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Y'all, I love flowers. Like, love love them. When Spring/Summer rolls around I usually add a $5 or $10 bouquet to my buggy when grocery shopping each week. Something about seeing those blooms on a table or shelf in my house just makes me feel at home. I have vases and arrangements scattered all over our house. And I even have about a dozen IKEA faux succulents, too. While $5 or $10 here or there isn't all that bad for fresh flowers, sometimes I want the look and feel of real, but I want it in the middle of winter or in about 75 places in my house. Um, my wallet can't keep up with that! haha Instead, I've started utilizing faux arrangements that I've made from the flower section of Michaels. They are everywhere! All over my house! And they make me so happy! The best part? If I'm hankerin' for something new or even real, I can just pop my faux flowers into storage and bring them back out later. Or use pieces of one arrangement to fill out another. It's really great to have so much variety and option when it comes to decorating your house for Spring. I can't get enough of it! Now I'm going to tell you how to ensure you get the best look for your faux flowers! 

A few general "rules of thumb" and tips to keep in mind when you're shopping for your faux florals:

  • The more you mix and match your florals, the more likely they are to look natural. (Of course I went against this and have that small farmhouse pitcher overflowing with faux peonies, but...)
  • If you do choose to do an arrangement of only one type of flower, create interest with the size or scale. For example, my peony vase: I ended up folding the gathered end of the plastic in half, and popping them down in the vase to hold it tight. I then manually stacked each peony around and on top of each other to create the cluster that looks so full)
  • Don't be afraid to clash colors or textures. The more variety, the better!
  • Avoid super glossy greenery or florals whose leaves look really really fake. This doesn't mean you have to go for the crazy expensive stems. Just look for things with a matte texture and go from there. They may not look "real" in the store, but if you arrange them properly, they'll look wonderful!
  • Consider unusual objects and vases to hold your stems. For example the tall and skinny vase next to our TV: I used a long magnolia branch to add height and interest to a piece you might otherwise miss. I love how it thrusts out at a diagonal, across the art that hangs behind it.
  • Don't be afraid to take your vases or containers with you to the store to try out a couple arrangements on the spot. I just willy nilly grabbed blooms that I liked the look of and then put them all together once I got home, but I have a few vases in mind that I'd like something specific. I'll likely take it to Michaels with me to test some ideas.
  • Take off individual blooms or cut individual stems to add to bud vases or decorative accents. I took a caramel colored hydrangea off of the bouquet and placed it on top of our hexagon shelves for added color and interest.
  • WREATHS! I love me some wreaths! This magnolia wreath on our front door is the ultimate! I love the way it looks so much.
  • When in doubt: create a wildflower arrangement! Grab stems of berries, mustard grass, and lavender, and add a bunch of greenery. Wildflower arrangements don't have to make any sense... but they're guaranteed to look beautiful!
  • Lastly, find interesting places to place your arrangements: While I don't have these photographed, I have a peony arrangement on our bathroom vanity, a couple faux succulents on a shelf in the hall, a faux orchid or two in the kitchen, two arrangements on my computer desk, and a few more small faux florals scattered on various bookshelves through the house. While that might sound like a ton of florals, it doesn't look overwhelming to the eye and they're like little pockets of happy scattered through the house!

I love how inviting and colorful our home feels with these arrangements throughout. I really love the 2 wildflower pairings in the living room. They're definitely getting me in the mood for Spring! Of course these 65 degree days don't hurt either haha What do you think? Would you deck your halls with faux florals? Which execution is your favorite?

Michaels has over 500 new blooms in their Floral Market so check them out! You can see loads of other faux flower projects and inspiration on The Glue String, too!

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  1. Just discovering your blog! Girl, it is so adorable! I'm part of a lifestyle blog out in L.A. and currently drawing so much inspiration (like your spring botanical wreath)! Creeping through a lot, but love this post on faux florals. I definitely don't have the green thumb gene, so a lot of the flowers in our home aren't the real thing. But hey, it works!

    Also, I'm from TN as well! What town do you live in?!



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