// Linden Atlas - Ten Months

The biggest news to report for Linden while he was nine months old is: HE LEARNED TO WALK! Yes! Oh my stars! He was taking two or three steps regularly before we left for Mexico, and then one day into our trip he was walking non-stop! He's all over the place and it's so incredible! We came home from our adventures and he walked up to me... I cried like a baby. It's just the neatest thing ever, honestly.

Aside from that we've just been doing life and having fun! He loves to swing and swim and he eats like a little piggy. He amazes me each and every day. Gosh I love that baby so much.

This past month Linden:
+ learned to walk (like I mentioned above - !!!!)
+ slept like a CHAMP! 12 straight hours most nights.
+ spent his first 24+ hours away from mom.
+ had a 5 day sleepover with granma + pawpaw
+ and a 3 day sleepover with grammy terri + granpa
+ ate and ate and ate! and ate some more!
+ transitioned back into a diet with dairy (!!!)
+ took his first nasty little spill down the steps.

His ten month update later this month will be SO fun because he's already experienced so many new and exciting things in the past two weeks. Maybe I'll start updating these on time again haha!

xo KB


  1. The telltale sign of a baby who has learned to walk - scrapes on their face from falling down! I was in daycare one day and heard a mom explaining to the daycare ladies in this really anxious, worried voice that "nothing bad had happened, he just fell, he just fell" and the daycare ladies started to laugh. One of them said, "They all fall, it's just part of the fun."

  2. What a genious way to eat banana!!! I will right away steal this idea for use with my 7,5 months old boy. So far we have given the banana in small pieces and 99% of the banana ends up smushy on hands, table, floor, shirt, well everywhere and 1% to his mouth.

    And congratulations on the new blog name! It fits just perfect to your adorable blog!

    Enjoyable summer to you all!

  3. Love these pictures. Your boys are too cute! My English Bulldog, Audrey, doesn't get to see my twin nephews (who turned 1 last month) a whole lot. When she first saw them walking, she was totally freaked out. She was probably like, "What the hell? These things used to just sit there and now they are moving around like little monsters."


  4. aaaawwww!! linden is getting so big!!! he is so precious!
    i adore your dress in the photo where linden is in the bathroom sink!!!
    ps I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new blog design/name!!!! this space of yours is always so pretty & fresh!!!
    have a great day beautiful!!! xoxo

  5. What a dollface that kid is. The mama in the mirror and the baby in the sink photo is the cutest thing I think I've ever seen. Show that one to all his friends when he's a teen ager!


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