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Despite being the middle of March, this feels like my first real post in 2016. So hey. Hi. Hello. I took a pretty extended break from "real" blogging before Christmas, and I sort of got sucked up in a whirlwind of life / responsibilities / priorities. I had a bit too much on my plate and something needed to go for the time being. That something was this sweet little blog of mine. Hey, life happens.

Anyway, just to catch you up to speed on what life has looked like since Christmas: Mike started working on his RN, but is still working a ton. This means he's away from home a lot and we have pretty opposite schedules. It's been difficult to juggle at times, but we're rolling with it (and crossing our fingers for a promotion for him shortly). Toby started baseball, Linden has become a total hoot, and we're on the hunt for a new SUV. I've been working on doula stuff, and trying to best manage my own mental state at times. We just booked our summer vacation with my parents this week: 10 days of Florida! A few days at Disneyworld, and then the rest of the week at our trusty second home: Perdido Key. We'll be going in the middle of July, so Linden will turn 2 on the beach (!!!). What else? Oh, we just started working on Honeybean "renovations" - if you can call it that. Mike tore out part of a side wall and he's working on replacing it. We're turning into a little clubhouse for the backyard. It's partially for the kids, and partially for the adults too haha! We're hoping to install a TV and all that jazz. I'll be sure to document the process.

That's pretty much it. I've been having to devote a lot of energy to other things lately, so Linden has been going to a sitter 2-3 times a week. Sometimes it's for doula work, other times it's because I just need a day to practice some serious self care. But it has been so so wonderful. I'm hoping now that the weather is starting to break I'll be able to feel more "organized." I always seem to prioritize organization and motivation when Spring comes around, and I'm not mad about it! Let's hope it sticks around for a while. I managed to get a head start on Spring cleaning and I've been able to maintain it for the past 2 weeks. That is seriously an accomplishment with these little tornadoes haha! Feeling pretty good about that, not gonna lie. 

Can't wait to catch you up on everything else eventually. There's no telling what I'll remember once this publishes haha

xo KB


  1. Good to see you back! This is one of my staple blogs I check regularly and was pumped to see a new post this morning!! Understandably life gets the better of us but thanks for checking in :)

  2. Welcome back! Seems like you've had a lot going on but hopefully you've now managed to juggle things a lot better :)
    I am also just coming back after a while away so trying to work out where i'm going to next! Eekk!
    Look forward to more posts! Love, Nadine x

  3. Hi there, cute you. Lovely to hear from you.


HEY! Thanks for dropping by. xo KB