// Park Dates

Yesterday we decided to take advantage of the bright blue skies and the nice breeze by heading over to the park after Toby came home from school. I was experiencing some major cabin fever and wanted some fresh air, and this gave Mike an opportunity to read part of a book for school. Toby ran around the playground and made all sorts of new friends in the 45 minutes we were there. Seriously, the picture above of Toby's back is the only (non-blurry) one I was able to snap. He was running around non-stop. I tried swinging with him for a little while but he totally dismissed the idea as soon as three older boys showed up to the park. Guess I should get used to the ol' parental shaft, right? Linden was a total angel and slept the whole time. He's slowly but surely warming up to his stroller bassinet. At first he hated to lay on his back but lately he's been eating it up. 

Watching Toby play with the older kids made me both excited and nervous. He's grown so much in the short 2.5 years he's been with us. From this timid little 3 year old who needed us for everything, to an almost 6 year old who is so incredibly independent and free spirited. I know it's just part of the growing process, but part of me misses when he couldn't do anything without us. I guess it's a blessing though, because I'm not sure what I'd do juggling 2 dependent children haha Seeing him interact with the boys at the park was just a small glimpse into what life will be like when he's 8, or 10, or 15. I can't imagine him being that "grown up" but I guess I should prepare myself... It is coming, after all.

Right now I just want to soak up the snoozing baby in the stroller, and the 5 year old who can't quite hop into the "big kid" swings on his own. They can't stay little forever, can they?


  1. Ahhh enjoy these little moments while you can! So happy to experience your little growing family. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Glad you got out of the house. Cabin fever was BAD for me with a newborn. Love the pictures :)

  3. These photos of your family are wonderful. :)

    I know what you mean about having 2 dependent kids! I can't imagine how other moms do that, even though I know lots DO! My stepson turns 6 next week and he's SO independent and so much help now that Myles is a little bigger. When Myles was first born, I talked to Mike about wanting a 3rd child maybe when Myles is 3 or so... and now I can't fathom it. (Myles was a very laid back infant, but at 16mo, he is a HANDFUL haha. :)


    1. Just butting in here to say my little brother's name is Myles (with a y). It seems a lot more unusual than I first realised when he was named, so it's nice to see somebody else has chosen the same name. I wish my mum hadn't taken it for him because I love the name!

  4. Linden's babygro is the cutest! Rich and I call each other bear so that would be perfect for our future (unconceived!) child. Also, Toby melts my heart trying to climb onto those swings. Your family makes me so darn broody!

  5. Your family is beautiful! :) Looks like such a fun afternoon.

  6. That is maybe the coolest stroller. Ever! Love that.

    Great family date!

  7. You are a great Mama Bear !! Parks and fun when weather is nice is good for the whole family :) I've had so much catching up on posts..... I could not get on my blogger dashboard earlier and was so incredibly bummed. I think we need to upgrade our computer but I'm so glad I was able to see my reading list :)


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