MIXTAPE MONDAY: tokyo bound

(click title to download)

This week's mixtape couldn't be any more of a hodgepodge. I ran across these gorgeous images online and after I started making the "album art" I found the Flickr to the photographer! The images are from DavidRN's Flickr Photostream and man oh man! He has some incredibly beautiful things on there (Especially the holga shots!). Be sure to click his link and drop by his stream. You'll be impressed, I promise! I know the images don't go together at all but they were both so gorgeous, I wanted to show both of them! I know I've already played out this typeface but I can't help it! I'm obsessed! It's so wonderful and I want to use it on everything! Anyway, I hope you enjoy the mixtape. Like I said... it's a bit hodgepodge! 


PS; If you want to check out the previous Mixtape Monday posts, just click the "music monday" tag at the top of the entry and download the others! (Just note, the "Coin Laundry" one is no longer available for download)


  1. local natives-airplanes and lykke li- little bit, are my current obessions as well!!!
    <3 January

  2. i know you might have been asked this before, but what font did you use on this mixtape? (:

  3. A- its called Hannah! isn't it gorgeous?! ugh i'm obsessed! you can buy it for like $30 at youworkforthem.com! :D


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