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Treat Yoself Tote Bag
Self care is a major priority in my life. After years of putting myself on the back burner and trying to take care of everyone else, I was really feeling the effects. If you asked me what I did to "treat myself" I would likely look at you with a blank stare. The truth was that I just didn't know how to treat myself. I didn't know how to give myself those little bits of self care. I'm not even talking grand gestures here. Heck, forget a spa day or a solo shopping trip... I couldn't even really paint my nails without feeling like I needed to be more productive, or do something for someone else. The past few years have been incredibly busy, and along the way I just forgot how to look out for me. Of course this post isn't really about me, but it's inspired by the women in our life who just DO. IT. ALL. The women who need a gentle reminder to take time for themselves. The women who always make sure we have what we need in life. The women we call "Mom." (Or any woman in your life who fits that description! Grandma, aunt, family friend, big sister... You get what I'm saying!) Let's celebrate those ladies who truly deserve that spa day!
Treat Yoself Tote Bag Gift Basket DIY
Treat Yoself Tote Bag Gift Basket DIY
My mom is without a doubt my biggest hero. She raised me on her own, she never missed a softball /  volleyball / or basketball/football (cheerleading) game. She worked crazy long hours, provided for me all on her own, and was always by my side when I basically grew up in the hospital. Even to this day she still hovers (in the sweetest, most appreciated way!) to make sure that I and my family are "okay." I love her so much, and if anyone in this world deserves a "treat yo'self" gift bag, it's her. If only I could stuff a couple plane tickets and spa itineraries in there, too! (One day, mom! I promise!) My mom was totally the inspiration for this DIY and I think any lady in your life would be so incredibly stoked to be on the receiving end of such a sweet gift! Mother's Day, birthdays, vacations, bachelorette getaways, etc. Or maybe you should practice some serious self care and make this baby for yourself! 
Treat Yoself Tote Bag Gift Basket DIY
Treat Yoself Tote Bag Gift Basket DIY
This DIY gift basket is so simple! Everything you see pictured is from Michaels (!!! Jackpot!) and you can customize your bag any way you'd like! I started with this tote bag and some bright blue soft fabric paint. (LOVE this paint! It doesn't feel the least bit crunchy or stiff!) I had intended on using my Cricut to create a stencil to sort of mimic the Kate Spade Call To Action collection of bags, but I had a little snafu when I couldn't track down the power cord! haha I entertained the idea of using iron on letters, but at the end of the day I opted to do some hand lettering to make it a little more special. I used a simple black fabric marker - nothing fancy! (Though if y'all would like an SVG file of this lettering, let me know and I'll try to get that up for you!) Michaels always has these little aisle displays full of little trinkets and goodies like the ones I put in the bag. I swear I always go to Michaels first when it comes to a holiday or celebration needing small goodies. Stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, care packages, you name it. I love that! Since I chose a yellow-handled tote and a contrasting blue paint, I decided to choose colorful accents to go along with it. (Ugh, I'm just now realizing I left out a super cute Happy Jackson tumbler from the photos!) Anyway, I thought the final selections were so appropriate! Sparkly flip flops, a pedicure set, a travel cosmetic bag, a loofah ball, a back brush, hand massager, and candle (and that darn tumbler!) Everything felt so fitting. Overall I am tickled pink with how this gift basket turned out. I think my mom is going to love it! (Actually I know she loves it because I already showed it to her... Nevermind the fact that it's April 1st haha! Oops!)
Treat Yoself Tote Bag Gift Basket DIY
The best part? All of the stuff you can put in this huge tote! Not only is it a great gift bag, but it's perfect for shopping trips (Oreos are totally a self care treat, riiiiight?!), beach days, vacations or even a Summer pool bag. Even after the candle is all burned up and the flip flops are worn thin, that bag will still be a great reminder to take time for yourself! And DON'T feel guilty about it!

Here's to the amazing women in our lives! Let's celebrate them! (That includes yourself!)

Who's the lady (ladies?) in your life who might need a "Treat Yo'self" reminder?

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