// Things I Love Thursday v.252


♥ this! OH MY LAW ♥

this view ♥

this woodland themed party ♥

this bedroom! ♥

this stunning painting ♥

this guitar shaped forest a man planted for his wife ♥

this stunning dress ♥
♥ this shopbop sale! i definitely placed a fun order! (details!) ♥

// We recently switched to Eco Dog Care shampoo/wash for Pip and Georgia, and so far we're loving how squeaky clean and fresh they smell!

// 19 Snapchats that prove face swap is the creepiest update yet. AHHHHHHH!

// This mountain coaster is INSANE! I wish I could have done it when I went to Switzerland!

// If Facebook "Mommy Groups" existed in the 90s.

// My 2016 goal is to just acquire every novelty pool float I can find.

// India's Menstruation Man.

// Unsure which candidate deserves your vote? ISideWith is a great way to check popular political topics and candidates!

// The coolest sweets ever are coming out of Japan right now.

// JetBlue offered free flights to all passengers on a flight... if they could agree on the destination.

// Children practice their reading skills to timid shelter dogs.

// 19 struggles only hot mess moms will recognize.

// It happened to me: My miscarriage caused cancer.

// Wishlist Wears: the most perfect spring dress // i'm all about red this year (and eyelets!) // but i still can't get enough buffalo check // this burger queen sweater // this novelty sweatshirt // this hot air balloon bag // these shoes almost make me want to run // love this pattern and color combo // !!!! this dress! i think this color is universally flattering too // this dress is so gorgeous //

// 20 books from your childhood you'll still love as an adult.

What are you loving this week?

xo KB


  1. YES to the first image! haha and that woodland themed party is perfect inspo for a dreamy Easter brunch!

    XO Sahra
    Que Sera Sahra

  2. That woodland themed party is sooooooo pretty!!!


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