// Things I Love Thursday v.197

I am currently suffering from a gnarly cold and it has been no fun at all. That's why you haven't heard from me much this week. I just know I'm going to pass it Linden's way. (If you have any tips or tricks on how to keep the cold away from him, I'm all ears! I know about the breastfeeding benefits already!) This week's TiLT is short but sweet... seriously though, it's a good one! Enjoy! xo
♥ this. because i love me some costanza. ♥
this opossum pattern is amazing ♥
this guy repainted all of his childhood drawings (!!!) ♥
this series is so great - donut doubles! ♥
♥ i'm not really a ke$ha fan but i'm loving this hair! ♥
this is way too cute ♥
this (and everything) by katie vernon ♥
♥ this cake is gorgeous ♥

What are you loving this week?


  1. Also totally NOT a Ke$ha fan, but that herr!!

  2. Costanza is the best, Jerry! The best!

  3. Oh my goshhhh I need a doughnut now!

  4. The ice bucket challenge videos have me lol'n for daaaaaaaaaays hahahahah.

  5. I love the lavender hair !! I watched "Candidly Nicole" yesterday. She has the lavender look too (and I think Kelly Osborne too)


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