia having double entropion eye surgery along with her third cherry eye corrective surgery AND having to find a place to live once I go back to Nashville, it's just not the right time. Sigh, one day maybe! Until then, my cheap little Canal St knockoff will do. And by "until then" I mean until it falls apart haha

I also received two pairs of tights in the mail from We Love Colors this week! I'm so very excited to be doing a review for them so be on the lookout for that! Gorgeous dark red and navy tights! I'm just loving this nautical theme!

Today: I woke up at a crazy 12 o'clock! I haven't slept that late in goodness knows when! Holy cow! It felt so good to just let myself sleep in. My body needed it. I was invited to the Brooklyn Flea Market today by the lovely Kim and Keiko Lynn. But of course here I am, still sitting in my jammies and a towel on my head. It's nearly 2pm! I need to get my butt in gear. It looks like it may rain, too. As much as it would waste my day, I'm contemplating seriously staying in my apartment all day and doing nothing. Maybe watching Weeds. I just feel like I need a break! I've been go go going the whole time I've been here. I should go to the gym, too. But of course, I'm having a Diet Coke for breakfast and I'm already getting a massive headache. Maybe I'll feel less in-a-funk if I dry my hair and get dressed. Motivation, people!

I'm going to go see where things take me. If I venture out, I'll try to snap some legit photos, because the bloggy blog has been lacking in those. The iPhone just ain't cuttin it! Until next time,


PS; I'll leave you with this adorable photo of Mike and Baby G last night from Skype! I love talking to Georgia on Skype because she does this silly head-turn of hers and it makes me smile and breaks my heart all at the same time. I started crying last night because I feel like Georgia doesn't know that I'm coming home for her soon. I've only been gone a week and the fact I still have 7 weeks to go is awful. I miss her so much. At least Mike understands that I'm not leaving forever. I'm just afraid that Georgia doesn't. Mom has even said she's been quite lethargic and sad lately (not that that couldn't be mistaken from her typical laziness, but you get the idea haha)


  1. Hey! I'm always curious, why two pairs of tights? Is it because one black pair isn't dark enough? I have that problem and it drives me nuts how sheer they get once you put them on!

  2. You look so gorgeous!
    I love you dress in the first picture. :)

  3. Keep Close, Sweet: yes! i hateeee sheer tights! these are pretty good about not being *too* sheer but still, I like when they're solid black, so I just wear two pairs! :)

    Jazmyn: thank you!

  4. Oh your so cute! I love that polka dottted dress so much, I think I need one now!

  5. You are so cute. :] Love reading about your day and seeing your cute outfits.

    Your hair does not look gross at all, I adore it!

  6. my gosh you are insanely beautiful.

  7. LOVE the polka dot dress and that lace jacket is FANTASTIC, lady! You're rockin New York!!

  8. i looove your polka dot dress and lace blazer!!!! i need a H&M near me or wish they sold online!! boo! you look BEAUTIFUL!!! <3

  9. As usual, I love your dresses! So super cute!

  10. oh my stars! how fun! i mean the running around crazy, not so much...but the shopping and coordinating sounds awesome!! i would miss my boy and my puppies SOOO much if i had to leave them for 8 weeks...but it sounds like you're passing the time quite nicely! happy weekend!

  11. Aw, Georgia will be so happy when you get back! I'm sure seeing you on skype every night helps too. :)

  12. girrrl you are looking skinny minnie in those pics!! so cute, I wish we could go shopping together!


  13. That lace jacket is just darling on you!

  14. GORGEOUS. love your tattoos btw ^____^


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