// Worth It or a Waste: Irresistible Me Extensions

Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
It's officially been 3 months since I had my Irresistible Me hair extensions dyed by Dana at Salon 865 in Franklin. I thought I'd follow up with my thoughts on them since they're the first brand I've worn a considerable amount of time, aside from my tried-and-true Sally cheapies. The extensions were courtesy of Irresistible Me, but I paid out of pocket to have them dyed to match my newly green/turquoise hair (and was not compensated for this post!)

The extensions I chose to receive were the 20" Volume Vixen set in Platinum Blonde. For the past 9 years I've consistently worn the 18" Sassy brand extensions from Sally Beauty Supply. I've always cut them to blend myself, and dyed them when I had red hair. They're $89.99 per set, and I typically wear 2 sets at a time for volume. I also have to cut and hand sew them to clips myself. The Irresistible Me extensions come pre-clipped and in sections of varying widths. The set I used sells for $262. By comparison they're clearly more expensive, and at first inspection I was convinced the multiple pieces were going to be a total pain in the butt. I wasn't really sure if they were going to live up to the hype, despite feeling soft at first touch, and having great packaging. Well, I'm happy to report my concerns were totally unjustified because the multiple pieces have already proven to be a major improvement in overall wear and quality. Because I'm constantly switching where each smaller piece goes when I put them in, they never have a chance to "dread" up with surrounding hair. Aside from the one largest piece that I always wear at the lower back of my head (see second photo below for an example of what I mean), all of the hair has remained smooth and brushable up to the weft. 
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
While the hair felt really soft and heavy (that's a good thing!) when I first opened the package, I didn't quite realize how nice they were until my stylist Dana exclaimed how impressed she was with them when I picked them up from the salon. Of course quality and weight also comes with a price tag when it comes to dyeing them haha I ended up having to pay for two color treatments on the set because there was just so much hair! She had originally quoted me based on a set of Sassy extensions, as this is the most common brand she dyes in her salon. Dana ended up using 9 tubes of Joico dye to get full and even coverage. A temporary bummer was pretty much gone when I saw how great they looked after being dyed to match my hair.
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
Overall the extensions mostly add a ton of volume to my hair, but they also add a couple inches in various spots. Then again sometimes I'm amazed at how long my hair has gotten when I blow dry it straight and leave out the extensions. Ultimately I love the volume and length extensions give my hair, so I'll likely continue to use them indefinitely (or at least until I convince myself to get a new hairstyle haha). I'm most eager to see how long these Irresistible Me ones last me. As of right now they're being properly maintained and they're holding up great. They're definitely due for a trim at the ends as they're splitting, but honestly I should've done that a month ago or more! While they're a considerable amount more expensive than the brand I typically use, I'm hopeful that I'll be a loyal convert if they stay this nice much longer! I think the price tag would be worth it in the end seeing as they've held up so incredibly well and they still feel so soft. At this point with my Sassy extensions, they were pretty "fuzzy" and a bit dreaded at the weft. They had also lost most of their shine. I promise to follow up and let you know what I think at the 6 month mark :) 
Irresistible Me Hair Extensions
In the end: Totally worth it. Seriously, I'm so impressed with these and I stand behind every penny I paid to have them professionally dyed. I really need to get back into the salon and have my hair touched up, but you know, priorities. These extensions have held the Joico color so so beautifully. Also daydreaming about dyeing my hair purple next. Then of course I'll need another set of these!

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