// Linden Atlas - Eleven Months

This sweet boy of ours turned eleven months old last week. His first birthday party planning is in full swing and he is a bright spot in our days. I keep wanting to soak up every single minute of him because I find each passing day to be more and more heartbreaking (and exciting! and fun! and overwhelming!). Sometimes I can't believe that Mike and I made this perfect little dude. It's kind of the coolest thing ever. Just one more monthly update... *sigh* I'm not ready!

At 10 months old Linden:
+ went swimming in the Tennessee river for the first time (and LOVED it!)
+ started consistently signing words to communicate with us.
+ slept like a champ... still! *knock on wood*
+ tried so many new foods, and loved every single one of them.
+ started running! Yes, running! HELP!
+ finally got in a bucket swing and was the happiest kid in the world.
+ got in the pool for the first time, too!

Just a few more weeks and my baby won't be a "baby" anymore... he'll be a toddler. I don't even know where the past eleven months have gone.

xo KB


  1. Oh my goodness, is he already 11 months? It feels like it's gone so fast and I'm just a reader, I can't imagine how fast it must have flown by for you.

    He looks like such a happy little guy.

  2. Yay 11 months!! Time really flies!! Can Linden teach Ryder how to like swings? Ryder is 17 months old and still gets so upset if we place him in a swing!

  3. My daughter Freja is a month younger and I love reading these posts! Linden is adorable - such classic photos!
    Good luck with the first birthday planning, I made myself sick from doing my son's so I'm trying to not go as crazy with Freja's...I can't help myself though, planning parties is so much fun!!!

  4. He seems to be such a delightful, happy boy. I love seeing a wee one wearing a Johnny Cash t-shirt! Makes me smile.


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