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Animal print is totally a neutral, right? Even when it's two prints that aren't exactly the same? Eh? Because I've been wearing a whole lot of it lately. I probably wouldn't normally pair it with a dress like this, but I was feeling a little sassy the other day and thought it might be fun. I really love this Eshakti dress that I've had for a few years. It's lightweight and can be dressed up or down. And it has pockets! My only complaint is that it wrinkles so quickly! Would you believe I totally ironed it twice before these photos? Once early in the day and then a spot ironing before snapping photos. And it's still pretty wrinkly haha It's not exactly the best dress to travel with, but it's still one I pull out of my closet time and time again. I love the wide yellow and white stripes. It was warm on this day (but not unbearably hot or anything) so I opted to grab my super lightweight Unique Vintage cardigan. I love this thing! It's so thin but it doesn't feel cheap. The color is fun, too. I kept it in my bag most of the day since I wasn't cold, but anytime we go into a restaurant it's like they're blasting the AC, so it came in handy a few times.

Stitch Fix was a major winner in this outfit, too. The bag is by Baggu and something I scored in a Stitch Fix box back last year or so. The necklace was from Stitch Fix, too! They've been nailing my last few boxes, but I keep forgetting to share them with you. I proooomise they're coming soon! I just keep saying that though, right? These flats are from Unique Vintage earlier this year. They're such a fun print I think. (Just a quick tip if you decide to nab them for yourself: upsize a half size or so! They seem to run pretty small! But they're so comfortable otherwise so two thumbs way up!)

We were working on the deck and patio this week when Mike said something about painting this shed in our yard. We have a red(ish?) one and a white one, but both have old, worn paint. Is it totally ridiculous that I said I didn't want to paint them because I think they make fun photo backdrops?! HA! Yeah, I just admitted that. #Bloggerbrain

I'm hoping this weekend brings good news about a family vacation next month. Everyone seems to have a crazy schedule and it's so hard to find a week that overlaps. Once I know whether we're going to Florida or not I can set a date for Linden's first birthday party (!!!!). I'm eyeball deep in party prep and I've bought most of the stuff for it. I just need to finalize invitations, plan the cake and food, and then get everything mailed! Ahhhh! I can't believe my baby will be ONE! Wasn't he just born like, last week?!

Anyway - a quick freebie if you want to use it: You can get $35 shop credit to Eshakti, totally free, by using the code KAELAHBEE. They were having a pretty good sale earlier this week, but I'm not sure if it's still going on or not. I think you can apply an additional discount if you shop on a mobile device, too. Don't quote me on that though! But if you want to treat yo'self to something pretty, go for it! I'm trying to resist the temptation haha!

Eshakti dress (use code KAELAHBEE for $35 off *anything*!)
Baggu bag via Stitch Fix

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  1. Such a pretty dress, love the color and style!


  2. I love the dress and I love the pop of animal print you added, this is such a great outfit, you look amazing! XO -Kim


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