// Linden Atlas - One Month

Linden turned one month old on Saturday... wow. It's so hard to believe the first month has come and gone. I'm constantly saying to myself "The days are long, but the years are short" because it's so very true. Time really flew by with Toby these past 2.5 years, but I think it feels so much faster with a baby so much smaller. I should probably apologize for the insane amount of photos included in this post, but I'm not going to. I could stare at these photos all day and never grow tired of them.

The first couple of weeks were incredibly hard, but I think we're finally starting to find our groove. I feel more confident being at home with him by myself each day, and we've managed to toggle around Toby's transportation to and from school to help. Last week I caught a nasty little cold that Toby brought home from school. Of course it didn't take long for Linden to get it, too. The poor little guy was coughing and sneezing like crazy. Luckily it's almost completely gone. It was stressful, but I'm glad to have the first cold out of the way. Those snuggles sure were sweet though.

This month Linden:
+ is still too small for most of his newborn clothing.
+ is starting to become so alert during the day!
+ loves to be worn all around the house and out in public.
+ spent his first mama-less day with grandma and pawpaw.
+ experienced his first sickness.
+ gained 1 pounds and 13 ounces (8lb 12oz now!)
+ grew 2.5 inches (currently 21.5")

I can't wait to see what Month Two holds for us! xo


  1. What a cutie!! I love his outfits! Also, totally unrelated, but where did you get those gray and white sheets? I'm on the hunt for new bedding and I love that pattern :)

  2. The photo with linden and mike with the guitar should be the photo that gets updated every time there's a son/father photo with a new son. Like Toby should be in the position as mike when he's a dad and so on. It's so cute

  3. Oh my word he is getting so big and yet is so tiny at the same time! Does that even make sense? So happy to hear that you guys are starting to hit your groove with your new little one. Cannot wait to continue watch him grow and watch Toby become a totally amazing older brother!

  4. Both of your boys are so stinkin' cute! I'm happy that you've started to find your groove, and that you're all enjoying this new journey!

  5. ahhh I love so many things about these photos! I really admire your ability to keep a steady stream of posts going on here with a newborn-- i'd be so distracted by all of the cute! :3

  6. Love all of the photos! :) So glad it's getting a little easier.

  7. He's so precious! I also love his Shark attire.

    Nomad Notebook

  8. He looks SO much like Toby in a lot of these photos! So precious, I will look at all the baby photos you can provide. ;)

  9. The my first shark week outfit is so perfect!!! I remember wayyyyyyyy back when I first started reading your blog and I thought of you as 'that girl who loves sharks'. Such a fitting outfit!

    -Kelly Del Valle

  10. That last one kills me! "Are you my brudder? I wub sharks?" :)

  11. I love Linden's baby wrap/carrier! He looks so comfy bundled up against your chest. It must be nice for you to have your hands free as well. Did you make it?

  12. Holy Hannah that kid's adorable! I love this update. So wonderful. And you! You look great, lady. :) You're so wonderful.

  13. your baby is so beautiful! I am in school to become a Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant, and I noticed that in many of your photos he is displaying ATNR, asymmetric Tonic Neck Reflex. It's a natural reflex in babies when the turn their head to one side, the limbs on the side they're facing extend outward and the opposite limbs flex. It's also called the "fencing" reflex, and it's the foundation for hand-eye coordination in babies! I just thought I'd share that bit of trivia, your little man is so adorable!! :)

  14. Oh he's so small, I wanna hug him :)
    I love how he looks so alert, to his brother and daddy

    One more time, congrats, lady ;)

    PS. Could you give me your address? I want to try to send you a letter one more time (hope this time it arrives!!) write me at sasa.torregrosa@gmail.com


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