A Mid-Day Post

(I feel like this little girl right now.)

A Mid-Day, Mid-Week post from yours truly. How out of character! I'm sitting at my desk at work (BUST) and I just finished editing a batch of photo and illustrations by non other than that amazingly talented MIKE PERRY. It's silly how tedious and mundane a simple task such as resizing and changing color modes can seem, but when you're working with some of the most fantastic illustrations, you really just don't seem to mind. My computer gave me the lovely Beach Ball O' Doom for most of the time, but seeing how effortless he makes it look (but knowing that it's far from), is just inspiring. Erin and I had a little chat about that. I went on to play around in Photoshop for a bit for a slightly-in-the-style-of-mike-perry album art for a fun little mid-week surprise coming up! Erin also sent me a super cute typeface to go along so while I'm sans-project I'm just trying to be productive.

I didn't have a legit update last night because I wasn't feeling my best after work. I watched a bit of Little Rascals and went to sleep. I'm happy to report I'm feeling much much better today. Aside from a very annoying contact lens.

Also, today I received AMAZING news from Mike. Apparently his FEMA inspector (from last month) received much scrutiny on his end and almost all of his "clients" appealed their rulings due to not receiving enough aid. Basically, the gist was that Mike and I filed separately because we're not married... however, his inspector overruled my inspector and basically put that ALL FIVE OF US LIVED IN ONE ROOM! Plus, with another roommate filing and not telling us what she claimed etc, I was then found ineligible for assistance. A big blow to my already sinking ship of excitement. So much went wrong with our FEMA deal and it's like an amazing answer to so many prayers and Mike had a re-inspection of our house this morning at 10:30am in Franklin. The new inspector took note of everything his old inspector didn't. (Basically ALL of our furniture, our clothing, etc etc etc). All of this came out of nowhere. Like an absolutely totally mind-blowing miracle. I'm living fine in New York City, but at the same time I'm constantly worried about when I go back to Nashville because we basically have to find a place to live within 4-7 days because I get home RIGHT as my last semester of school starts. And with so many people being displaced thanks to the same flood that threw us out, it's hard to say if there will be any apartments available. Not only that, but we're only wanting to stay in Franklin for roughly 4 or 5 months. I graduate the first week of December, and to be quite honest, I'd like to leave then (mainly because Franklin is a very very expensive town). So you can imagine my frustration and my absolute fear about returning home at the end of summer because moving into our own place alone is going to have an astronomical price tag associated with it. Deposits, applications, renters insurance, setting up all of our utilities, etc. Not to mention we don't even own a single piece of furniture (except the sort-of-salvaged couch). Gah!

So anyway, enough rambling. The guy told Mike that we should be receiving some federal aid and I'm at that point to where I could just cry. It honestly could not have come at a better time and I'm so so so grateful of this amazing-perfect-fantastic happening, and the fact all of you have been SO supportive throughout this whole thing. We don't know how much (if even much at all) we'll be awarded, but at this point, anything is better than nothing, right? I'm just grateful that a wrong was righted and we can hopefully move on from this with the least bitter attitude possible (although there's still that one thing... but at this point too, I can't be bothered with childish behavior).

I just had to share the fantastic news. I feel like I've been lifted from my rut (as I've felt sick the past day) and hopefully this can put a little bit of pep in my step and we can start looking for a new home in Franklin.

I'm putting together a few things to be posted over the next few days, and this weekend there will even be a giveaway from a sponsor. Keep your eyes peeled! And above all, have a fantastic Wednesday (even if you're just working for the weekend!).



  1. That's so awesome that just out-of-the-blue that FEMA thing got fixed! And you're right, even if you don't get much assistance from them, it's nice to know that they can acknowledge that you were treated poorly before.


  2. That is such good news! Must be such a relief! :)

    Btw, I'm ridiculously jealous of you spending your summer in NY! :)

  3. This is great news, I hope it works out well for you and Mike!

  4. That is amazing news! Things are totally looking up for you. I thought it was horrible FEMA screwed you out of your federal assistance before.

  5. This is amazing! I'm so happy for you two. Yay!

    <3 Thera Joyce

  6. This is really incredible! You deserve it!

  7. I want to dance round my desk for you! Thats so awesome!!!!eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

    RIGHT! Gotta get back to it now!


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