// Things I Love Thursday v.255

♥ this advice is the best advice ♥

these portraits of this dog is everything ♥

this is dreamy! ♥

this neat bush ♥

this incredible bathroom ♥

this awesome installation ♥

this series by camille chew ♥

these are by far the most divine treat i've ever put in my mouth ♥
real talk for a second: here's my love letter to these macarons - and a special shout out to the birthday cake one! YUM! so basically dana's bakery has an incredible (!!!) selection of awesome macaron flavors, and they even do custom requests and collabs. and there is a macaron subscription box. TAKE ALL MY MONEY! $$$ also - their instagram is gorgeous. i'm in love with all of it. /end letter. need more macarons.

// So since my birthday was yesterday it's okay to buy myself a present, right?

// This glass tubular house built around a massive tree (!!!) isn't a reality yet, but hopefully soon!

// Stitch Fix now offers SHOES! SHOOOOOOOOOOOES, y'all! 

// Edible flower petals in lollipops! I totally want to try to DIY this!

// I love my baby, but I regret becoming a mother. One woman's experience with PPD at 8 weeks postpartum.

// Not gonna lie, my Pinterest has been on fire lately. So much awesome stuff for Spring!

// Don't forget to enter the Off Broadway Shoes Warehouse giveaway! Two folks will walk away with $100 gift cards!

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