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The only type of juice we regularly keep stocked in our fridge is orange juice. I'm a big breakfast person. I could eat breakfast for every. single. meal. for real. It's totally not rare to see me toting around a mug of OJ or brewing a fresh pot of coffee at 4pm. And waffles! Waffles are appropriate for every day! While breakfast is totally my jam, OJ doesn't have to be relegated to the morning hours only. Today I'm partnering up with Indian River Select Brand Juice to celebrate their juice now being carried at Food City locations, and to show how I might enjoy some delicious OJ throughout the day. Indian River Select premium juices are picked, squeezed, bottled and shipped directly from the world renowned Indian River Citrus District of Florida. Now if they'll just bottle up a little bit of that Florida sunshine and send it to Tennessee that'd be great. Who do I talk to about that?
Indian River Select Brand Orange Juice Recipes
Of course we're naturally going to start with breakfast because duh. I recently became the proud owner of a waffle maker! Yes! Happy early birthday to me? I'm not a very good pancake maker, but it's almost impossible to get these waffles wrong. Usually any time I have waffles I opt to smother them in sliced fruit, but I live with a tiny little Fruit Ninja so blackberries tend to be the only thing left in the fridge when I've got the craving. Normally I'll drink a cup (or seven) of coffee and a half glass of OJ in the morning. I'm such a creature of habit and my typical breakfast is no exception.

Indian River Select Brand Orange Juice Recipes
If I'm feelin' fancy for brunch/lunch (depending on my schedule), I'll usually order a mimosa. I don't make them at home very often, which I now realize is something that should change, because yum. Champagne is usually my party beverage of choice, so I am alllll about some mimosas over here (and this super tasty tomato + avocado grilled cheese sandwich!)

Indian River Select Brand Orange Juice Recipes
And now for everyone's favorite time of day: Happy Hour! I will almost never say no to a margarita. If you add chips and guacamole to the equation I can guarantee you I will never say no. Mexican food speaks to me on an almost spiritual level haha A good margarita on the rocks is never a bad idea, but I love when the weather warms up enough to justify getting it frozen. And the salt! Gimme all the salt. Sometimes I'll mix it up with the ~"flavored" orange juices like the ones with pineapple, mango, etc. Indian River Select offers a Ruby Red Grapefruit one, as well as Valencia Orange, alongside their Original Orange Juice (all of which come in 59oz containers). I chose to use the original for each of my drinks in this post because it's hard to beat. 

- serves four -

12oz Frozen Limeade Concentrate
6oz Tequila (the better the tequila, the better the margarita!)
3oz Indian River Select Brand Orange Juice
1/2 Fresh Lime (juice + garnish)
Coarse Salt

Indian River Select Brand Orange Juice Recipes
Indian River Select Brand Orange Juice Recipes
All of y'all in Tennessee, Georgia, Kentucky and Virginia will now be able to find these guys in the refrigerated section of your local Food City stores! If you're not local to a Food City store but want to get your hands on some Indian River Select Brand juice you can always swing by their site and see where it's stocked nearby. I never noticed the brand at the store before but now that I've bought them I manage to see them stocked almost everywhere I shop. This, of course, is not a bad thing because I am getting down on that Orange Honeybell Blend so I'm definitely going to grab more before they're gone. 

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  1. That food looks so tasty! The perfect brunch options :)

    Rachael xx.

  2. A mimosa sounds AMAZING right now. I love breakfast too!


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