// Things I Love Thursday v.227

these floral donuts with orange glaze! ♥
♥ this was hilarious! ♥
♥ this = #heaven! ♥
♥ this made me laugh ♥
♥ this is one of the best gifs ever ♥
♥ this! the botanical gardens in montreal are wild! ♥
these photos by elizabeth gadd are beautiful ♥
♥ this view ♥
this shirt! ♥

// AFFIRMATIONS! This is such great advice. I hope you check it out!

// 5 secret Amazon Prime perks you didn't know about. (Okay, maybe you did. But just in case!)

// I hated breastfeeding. I've received *so* many emails re: my breastfeeding story in the past several weeks. I came across this and wanted to share it so other moms could feel like someone else understands.

// Hooray for Soul Carrier! They surpassed their Kickstarter goal in just 56 hours!

// 14 things all Southern women know to be true. This was just a funny thing to laugh at (and nod my head at!)

// Unpopular opinion: I hate all of these gratuitous childhood graduations. Part of me was really sad Toby didn't have a kindergarten graduation, but part of me also agrees with this.

// Get your first month of Rocksbox 100% FREE (as many shipments as you can get in 30 days) by using the code kaelahxoxo.

What are you loving this week?

xo KB


  1. Those plant sculptures are insane!
    Love Hayley,
    Water Painted Dreams

  2. I would totally watch Yuck!

    I'm not a mother but I do teach young children. I loved that link on how to deal with children without raising one's voice. I need to use some of those points when working with my students.


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