// Weekly Recap v.4

This week has flown by! It's almost hard to remember everything that has happened. The boys stayed with me an extra day, until Monday night, because Mike had a work seminar to go to. It was nice to get an extra evening together on Sunday, so we made it a family night where we popped some popcorn, and then we all piled up on our huge "beanbag" chair to watch Bob's Burgers (our favorite!) Not gonna lie, having a cozy chair we can all fit on is kind of amazing. Our couch fits us all but it's not necessarily the most comfortable. All 3 of us prefer the little grey chair because of it. The boys really love to put this ginormous thing in front of the grey chair and then jump clear across the living room to land on it. It's basically turns our living room into a super fun gymnasium of sorts haha! If you don't have a giant beanbag, you should probably get one. They're rad. Though I think beanbag is probably not the right term for the chair because it's not filled with traditional beanbag filler - it basically feels like chunks of foam or pillow in a way? I'm not sure how to explain it, but it stays fluffy forever. Like even when you're sitting on it - still super fluffy and supportive. Many naps have been taken on this thing by each of us haha It's also Enid's favorite place to hang out if it's not already spoken for. (Peep her down there on the back of the couch snoozin') Anyway, all of this to say I should've gotten one of these babies sooner haha - The one that we have is called the King Fuf by Big Joe, just for reference. I really want one of the fluffy white ones even though I'd have nowhere to put it haha *heart eyes* -- Complete tangent but it kind of made me think of this haha... Who remembers inflatable furniture?! Like the bright neon/transparent stuff from the 90s?! Holy crap I remember having one of the bright pink couches and a neon green chair haha I also remember how terrible it felt to peel yourself from them literally any time of year. Are those still a thing?!

* Side note: Linden's bajankety haircut. Y'all... haha! It was basically butchered in town so a friend came over to fix it one evening. She made it look a bajillion times better, though you can't tell here ha! It's not terrible when it's brushed over, but let's be real, it literally never stays that way so. I was pretty sure we were going to just have to buzz his whole head and start over. Still not 100% convinced that we shouldn't, but grow hair, grow!

Monday was super productive and busy busy! I had some doula appointments to get to that evening so I spent the last half of the day in Nashville running around. The weather got bad on Monday, but Nashville was nothing compared to what happened at home. Mike had just picked up the boys from Amy's house next door and it came one hell of a storm. And by storm I mean hellnado. I had been watching the radar and checking in with Mike every so often to make sure they were okay, but it wasn't until Tuesday morning that I found out there was an actual tornado that touched down here. It was only an F-1, but still... it was a freaking tornado! My mom showed me some photos of the giant wall cloud and then of the funnel formation starting basically right over her house. Y'all, that was our second tornado in five days! Ahhhhhh. Tennessee is scary in the spring.

Tuesday and Wednesday were both especially low key. Which was awesome and much needed. It almost feels like my brain shut down completely those days. Or maybe I just don't recall too much of what happened. (This tends to happen to me if I don't post on IG/Twitter because I can't look back and see what all I did haha! What's wrong with my brain?!) ALL of the weather stations were calling for unbelievable storms on Thursday, so most of the schools in middle Tennessee closed for the day. I mean they realllllly talked these two storm systems up, and lil' ol Hohenwald was right in the middle of the "Red Zone" for hellnados. I sat at Whitney's house Wednesday night until 1am as we both panicked over the weather. Y'all I was so scared I didn't even want to go to sleep that night. But guess what happened? Nothing. Abso-freaking-lutely NOTHING. Like, at all. It was sunny all day Thursday, and I didn't even experience any rain until sitting in Frothy Monkey in downtown Franklin last night. That tends to happen when our weather folks talk about these huge storms... which makes it hard for anyone to take them seriously next time they roll around. Anyway.

Today I woke up without a voice. No voice at all. It all started with an annoying allergy-induced cough last night, and within 3 or 4 hours I could barely croak a single word. I had hoped it'd wear off as I slept, but nope. Today is so much worse. I feel 100% fine, but I sound like I've maybe smoked 2 packs a day for my entire 29 years on this planet. Sexy, right? ;) Today I'm going to tackle some more of my to do list to try and get ahead for next week, but I'm also going to indulge in a pot or three of coffee and then power through the rest of season 3 of Grace and Frankie. That's my current workout show and I love it so much. Who else watches it?! Alrighty y'all, until next time!

xo KB

PS! I scooped up a jewelry subscription box called Emma & Chloe recently - it's a rad little box out of France with gorgeous designer jewelry. It's normally $35/mo but they're running a bomb promo until the end of April where you can get your first box for $1! The necklace that I got in my March box retails for ~$69 so it's a definite steal. Just throwing that out there in case any of y'all wanna snag one for yourself or your mama for Mother's Day! Totally not sponsored, though I do have a code you can use to get the $1 box: CLUELESS1. I had intended on only getting the 1 box initially, but I'm going to stick with it for a bit and see what I get in April!


  1. totally just signed up for Emma and Chloe - it seems like a great service!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

    1. I'm def excited to see what April's box will be! xo

  2. FYI, Emma & Chloe totally make you sign up for 3 months if you use that code! I signed up for just one month, but they said that their terms and conditions say if you use a code, you have to have at least a 3 month membership. Pretty shady, but they accidentally sent me 2 bracelets in the first month, so I guess I'll deal.


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