// Autumn in the Spring

To be honest this post should just be titled "Four photos of me turned slightly to the right with my hand on my hip" ha! Mike and I spotted this field after spending the afternoon at the golf course recently. The mustard grass that grows in the Spring is seriously so pretty. I definitely fell out of the habit of shooting outfits in the recent months. My hair really is in a (messy) top knot 95% of the time, and I don't wear makeup a good 80% of the time. If you see me out and about, don't say I didn't warn you! haha I picked up this dress at Maurice's last year for a whopping $3! It's a really lightweight dress and the back has some fun detail (that I of course did not photograph... naturally). It was nice choice for the day, despite it being rather breezy. I know the color palette is totally more Autumn appropriate, but Mike really liked the outfit and it was something I had handy. Win/win, right? Seasons be damned!

We've made so much progress on the home front lately. Mike painted out deck, carport railings (that he totally built in 2013...), and all of the furniture he built for our wedding (which now lives on our deck). We had plans to put together a new firepit out in the yard but we're thinking we might put those plans on hold so we can surprise Toby by building him a new "clubhouse" - Fingers crossed we actually come up with something doable! Still on the agenda for this week is to pressure wash the entire house, hang some swings and my hammock chair, and start clearing off our carport to turn it into an entertaining/play area. We've also been making a lot of progress on the decluttering, too. We've thrown out so much stuff! And we have piles to give away and put in a yard sale, too. It's been nice to see the visual difference it makes in our home, and how much it better it makes us feel. My poor flowerbed just isn't getting any love this year though... and this is the first year in a while that we haven't had a container garden. Boo! Maybe next year...

Feel free to hold me accountable on all of the things I listed above, okay?! Tweet me, tag me, hound me, whatever. Actually I know I shouldn't put that responsibility on y'alls shoulders... but here's to hoping I stay on top of everything! 

Oh! I'm also booking design clients for the last half of June and then for July! Get in touch if you're looking to revamp your blog or small biz! I offer competitive rates, a hefty all-inclusive package, and payment plans. I'm really excited about some new projects I'm starting this week so stay tuned for those!

Maurice's dress (clearance - $3!)

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  1. The dress is so pretty! I've been searching for a similar one for summer but haven't been succesful yet. Congratulations on all the decluttering! It's always a joyful time when I get myself to throw out at least a couple of things... I store everything! x

  2. Wow gorgeous pics. I really love that outfit, the cardigan is such a unique colour.

  3. you look gorgeous!


  4. Hi Kaelah,

    your new blog name and design is fabulous! <3 <3 <3
    Just wanted to let you know that on the left, where it says "buttons and media", the old design is still there. Might wanna fix it.


  5. I have been following your blog since 2011 and I still love reading your post! Your blog is so adorable~ !

  6. Obsessed with this color combo! It's always great finding a fantastic dress for under 5 bucks isn't it?!

    - Marie

  7. I hate when I forget to photograph the special details of an outfit too, but I still think this outfit is cute without knowing about the detailing in the back. These colors are very "fall" too which is just making me wish it was actually fall. Really cute!

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com


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