// The New Normal

Y'all! I'm wearing real clothes! Sure, my dress is wrinkled, my cardigan is pilled, my hair is both way too greasy and way too dry at the same time (not to mention tangled), and I haven't shaved my legs in well over three weeks... but I'm wearing real clothes! I'm outside! In the sun! There's absolutely nothing about this "outfit" that deserves it's own post on a blog, but I'm dressed! I needed to document it haha! I have been living in nursing bras and loose jersey knit maxi dresses with my hair in a bundled mess on top of my head (even the term "top knot" does it no justice...) It feels weird to put on clothes now and realize that I actually have a waist again. There's a whole lot going on with this post-baby body that I'm not totally loving, but I'm trying to find the little things to celebrate.

The new "normal" of my outfit post isn't really me wearing actual clothes (seriously, it's almost like a fluke these days), but instead it's wearing Linden everywhere. One of the only ways I can get anything done around the house is if he's all squished up in his wrap. Luckily he sleeps really well while being worn, but there have been days where nothing will console him. I'm trying to find peace in the fact that some days I won't even touch my computer or think about opening an email. I've started on some new design projects and I'm being very cautious about how much I take on at once because I simply don't know what each new day holds. Same goes for this little blog... Who knows if I'll get around to writing another post this week? I've made it a priority to give myself the space and time needed to tend to the family, and then juggle the rest of life's responsibilities.

We had our first official "outing" the other day when Mike, Linden and I headed to Murfreesboro to spend the afternoon with his grandma. It was her first time meeting Linden so it was nice to just lounge around for a few hours, catch up, and watch him do adorable things. Toby had a jampacked weekend with both sets of grandparents, so while I know he was sad to miss his Grandma Ginny, he was living it up with nights at the drive-in and days spent in the pool. Can't complain too much, right? After having lunch with Mike's grandma we headed over to The Avenue to do a little errand running and to pop in to see a friend. We headed over to Target in Franklin shortly after and then we hightailed it home. Just a few hours out and about and we were all done for. Luckily Linden did really well and he never got fussy or upset. It feels good to have that first little jaunt out from under our belt and I think I'll feel more at ease taking both kids out together next time. We didn't even leave the house on the following Sunday or Monday though! It was nice to just relax with nowhere to be. Mike had last Monday off from school so it gave us a little extra time to spend together before both he and Toby headed back for full days.

I didn't get a chance to say it here on the blog yet, but thank you all so much for the incredibly sweet comments left on my 2 Weeks with Linden post, my Instagram and Twitter, and in my inbox. I was flooded with so many amazing emails from other moms out there, reassuring me that everything would be a-okay in the end and that this too shall pass. Luckily we had a really amazing weekend with Linden so I'm feeling a bit more chipper these days. It's still hard, don't get me wrong, but I'm not beating myself up over things I perceive as "shortcomings" in motherhood. Linden is happy with a full belly, no matter where it's coming from, and I'm learning how to balance out some work time during his naps. We're moving in the right direction! Though I am looking forward to the end of the month when Mike gets a full week break from school haha I do count down every single minute until he gets home during the day... It's a constant struggle, but one that I'm happy I get to experience at all.

Marshall's dress
Charter School Cardigan
Ipanema sandals
DIY knit wrap


  1. Oh Kaelah you look absolutely stunning! I don't believe a single thing you wrote at the beginning :) It's great to hear you're adjusting to the new stage of life well. I absolutely love all your baby related posts! xx

  2. Ahh, so lovely to see an outfit post with an added Linden! Hope you're falling into a comfortable motherhood routine, it really suits you :) Love to you and all the Flynns.

    Beth \\ SANS SOUCI

  3. you look SO gorgeous!!


  4. You look such a natural, being a Mommy seems to really suit you, I can't imagine you without Linden now haha.
    I can't believe how stunning you look too! I would be a top knot, sweat pants, eye bag mess!

    Best wishes, Danielle x

  5. Congrats on 'getting dressed'! It really is a milestone (for mommy) to do this with a new baby. Mine is 6months, and I still don't get dressed sometimes. Let me re-phrase that, I wear my dedicated lounging clothes that I don't mind if they get spit up or food on, and save my nice clothes for other outings. The wrap is the best!!! We loved ours too.

  6. What a beautiful mama! You look great!

  7. You are doing great, mama! For one thing, you're wearing actual clothes :) Which I count as serious progress this early on, because let me tell you, I am still livin' in yoga pants and pajama shirts. I put on a real bra and maternity jeans to leave the house, but that is it. And also at this point wearing nice clothes seems ridiculous since I've got about a 30% chance kiddo's going to spit up on them, haha.

    You look gorgeous! And he is such a cutie. I hope your recovery is going well; mine has had some fits and starts because I keep taking on too much (and damn, does your body let you know when you work too hard on non-baby stuff, huh?) but I know C-sections are no joke for recovery.

    I'm glad to see a photo of you up and about and out on the blog!

  8. There pictures are so beautiful! He looks so cute just snuggled up to you.

    x Sara from awildroseblog.com

  9. love the outfit. love the color of the wrap. how much fabric did you use for the diy knit wrap. and where did you get the fabric. what kind of fabric did you use. sorry i just really could use one without paying such a hefty price.

  10. Mamahood looks so great on you!! :)

    Love and light,

  11. First of all, you look stunning and your baby is so precious!!!! Second of all, I love those wraps. I had one for my daughter and it was fantastic!

  12. You look so adorable! I have all of this to look forward to in November when my little guy meets the world for the very first time. I'm not digging the whole going out in the world on adventures, but it is a step that I'll have to take!


  13. You look so cute wearing Linden!

  14. You look so great, Kaelah! I know how hard it is to readjust after having a baby. It's been almost two years and sometimes I feel like I'm still getting to know my body. I love seeing you wear Linden, I didn't wear my twins and now I really wish I would have. I wish I could say "enjoy every second of that squishy baby because it goes by way too fast" without sounding trite and cliche, because it's painfully true. Thanks for letting us into your life :)


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