// Things I Love Thursday v.281

♥ this post shares the most instagram worthy places in the US ♥
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this fun DIY abstract table runner ♥
via Things I Love Thursday on KaelahBee.com
this adorable ikea-hack bunk bed! ♥
via Things I Love Thursday on KaelahBee.com
♥ my kind of party. you're all invited. ♥

♥ i just got a review copy of this book + i'm excited to read it :P ♥
"According to relationship experts Joanne Davila and Kaycee Lashman, the key to finding the right guy for you is shifting the focus to you. This empowering guide offers evidence-based strategies and practical tools to help you figure out what you need to be happy and fulfilled--and whether he has what it takes."

♥ from my favorite song by my favorite band ♥

♥ this is life. ♥

this amazing portrait ♥

this party! ♥

♥ this photo ♥

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// What you should know if you laughed at this viral photo of me. I'm not sure how someone could read this without their heart breaking for this woman. It's so so so brave of her to stand up and say something.

// Cute doggos with pretty bags? Pretty stellar styling idea ha!

// Did you know you can get Lindy Bop dresses for under $15, with free 2-day shipping?! Aw snap!

// This 2-year-old little girl can finally hear her mother's voice loud and clear. I've watched this five or six times, and I lose it every. single. time. when she says "It's okay, mama!" OH MY WORD!

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  1. your blog is adorable and i love your posts! the pictures are really eye-catching as well! awesome xoxo

  2. Seventy times 7 is the best song ever! <3

  3. These posts are seriously the best. I always get so excited when you post them! They must take forever to put together.

  4. I absolutely love this list. I literally just spent some time going through each link and reading up. The 80's shoes got me.

  5. every time you post about brand new i am reminded why I've been reading your blog for some long <3


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