// 24 Cute Swimsuits Under $30!

24 Super Cute Swimsuits Under $30

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10 // 11 // 12 // 13 // 14 
15 // 16 // 17 // 18 // 19 // 20 // 21 // 22 // 23 // 24

It's finally Spring and that means Summer isn't far off. Of course it totally gets hot enough here in Tennessee to submerge myself in some water well before mid-June rolls around. In an attempt to tide myself over until I can bask in the sun sans clothing, here are 24 super cute swimsuits I've found... every single one of them UNDER $30! I'm thinking numbers 4, 8, 12, 18, and 21 are my favorites. What about yours?

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PS; 75% of these swimsuits have options for Free Shipping!

24 Super Cute Swimsuits Under $30

// Things I Love Thursday v.283

♥ this is life ♥

this awesome illustration - those prints! ♥

♥ this outfit looks like a unicorn tail ♥

this photo♥

this painting-inspired weaving ♥

♥ this close-up of a butterfly's wing ♥

this papercraft set ♥

this pink bathroom! ♥

this bold pattern/branding ♥

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// ICYMI: the Friends With Benefits Roadshow is this weekend! Enjoy free local music and food, and take advantage of the free pet adoptions! // Weekly Recap: I became a CPST! // Dining Room Inspiration

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// Picking A Dining Table + Chairs

My parents had me a custom island built as a Christmas present this past year, and it has ~transformed our kitchen. We got rid of our diner booth + Formica table last year, so we had been eating at the coffee table ever since. Now that we have this big island, we're able to eat together and enjoy it. The spot where we had the diner booth is sad and lonely though! I currently have a trunk and a bench over there, with Linden's doll house, but it's not a very good use of the space. We really need a seated dining area but the space is kind of small and awkward (our back door is right in the middle of the room). I've been toying with the idea of a small round table (like the tulip tables above) with 3-4 chairs or an L-shaped bench, but I'm having a little bit of trouble narrowing down exactly what style chair I want to go with. I'll eventually replace our black and white retro tile floor, but for now it stays. Our cabinets are white and our countertops are a dark grey "dalmatian" pattern. You can tell by the photos above that I tend to gravitate toward those industrial chairs - I just can't help it! I have a seafoam green one in my studio, and they make matching bar stools, too. This post makes me want one of everything though: The 30 Coolest Contemporary Dining Chairs Ever. I'm now on the hunt for dining rooms featuring those acrylic ghost chairs! I know they'll never work in my dining space, but I'm kind of in love with them regardless haha. We do have more than one of those "Eames" style shell chairs in our house, so going with the smaller version (without sides) might be an option, too.

Any of y'all have any suggestions on where to look for dining tables/chairs? I've been half-heartedly scanning both Overstock and Wayfair, but I think I really need to nail down a direction first. What style chair gets your vote? 

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// Weekly Recap v.3 - CPST and Spring!

This past week has been GO, GO, GO! I spent 4 days staying in Jackson (West Tennessee) for my Child Passenger Safety class, and holy moly that was a lot of information! It felt SO good to finally get that certification though! Say hello to Kaelah Beauregarde, Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician! If you're local and you need a car seat check, hit me up! :P The class was intense but I really really enjoyed it. Everyone in my class was lovely, too, so that helped. I stayed in an AirBnB while I was out that way so I wouldn't have to drive the 1.5 hours each way every single day. Turned out to be a very smart choice on my part haha! The only bad thing about my trip: I ended up with a speeding ticket. Oops! Rather than assume what the speed limit is, you should probably know. And I didn't. So I got a ticket. Womppppp. Luckily I'll be able to take traffic school so at least there's that haha

On Sunday while riding motorcycles I managed to lay mine down. That was my first motorcycle ~"wreck" and I certainly hope it's my last, too. Luckily I wasn't going very fast and I didn't get hurt - Skinned a layer of skin off of my elbow and scratched up my knee, but otherwise I'm A-okay and so is the bike. My ego? Eh, now that's a little bruised haha! Regardless, I'm glad to have that under my belt because it illustrates exactly how the bike will always go where you're looking.

Sunday evening when I got back into town I met Whitney for Mexican food and margaritas. We spent a couple hours enjoying some girl time and catching up since we had both had very very busy and exciting weeks. After I picked up the boys at 6:30 we went over to Whitney's house to hang out for a bit so the boys could play with CJ and Bennett. Once we got home I realized just how much stuff I had to catch up on from the past week. Oof! Any volunteers to help?

Yesterday was beautiful! The weather was so so perfect! Couldn't have asked for a better first day of Spring. We managed to sneak away to the park for a bit after I got some work done, and then we headed to Toby's baseball practice. It's that time of year!
Today I'm continuing down my hefty To Do list and trying to catch up with everything before the end of the week. I'll be headed to the Zappos' Friends With Benefits Roadshow in Nashville on Friday, so I'd like to have everything tied up and finished before then. It's been a busy one, but I've enjoyed most of it. I know I'm going to have to start getting more efficient with my workflow so that I can start spending more time outside! How's the weather wherever you are?

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PS; If you haven't used AirBnB yet, here's a link for $40 off your first stay/trip

// Friends With Benefits Roadshow - NASHVILLE!

- sponsored by zappos -

Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Hey Nashville! Do you like cute fluffy puppies, shopping, and local food and music? Welllllll then you should come out to the Zappos’ Friends With Benefits Roadshow March 24-26th happening right here in Music City! Zappos is hitting the road for the first time ever, bringing the shopping experience to you! The tour is all about saying thanks and giving back to the very people who helped make Zappos the success it is today. Inside will boast a rad selection of curated merchandise - unique to each city on the tour - while the “backyard” area will feature local food along with local bands. But the best part of all? The FREE pet adoptions! YAS! To date Zappos has covered the adoption fees for OVER 17 THOUSAND ANIMALS! That’s amazing and so heartwarming, y'all!

Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN
Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN

While Zappos will be hitting up several other cities across the US (stay tuned to see if one is near you!), the Nashville event is sure to be hoppin’! We’re not just country music, folks. And it’s really hard to beat our food. Throw in some precious snuggly puppies and I. Am. Sold!

Here are the details of the 
Friends With Benefits Roadshow:

Date: March 24th - 26th
Location: 115 Lyle Avenue
Nashville, TN 37203
Friday: 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm
Saturday: 10:00 am to 9:00 pm
Sunday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm

I’ll be hanging out Friday, March 24th so come mingle, snack, shop, and adopt! If you’re not local or can’t make it, don’t sweat! I’ll be recapping the event after it wraps up so you’ll get to see what it’s all about! (You'll probably be sad if you don't go though, so I'll just plan on seein' ya there, k?)

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PS; Be sure to sign up for Zappos Rewards because you can earn free 1 or 2 day shipping just by logging in and shopping! There are a bunch of other perks but you can check those out here.

Zappos Friends With Benefits - Nashville, TN

// Things I Love Thursday v.282

♥ this is the perfect phone wallpaper/reminder ♥

♥ this photo is fantastic ♥

♥ this collage ♥

this gorgeous watercolor piece ♥

♥ this tattoo ♥

♥ this gorgeous peony ♥

this. pop punk trout is my favorite. ♥

♥ this graffiti ♥

this wall hanging ♥

♥ this! #notetoself ♥

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// Meet the Woke Misogynist. We all know one.

//  These are HILARIOUS. I dare you not to laugh.

// If I were clothing, I'd hope to be Mara Hoffman pieces. Holy moly they're so lovely!

// You can get PTSD from staying in an emotionally abusive relationship.
"Abuse doesn’t always manifest as a black eye or a bloody wound. The effects of psychological abuse are just as damaging. 
I entered counseling and was diagnosed with depression, anxiety, and PTSD. The psychological abuse kept me fearful, the depression and anxiety left me incapable of taking the steps necessary to get out."

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// Things I Love Thursday v.281

♥ this post shares the most instagram worthy places in the US ♥
via Things I Love Thursday on KaelahBee.com
this fun DIY abstract table runner ♥
via Things I Love Thursday on KaelahBee.com
this adorable ikea-hack bunk bed! ♥
via Things I Love Thursday on KaelahBee.com
♥ my kind of party. you're all invited. ♥

♥ i just got a review copy of this book + i'm excited to read it :P ♥
"According to relationship experts Joanne Davila and Kaycee Lashman, the key to finding the right guy for you is shifting the focus to you. This empowering guide offers evidence-based strategies and practical tools to help you figure out what you need to be happy and fulfilled--and whether he has what it takes."

♥ from my favorite song by my favorite band ♥

♥ this is life. ♥

this amazing portrait ♥

this party! ♥

♥ this photo ♥

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// What you should know if you laughed at this viral photo of me. I'm not sure how someone could read this without their heart breaking for this woman. It's so so so brave of her to stand up and say something.

// Cute doggos with pretty bags? Pretty stellar styling idea ha!

// Did you know you can get Lindy Bop dresses for under $15, with free 2-day shipping?! Aw snap!

// This 2-year-old little girl can finally hear her mother's voice loud and clear. I've watched this five or six times, and I lose it every. single. time. when she says "It's okay, mama!" OH MY WORD!

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