// Things I Love Thursday v.198

This week's selection of links is probably one of my all time favorites... I know I'm biased, but there are some really great reads down there! Be sure to check them out! And you know, enjoy these fun photos, too! xo
this sweet mama and baby hippo ♥
this is breathtaking ♥
♥ this is why bill murray wins at life ♥
♥ this is a cute puppy ♥
this dress from Ashish #AW14 is !!!! ♥
this homer simpson street art ♥
this! i want to go here. ♥
these adorable wedding photos ♥

// 17 people who got brilliantly shamed for parking like an a-hole. I'm going to start carrying chalk in my car!

// Ariana Grande, girl, what are you even talking about? I died laughing at the lyric interpretations at the bottom!

// If you're born in the sky, what is your nationality? An airplane puzzler. I totally asked Mike this question a few weeks ago, so I was elated to see this article on NPR!

What are you loving this week?


  1. I think you're right about this being one of the best ever. I clicked on 12 links, which is way more than I usually click on!

  2. I should carry chalk with my in my car, obviously! hahaha! I love the "if you could park in your own spot, that'd be great". I almost spit my coffee all over my laptop.

    Thanks for sharing all these wonderful links! I love the bag and that sweater, too!

  3. bill murray is the best. and that story about the tv producer is insane, ugh
    x staygoldrebecca.com

  4. I hate thee blasted Thursday posts because I can't help but open every link! Before I know it, and before I know it...I've been reading this post for half an hour! Being bored is not allowed at the clueless girl guide blog! ;)

  5. Second picture is amazing! So beautiful.

    Lizzy Nomad Notebook


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