// Pattern Clashing

This outfit was not intentional... I was wearing this dress and cardigan with some cute yellow Minnie Mouse-esque flats, but I really needed to get some stuff done outside and the flats were killing my feet. I grabbed the closest pair of shoes I had handy, and they just happened to be these. While they weren't exactly what I had in mind for a style post, they ended up being my new favorite to pair with this dress! Not to mention they're outrageously comfortable. (And they were only $5 to boot!) I think I might make it more of a priority to pair clashing patterns together. I totally need another reason to stand out, right? This dress is so perfect for these Summer days. It's lightweight and breathable, but also stretchy in the perfect places. I love the way the neckline is cut on it, too. Sourpuss for the win!

This past weekend was a bit of a doozy for us. I ended up in the emergency room Saturday morning. I started having crazy awful back pain around midnight Friday, and I was basically rolling around, hysterical and out of it, for hours and hours and hours. Mike finally coaxed me to sleep close to 4am and as soon as I was up for the day, the pain was back. I had a similar episode like 6 weeks ago but it came and went in just a couple of hours. This time it was so bad I was begging Mike to take me to the ER 45 minutes away. After they got me admitted and started an IV, the doctor said it sounded like textbook gallbladder issues. Turns out it was just that. Loads of pain medication and a CT scan later, I was out the door with a scheduled ultrasound. I'm still waiting to hear back from the surgeon's office to see what my ultrasound said, but I'm hoping there will be no more crazy attacks on the horizon! I would much rather have a medication and intervention free birth than to experience gallbladder pain again. Gallbladder issues run in my mom's side of the family so mine might be getting the ol' heave-ho eventually. I guess we'll see!

Yesterday I ordered Linden's first birthday party invitations! I can't even.... AHH! He turned 11 months old yesterday. Just like that. I'm so excited for his party because it's just going to be fun times with family and friends. Nothing major or crazy, but hopefully a fun little day to honor the littlest Flynn. I'll share more about the party preparations here soon!

Now I'm off to finish up some sign orders and organize a Kaelah's Closet sale! Be sure to follow the Kaelah's Closet Instagram page as I get ready to list a million and seventy five things haha 

Pink Martini cardigan via Stitch Fix
Shine necklace via Rocksbox (use code kaelahxoxo for free month!)
Bangle bracelet via Rocksbox
FiveBelow animal print shoes

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  1. Cute dress, love the polka dots! Have a nice day :)


  2. I had the same gallbladder thing a couple of years ago - the key to avoiding another attack is avoiding anything with fat in it...anytime you eat something with fat, your body tries to get your gallbladder in gear to help process it, and gallstones get in the way and cause loads of pain

    1. That's what the ER doctor told me. I've been staying away from fatty stuff and red meat. Here's to hoping it helps!

  3. So sorry to hear about your gallbladder pain! I just wanted to tell you I love this dress with those shoes and I'll definitely be hitting up my Fivebelow (I love that place!).

    1. Thanks lady! You can find some serious gems over there! xo

  4. Oooh, I hope you never have to experience that pain again, it musn't have been much fun at all. I love this dress, very flattering.


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